Saturday, July 7, 2018

Aphorisms no. 51

Since most people have no original opinions the question must be asked: how can one claim a right to control the moral contents of society when he cannot even control the contents of his own mind?

Globalism turns the world into a dumping ground. Free trade encourages the first world to dump e-waste on the third world, and the third world to dump refugees on the first. Borders force first world countries to recycle and third world countries to give rights to their people.

Capitalism isn't magic.

It's a stage of human history caused by a system learning to exploit human genetics evolved under tribalism to get human beings to place money above reproduction.

Humans will evolve into something else under it, destroying the exploit it depends on

Credit to After Sol who summarized it best:

"Under the liberal-democratic system, people are "bought off" by promises of higher status in the future, which they think they could exchange for higher quality mates. Not only is capitalism doing this — but also non-capitalist institutions that worship egalitarianism (academia)."

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