Saturday, March 9, 2019

Again, the future of natural selection is self-destruction

The essential problem of modernity is that humans evolved to cope with external threats, (was genocides, plagues), and we have very little sympathy for those who are self-destructive.

But everything in the future will be genetic self-destruction enabled by technology, (drugs, sex robots, abortion, porn, birth control, spending too much time in cyber space, too many calories, too little connection to the natural world, chemicals, etc.)

And self-destruction enabled by the ideologies that follow like a shock wave after the flash, (anarchism, feminism, libertarianism, gender theory, xenofeminism, accelerationism).

Guns arrive. Ideologies of democracy and anarchism follow.
Birth control arrives. Ideologies of feminism follow.
Medical procedures arrive. Ideologies of gender theory follow.
Massive self-destruction arrives. Libertarianism follows to justify it.
Even more self-destruction. Accelerationism follows to justify it.

First the flash, then the shock wave.

Men like Nick Land who want to enable the problem or accelerate transition to AI are part of the problem.

Nobody is inclined to care because we evolved to be indifferent to self-destruction. There is a natural revulsion to disease, pathology, etc., which is absent from self-destruction within ourselves. This means that we are much more inclined to engage in a self-destructive act that much a turn sandwich, even though the effects may be the same. We look down on degenerates. But it is imperative we slow self-destruction down to prevent a genetic bottle neck from developing in order to ensure the survival of our species. There will be more plagues of self-destruction: sex robots, new ideologies, and so forth.

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