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The Scientology creation myth, and how culture is downstream from power in Scientology

In Scientology the universe is supposedly a "mock up" — meaning a kind of "Matrix" or "hologram" or collective hallucination produced by the spiritual beings that live in it. Scientology conceives of spiritual beings, aka. souls, aka., "thetans" as basically gods who forgot that they were gods. They forgot because they have lived through billions of reincarnations and have suffered so much trauma, aka., "engrams" that they have forgotten everything to preserve their sanity. Basically, the Scientology creation myth goes something like this;

1. The universe is hallucinated into existence by a being called "The Author of The Universe." This being is just a regular thetan like all of us. He's a god, just like you bro, only for some reason he decided to create an entire universe. Where is he? Who knows. Probably getting tortured somewhere for creating such a giant fuck up.

2. Thetans, aka, souls, aka., spiritual beings, aka., you and me, enter this universe out of curiosity. "Hey look! A shiny universe! Let's go see what its all about! What could go wrong?"

3. We begin to interact with the universe without realizing it is a trap.

4. The trap consists of the fact that every painful incident creates an "engram" that makes the universe more solid to you. Engrams are painful memories of death and stuff like that. The word engram means to make a mark by engraving on a surface. In this case an "engram" is a spiritual mark left on the mind by trauma.

5. In the beginning the universe is not that solid, and a person can leave the universe by simply deciding that it is not real for him. If you stop believing in it then it simply vanishes before your eyes. Yes really. Since the universe is a collective illusion people can control it at will and have god-like powers. After all, each one of us participates in creating the universe with our minds. So you should be able to change it whenever you want by simply thinking different thoughts, right? But you can't. So why not?

6. Over time the accumulation of "engrams" causes the universe to become more and more solid to a person until they can no longer disagree with it, and can no longer dissolve the illusion or control it. People lose their god-like abilities because pain traps them and makes the universe feel solid.

7. After that, they even lose their memories of past lives. Now they are human and mortal, can die, and have no god-like abilities. First comes the loss of god-like ability. Then comes the loss of memory. You know all those Greek gods you heard of? Yeah, those people were simply "operating thetans" — like you once were. All of these people, Buddha, Jesus, Vishnu, Shiva, Thor, were OTs. Some OTs are bad, like Satan, or Mark Zukerberg.

8. To get out of this trap and regain the abilities you have lost, you have to give truckloads of money to Scientology so that you can receive a form of spiritual therapy where you remember your past lives. This therapy is quite perversely called "auditing," and has nothing at all to do with accounting, though after you have paid a cool $300,000 for all of this shit you will definitely obsess over your financials.

9. This therapy is supposed to work because the idea is that, if you remember something accurately enough, I mean really relive the experience, complete with every sight and sound, so that you can like taste the blood in your mouth as you are being garroted in a previous life, then it will basically dissolve the engram and you will be free. If you dissolve a few thousand engrams you will become your old godlike self again, and go levitating around on a magic carpet like a gene. You will be able to lift cars with one hand, shoot fireballs out of your ass, never get the flu, and make unlimited money. Oh, and you will have magical seductive pussy powers. So don't worry about the bill for all of this auditing, and don't worry about health insurance or money or anything else. It will all work out once you are an OPERATING THETAN, because then money will just rain down on you and you won't even know what to do with all your money, pussy, and magical god-like abilities. It's fantastic brah. Never ending bliss. And you have to do is "remember" endless quantities of past trauma, and pay for the privilege of doing so, even though "reliving" will feeling more like "making shit up." 

10. An operating thetan, or "OT" is one who operates as a spiritual being and not a meat body. That just means the person has regained their god-like abilities. It is said that L. Ron Hubbard could read peoples' minds and fly through the air.. All OTs have abilities like this. So why haven't OTs demonstrated their power level on TV or something? Well, they are hiding their power level so people don't freak out. I mean if you knew that supermen walked among you how would you feel?

All it will cost you is like a third of a million, tops.

Witchcraft is just "exercising OT abilities." Prayer is calling upon an OT to exercise his or her OT abilities on your behalf. Scientology has an analogous term to casting spells called "postulating." A postulate is defined as a decision to alter some aspect of the illusion known as the physical universe. Spells are regarded as unnecessarily complex postulates. One doesn't need to say some magic words or wave a magic wand. Just THINK IT and it will be so. That's a postulate.

The term "theta" means "life force energy" or "Élan vital." It is basically the energy that spiritual beings produce to control matter. Theta emanates from thetans (souls). Theta is the level of energy that is underneath the smallest level of energy. If matter in the universe is made of quarks then quarks are made of theta. If matter is made of strings then strings are made of theta. Theta is that form of energy that is smallest.

There are two universes: the universe of "MEST" versus the "spiritual universe," also know as the "theta universe." MEST means Mater, Energy, Space, and Time.

Theta is always trying to conquer MEST, even though MEST is just solid theta. Thetans create solid theta, aka. matter, and then try to conquer it using more theta. Radiation is just a less solid form of theta. Time is just the agreement between all the spiritual beings in the universe — all the thetans, that what has happened before cannot happen again, and that the universe will be composed of an irreversible sequence of events. Time is an agreement.

By the way, Scientology regards time travel as impossible, since it would complicate auditing people by creating multiple overlapping memories of past lives.

Space is simply a 3 dimensional box for spiritual beings to play games in.

