Sunday, April 15, 2018

There will be at least 4 more sexual revolutions

It won't end with electronic addiction. To restore humanity we must destroy technology.

There have been 3 sexual revolutions: the "promiscuity revolution" of the 60's, the "gay rights" revolution of the late 90s, and the "gender revolution" that we are going through now, (circa 2015-18). A search of the usage of the term "transgender" over time shows that it is non-existent before 1987.

In each case a technology preceded a particular revolution in sexual attitudes.

Birth control preceded mass-promiscuity, treatments for gonorrhea, syphilis, and other STDs preceded gay rights, and sex reassignment surgery preceded transgenderism. Based on the past we may make a forecast far how morals will decay in the future.

1. When sex robots arrive there will be a machine sex revolution.

2. When it becomes possible to read the thoughts of animals, IF it turns out that animals consent to sex, a bestiality revolution will occur.

3. Once genetics are sufficiently advanced there will be an incest revolution. After all, if a man can impregnate his sister without genetic consequences the taboo will vanish.

4. Once memories can be uploaded they can be altered. Imagine a pedophilia revolution where abusers rape children and then alter their memories so that the child has a perfectly normal childhood. Aside from some anal fissures and scaring on the gentiles the average abuse victim may actually prefer their implanted fake childhood memories over the real memories of ordinary children with difficult parents who were real. People will say, "but they had better childhoods than regular children. How can you oppose it?"

In every case the people who oppose the change will be called "racist," "intolerant," "pedo-phobes," "animal-phobes," "incest-phobes," "machine-phobes," or whatever term they come up with to stigmatize normal human morality.

Now maybe your morals won't decay in the face of these new technologies, but your grandchildren's will. Indeed, humans are so used to adapting to the circumstances they find themselves in that justifying a horrible reality is their first instinct. Your morality might not decay, BUT SOMEONE'S WILL, and they will pressure you or your descendants to conform, and they will eagerly punish them if they do not. After all, they punish you for hating polyamory, (systematic adultery), homosexuality, (sodomites), interracial sex, (miscegenation), and transgenderism, (catamites). All of these used to be stigmatized. Now they are trying to make whoring legal by calling it "sex work."

Pray that Amish Hitler conquers us.

"You may live to see man-made horrors beyond your comprehension"
— Nikola Tesla


  1. The whole pedo memory editing seem a bit too far out. More simply the pedo stuf would be a facet of the sex robot thing. And whoring was legal for most of human history, only in the late 19th century did they think they could stop that.

    1. Both are excellent points. That only leaves bestiality, robot sex, and incest, and both bestiality and robot sex are genetically selected against by evolution. So all of the horror won't go on forever.


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