Friday, May 11, 2018


Poor women deserve good genes for their babies, and society needs to reverse the massive dysgenics that threaten all the life on earth. SPERM COMMUNISM is the answer, dear comrades.

But you say, what is a the sperm communism?

Well, good question, frien. The sperm communism is where high IQ men joyfully donate sperm for the greatness of mother Russia! The sperm is gathered up in buckets, and given to low IQ women, and their low IQ husbands are forced to pay for the children that come out, because stinking Kulaks have to be educated!

  • Not letting all women get good sperm is discrimination, and a symptom of the cisnormative heteronormative, imperialist, capitalist, white supremacist, regressive patriarchy.
  • Social justice demands equally good sperm for all women.
  • The problem isn't too much redistribution, but not nearly enough!
  • Never mind that most of the good sperm will be white sperm, it's her body and her choice, and she can do with her body whatever she wants!
  • Reproductive empowerment means good sperm for all!
  • Notions of fatherhood are outmoded, domineering, and racist. Men should take care of whatever child a woman chooses to have.

Join us, oh brother, in bringing about the new Soviet Man!

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