There is a point in every thetans memory — every souls memory, called "before time." Technically before time, (BE) is also "After Time." But Before Time happened before the universe was created, because before thetans agreed that the universe would have an irreversible sequence of events, it did not, and things that happened before could happen after, and reverse themselves, and it was all very confusing do the spiritual beings/souls/thetans who lived back then made an agreement that everything would go in only one direction. This is how time was created. The universe was created shortly after time was created by The Author of The Universe, who is not God, but just some guy like the rest of us; think The Dude from The Big Lebowski. Imagine a disembodied soul who decided to write the ultimate Great American Novel, and wrote it in string theory instead of English. That's The Author of The Universe. Not God, just some hippie genius. And there were no bodies back then, so this dude wasn't technically a dude but a "pure mind" or something.

Many people think that the Scientology creation myth is the Lord Xenu thing, but this is false. The creation myth is what we just went over. The Xenu thing is really just a way to rake in some extra money. I won't bother rehashing it here. By the way #Xenudidnothingwrong!

Apparently the Galactic Federation builds its prisons to last, because they shoved Xenu in a prison that has lasted 35 million years. Roman concrete? Self-repairing machines? Something is keeping that bitch running and it's a spiritual prison, not a physical one, so there must be some great force fields at work there. Of course I don't actually believe any of this.

So anyway, this whole issue of money has some really interesting institutional and psychological effects. When you are charging people obscene rates you are demanding a pretty high cognitive commitment to your faith, and that is why when you think of the concept of mafia religion or religion with mafia characteristics you think Scientology. High cognitive stakes do some pretty interesting things to people.

Reactionaries often talk about how institutional logic guides ideology. If a government needs absolute loyalty out of its subjects then it adopts ideological features designed to induce tranquility in them, and tells them shit like "life is suffering," "it is the order of things," "hierarchies are natural," etc., but if you are talking about a political party like the Democrats the institutional needs are different. The Democrats need people to keep pulling the lever for the party, so it spreads propaganda like "you're a victim," "your being oppressed by white men," etc., because these beliefs inculcate psychological dependence of the programs of the welfare state that the Democrats run and take credit for, and that the Republicans are always hostile to.

As reactionaries we are always used to thinking this way: that culture is downstream from power, or in other words, that an institutions need for self preservation determines what its ideology will be, depending on the internal power structure of that institution, and Scientology is no different from any institution in the fundamental pattern of institutional rationalization, and that its internal pattern is that it wants vast amounts of cash, and that this desire determines the political philosophy of the church, that is, its internal political ideology and sense of morals.

In Scientology there is no concept of equality, nor any concept that victimhood could be legitimate. Causality is viewed as a spiritual state that some have more of than others, while there is a delineated hierarchy of spiritual worth. An OT-8 is above an OT 5, and OT 5 is above a Clear, and Clear is above a Preclear. There is no equality between human beings in any of it, though the spiritual hierarchy of Scientology has absolutely nothing to do with race or racism, and a Black man like Isaac Hayes outranks a typical Scientologist.

Victimhood is illegitimate because there are three essential conditions of a person in regard to causality, they are; self-determinism, pan-determinism, and other-determinism. To be pan determined is to have control over other people in the environment. To be self-determined is to have control over yourself, that is, to have your life together and stuff. To be other-determined is to dominated by the other people in your environment, and to be pushed around by them. The three states are viewed as spiritual conditions, and conditions of the being himself, and as only changeable with Scientology methods. In other words if you are victim it is not because someone abused you and they are to blame, but because you are "other determined." Such people are viewed as natural victims. Since they never take responsibility for anything and since they are not "cause over life" it is basically their destiny to be abused. The attitude is like, it is inevitable that someone who has no moral agency be a victim, since without taking charge of their own life other, stronger, people will inevitably walk all over them. Obviously if one person never exercises any agency, and you put that person in the same room as someone who is totally dominant and full of capability, the person of low capability will be dominated by the person of high capability. Scientology thus views ability as a state of existence, and believes that state can only be changed with its "technology," or "tech" — a euphemism for Scientology methods and techniques.

If you have no concept of equality and no idea that victimhood is legitimate, then of course you feel nothing wrong with asking people for hundreds of thousand of dollars. Moreover, if you believe the only think that can make people more capable of handling their life is the very Scientology practices they are paying for, and that these practices will make people so much more capable that the money won't be an issue, then naturally you believe that not only is it not wrong to bilk people out of their money, you believe that not bilking people is wrong. After all, if you have a product that could make someone healthy, happy, rich, moral, and powerful, how could you not weasel them into buying every dollar of it? Not taking their money would be a sin of omission or something.

Institutions are like this. Western Union's motto is "moving money for better," and it is affirmatively on the side of international globalism and refugees. Its main business is remunerations from the 1st world to the 3rd, so we should not be surprised it eagerly supports the ideology of mass migration. Journalism has this whole ideology surrounding it about "the freedom of the press," and "the duty of journalists to hold politicians accountable." Starbucks LARPS about paying coffee farmers fairly, while universities talk about "enriching minds," and producing "cosmopolitan students," and propagating ideology obsessed with power whose essential function is to allow for the development of herd camouflage for incompetent academics.

It's everywhere: the Catholic wants more Catholics to be born, and has historically always regarded contraceptives as a sin against God. LGBT groups benefit if their ranks are increased; unsurprisingly, some of these groups promote gender confusion to young children.

If the institution needs X, then the ideology will be Y. Designing institutions that are ethical is hard because it means configuring their internal needs to produce an external ideology, and then preventing their internal needs from changing. Scientology needs extreme quantities of money from each member. It should be completely unsurprising that its central doctrine involves a lack of compassion and disregard for victims. Whatever an institution needs its ideology will support, so how can we design institutions that don't produce perverse ideologies? Solve that and you have solved communism.

And for the love of God don't be one of these idiots who actually believes an ideology.

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