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The McKibbin Method for shit testing a man in order to find a husband

It's often said that men don't care about women's personalities. This isn't true, its just that most men don't think they can afford to be picky because women are already so picky that nothing will happen if men express their standards.

Personality wise the most attractive feature a woman can have is a loving disposition towards children. A woman who is good with kids is hot as hell.

Next comes having a good head on her shoulders. That means street smarts, financial skills, being self-supporting, and most importantly, NOT a brain washed man-hater.

These are the standards men have for marriage, not for SEX. A guy will stick hid dick in a hole in the wall. Men have really abysmal standards for mere sex, but they do have standards:

Typical male standards for sex:
No HIV or other incurable STDs
Human, not animal or vegetable
Over 18 (or whatever the legal age is)
Not dead
Didn't say "no"
Not a stalker
Not a false rape accuser
Her father won't kill you
Most men are actually incredibly strict about these standards, and thus, we may say that almost all men have "strict standards" , ahem cough, when it come to sex. There are exceptions; some don't care if you are female, some don't care if you are consenting, and and in the Middle East (and some American farms) some don't even care if you are human.

Superficially is appears like all men are cads who run away, but standards for women's behavior have fallen so low that simply being good with children/ a little domestic /not a bitch, can qualify the vast majority of women for marriage.

It's like how in a world of obesity 90% of getting laid is just not being a big fat shit.

Oh sure, lots of people are incels, but get fit and watch how you suddenly go from incel to Chad. One minute nobody will sleep with you. Start working out and acquire some muscle and the next minute everyone wants it.

In the same way that you can go from being incel to chad, a woman can go from being unmarriageable to having multiple marriage offers. She can do this just by having the classic feminine standards all other women have abandoned, because in a world of man-eating feminist bitches just being nice to men actually goes a ridiculously long way. With traditional values and kindness a woman can secure herself a husband. That doesn't mean you're automatically going to get a Chad with washboard abs: that's a separate standard and you have to be hot to get what is hot. But you can still get a guy around the same age and hotness level as you and get him to commit.

We understand that revealed preferences and stated preferences are not the same thing, that lots of people think they want one thing but consistently pay money/ pull the vote lever/ sleep with a different thing. But this is all relative to what the market is offering. If there are no nice feminine women around then there will be no apparent demand for it, even if the latent market demand is enormous.

Consumers often don't know what they want; men and women often don't know what they want from each other, and traditional standards were developed to help us cut to the chase and discover it. The point is, if men have never experienced feminine care they won't know they want it, but if a man experiences it then the desire is awakened in him and suddenly he realizes that he has a woman that cannot be replaced. Giving them this care sets her apart as a provider of the kind of love no other woman will provide, and he cannot afford to lose that so he commits to her. It is precisely when everyone else has abandoned standards that those standards generate the highest reward.

So what is the McKibbin Method for getting a husband?

Well, it's a shit test designed to filter out men who are not interested in marrying you, and its the best kind of shit test because it doesn't annoy or drive away a high quality man. The test is a procedure that goes like this;

1. Get a man that you like to let you hang around his house for two weeks. During this time do "domestic stuff." It doesn't have to be too much. Do one chore every two days, (like laundry or making him dinner). Rub his feet or massage his scalp the other days. Make it very clear to him that no sex will happen for two to three weeks. To find this man literally just ask a guy you like, "do you mind if I come around every night for two weeks and spend time with you? I want to get to know you." Also make it clear, "that no sex will happen until I'm good and ready, so don't try anything."

Literally say that so the lines are clear.

2. Have long conversations and discover what his values, politics, and religious beliefs are like. If at any point he makes you feel unsafe, then leave and never see him again. When he asks you, "why no sex for two or three weeks?," answer, "I want to get to know you," if he pushes it say, "I want to see what kind of man you are like," if he really pushes it say, "I never sleep with a guy until I know what he is like at home." During these two weeks you are auditioning for the role of wife. Your goal is to see whether or not he wants a wife, and whether or not he would want you to be that wife, and whether or not the two of you have values in common.

3. Ask yourself the following questions;
Does he appreciate having me around?
Does he like talking to me?
Does he enjoy me or find me annoying?
Is he respectful?
Do we have values in common?
Also ask him point blank, "do you want to get married some day?" and "Do you think that I would qualify as a possible wife for you?"

Don't lie to yourself. Don't gloss it over. If the answer to any of these questions is negative then leave and don't fuck him. It's not true that it is too early to ask those questions: a person can tell within seconds whether or not they would have sex with someone, and a person can tell within days whether they would ever marry someone. The point of coming over to his place every night and doing these things is to give him exposure to you so he can make that decision, so he can decide if you are wife material. Every guy who is looking for a wife is always sizing women up as potential wives, so if he is exposed to your presence for two weeks he will have already made a decision. Every guy who is NOT looking for a wife will have NOT made that decision because he wasn't even thinking about it. If after two weeks he doesn't know the answer he is either (a), a cad, or (b), decided he doesn't want to marry you and is lying to get in your pants, aka., still a cad.

While you are auditioning for the role of wife you are also sizing him up for the role of husband. Your goal is to determine (a) his intentions towards you, and (b) whether you want him as a husband. Ask yourself a second set of questions;
Do I enjoy is presence?
Do I feel happier or sadder around him?
Could I see myself with him in 10 years?
Does he arouse me?
Is he verbally abusive in any way?
If the answer to any of these questions is bad then leave. If he makes you feel unsafe then leave.

While you are doing this wear modest clothes. At the very end of the two weeks , (or three if you need more time) wear something sexy on the day you are going to have sex. Don't be vague about anything. Set a date, "We're not having sex until December 21st, and even then, only if I like you." Don't tell him you are reviewing his performance, but don't be ambiguous with the sex. Men need clear information where sex is concerned.

The theory behind all of this is that a man who wants a wife will be willing to wait. He will be polite and respectful because he is committed to the long-term. A man who just wants sex will be obnoxious, won't appreciate the chores you do for him, and won't like having a woman around. Since all he wants is sex when there is no sex he will not behave himself. Does he like you? Do you like him? Is he an honorable man? These are the questions that matter. This is a shit test designed to filter out cads. If it doesn't work out with him rinse and repeat with a different guy. If it does work out then at the end of two weeks you don't ask for a ring, but you do say, "I don't want to get sexually involved unless I know that one day you intend to marry me." Watch his reaction, and don't sleep with him unless you think there is a future there.

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Why does "progress" happen? Or more specifically, why does change occur? Drilling down even further, what moves hyper-capitalism forward? And why doesn't it collapse under the weight of its own contradictions?

Six forces.

There are two progressive forces; redistribution and voting, and there are two regressive forces; hierarchy and competition, with two additional neutral forces; rerouting and technological innovation. The regressive forces move power from the bottom to the top, the progressive from the top to the bottom, and the neutral forces move power from whichever of the two parties (rich or poor) is beginning to gain enough power to destabilize the arrangement, to its opposite.

This is because without innovation and rerouting the circle would have long ago collapsed into either dictatorship or tribal communism. When the powerful are too powerful technologies are introduced that reduce their power, e.g. guns, printing presses, labor unions, transportation, Bitcoin, and when the poor gain too much power regressive innovations halt their progress, e.g. AI, surveillance tech, mass media, face recognition, social credit, mass education, and so on.

And all parties tirelessly work to reroute around the power of their enemies, e.g. weed legalization, gay marriage, ending prohibition, the enclosure movement, the bourgeois against the nobles, the American frontier, the cowboy, etc.