Saturday, April 7, 2018

We need to talk about Christopher Cantwell

Just a warning: the content below is highly offensive, even for people who are used to being offended.

I apologize profusely for putting such low quality content on my site but we need to have a conversation about this man.

Cantwell admits to being a federal informant at 33:43. Before that he says that while he did not participate in the doxxing of Ricky Vaughn he approves of it.

How did this man get into their movement? How was he not filtered out? How did anyone ever consider him more of an asset than a liability? He routinely comes across as a person who is completely unhinged. Has anyone considered getting him some mental health treatment?

Also, one should never cuss as much as that. There is casual swearing and their is the occasional use of expletives for serious purposes. If one must cuss he should either use it casually all the time as a joke, or seriously a tiny fraction of the time, but never seriously all of the time.

Moreover, the most absurd term ever coined is "optics cuck." Assigning the label "cuck" to something does not mean that it is automatically foolish, or silly. The term "cuck" relates rather crassly to someone who betrays their own interests to an enemy camp. How is practicing samizdat, or "optics," or taqiya betraying one's own interests? Yes, when you are subjugated by a hostile interests you should maintain your anonymity, use language that conceals, and practice "optics."

Also, many things are filters. Using your real name in White nationalism is a filter that brings in people who lack sound judgment. Indeed, White nationalism itself is a filter for bringing in people with bad judgment. The dysgenics of modernity produce a solutions curve that entertains many workable approaches. White nationalism is the least practical of the approaches. It has a terrible image problem, it automatically threatens the survival of the entire minority electorate, who will always predictably work against it, and it generates countless enemies and gets nowhere. A far more pragmatic approach is to simply study genetics and go into business selling people the alleles that benefit civilization.

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