Sunday, August 12, 2018

Brief note # 1 on the construction of gender.

Is gender a performance?

Here is a better question: does it matter?

Lots of animals perform gendered roles. When the assertion is made that gender is performative what is really being implicitly argued is that this performance is somehow oppressive, or invalid, or illegitimate. The blank slate is the idea that humans are a "tabula rasa," or empty container for the acquisition of human knowledge. This idea has been refuted by scholars such as Noam Chomsky (of MIT) and Steven Pinker (of Harvard) no less, and yet it persists despite all the evidence against it. Humans may acquire knowledge, yes, but they come evolved with a set of biological software for their survival that teaches them everything from how to walk to how to acquire language. To quote Chomsky on the issue;
"The fact that all normal children acquire essentially comparable grammars of great complexity with remarkable rapidity suggests that human beings are somehow specially designed to do this, with data-handling or "hypothesis-formulating" ability of unknown character and complexity."
The idea of humans as a blank slate can be expected to persist despite all evidence to the contrary, because if humans are considered a blank state then power has an excuse to mold humans with punishment, stigma, and brainwashing to believe whatever it wants. Humans are primates; power is pretty much the only thing they care about, (or status which is the same thing); anything that justifies the exercise of power will be embraced by someone, and any philosophy that justifies the exercise of power will find a home somewhere. Conversely, a philosophy that cannot justify the exercise of power (perhaps because it believes these ideas are all spooks) will be rejected by nearly everyone. The ideologies that are popularized are always the one's that serve elite interests; there are no "liberating" ideologies because such ideas never give anyone an incentive to pay for them, or sponsor them, or promote them. For example: your local college professor is liberal because if you vote for the left it will increase his funding, since the left likes to fund education.

What is hidden in the idea that gender is a performance is the assertion that this performance does not matter, or can be dispensed with, or is irrelevant, or that it does not have a biological origin.

Gender is a performance, yes, but;

  • The performance of gender has a genetic basis, such that males feel more natural and happy "acting male" and females feel more natural and happy "acting female." When we are pressured to deviate from our genetic inclinations our level of happiness decreases. Women are less happy today than they were in the past under greater level of patriarchy and normative gender roles.
  • The performance of gender is selected for by natural selection in cultural terms as well as genetic, so that cultures that have performative gender roles out-compete and out-reproduce those that do not.
  • Individually, people who fulfill natural gender roles are happier, healthier, and less likely to commit suicide. Almost half of transgender people have attempted suicide, and yet liberals think the solution is to challenge gender even more.
  • Changing one's gender involves taking hormone replacement therapy, which sterilizes the individual. Weirdly, our progressive masters now think that sterilizing LGB people is good rather than evil. The same hormones that are given so that one may change gender were given to Alan Turning to "cure" him of his homosexuality, leading to his death by suicide. The same liberals that decry what the patriarchy did to Alan Turning prescribe those same hormones, get suicides as a result, and blame "evil White men" for the consequences. They think that these suicides are caused by social constructs and not messing with people's hormones. Have the ever heard of postpartum depression? Wild swings in mood are THE side effect of pulling down you pants and sticking a fat needle of synthetic hormones in your ass. Might any of these mood swings make you want to kill yourself? Somehow sterilizing and driving gays to suicide is no longer Nazi standard practice.

People are dying because of liberalism! Clearly we need more liberalism!

  • Gender is a construct in the same way that gravity is a construct; the concept may be constructed linguistically but it can still kick your ass. All words are technically "constructs," meaning that they are mental conceptions typically used to refer to real physical objects. In language all terms have two parts, the "object" and the "referent." The object is the thing referred to. For example, the object in the word "chair" is the wood the chair is made of with the wood configured in a certain particular arrangement. The composition of wood, screws, dowels, lacquer, in a form that humans can sit on is assigned the term "chair," which refers to the category of all objects one can sit on. All words are categories, or "referents," or "constructs." The word "running" is a category that refers to all things that move on legs at a fast pace. The word "bookshelf" is a category that refers to all objects that serve as a place to store things for easy access, without cabinet doors on the front, typically for storing books.
  • All words are therefore constructs, in other words, categories of atoms. Abstract words are still categories that refer to processes, vague ideas, and other stuff. Words are socially constructed categories. The fact that gender is "a construct" doesn't mean it isn't real, but that is what they are secretly implying. When people assert that gender is a construct they are playing word games. They are saying, "gender is merely constructed by human culture and is not real." When you point out that gender is a real biological thing that even animals do they yell at you, or censor you, or outright lie and say that "we don't really mean that." Then they go right on talking as if they never heard you at all.
  • Asserting that gender is a construct is also known as "gaslighting," since it denies reality. Gaslighting is a tactic in which a person or entity, in order to gain more power, makes a victim question their reality. Gaslighting is the denial of reality as it actually is. Gaslighting is a form of abuse. Gender theory is gaslighting, and therefor abuse, against an entire civilization done by dykes like Judith Butler who hate straight women out of jealousy. Like most feminism it is an attempt by the gay, completely miserable, and jealous to subvert the straight, not completely miserable, and healthy. They even say they want to subvert you. They even name their books with titles like Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity. They are trying to subvert your happiness and even imply as much with their own statements.
  • Atheists have fewer children than religious people. Communism leads to the genocide of communists by communists. Pro-choice women have fewer children than pro-life women and are slowly dying out as a result. Male homosexuality causes HIV, and lesbianism leads to a vast reduction in birth rates. Transgender people sterilize themselves with HRT. Everything the left does to itself is genetically auto-genocidal.
A good definition of leftism is;
"that category of social and/or religious experiments that annihilates one's own genes."
Scientology and other cults leave a graveyard of broken and destroyed families in their wake. In the future we will discover that polyamorous people have worse life outcomes, are more likely to be murdered by jealous partners, get sexually transmitted diseases, suffer from adverse metal effects, have abusive relationships, etc. Things like faith and monogamy have been selected for. That is another way of saying that throughout thousands of years of history the people who did anything else were more likely to die, or less likely to reproduce, have fewer children, or more likely to kill themselves than the people who did not. The standard of being married to one only partner and having children evolved for a reason. The field of genetic science tells us that most mutations are harmful to the organism. Like mutation, most social experiments are harmful to both the individual and society. The absolute worst thing a human can do to their own life is experiment socially with alternative lifestyles. Tradition has value precisely because it suppresses experimentation with these alternative lifestyles, and contrary to what the promoters of these things say nothing they are advocating is new or revolutionary. Sparta practiced communism and held their wives in common while Athens was a democracy with slaves where only White men with property could vote. One will notice that Sparta is a smoldering ruin while Athens is still there. Transgenderism has been done before; there was a Roman emperor called Elagabalus who dressed up in women's clothes, committed rape, and earned himself a sword through the back by his own guards.

"What has been will be again,
    what has been done will be done again;

    there is nothing new under the sun."
— Ecclesiastes 1:9

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