Republican Reaction?

Not to be confused with the Republican party, which I abhor, RNx is a term bestowed on this website by one Nick B. Steves, chronicler of The Neoreaction, and a label I am happy to accept. I earned the label through my refusal to totally reject democracy, and my belief that Western societies need an better design, and not monarchy. A large part of this site is dedicated to trying to figure that out.

The central theme of this site is to indulge my obsession with systems, and their effects on human beings. Political systems, constitutional design, social technologies, economic arrangements, genetic enhancement — what unities all of these things is their metastructural nature, their connection to everything, with everything. Since I write in a linear structure, (literally line by line), any given article is only a portion of the whole, and is designed to be taken into context with everything else. Needless to say this makes the site a kind of worldbuilding project, like a non-fiction version of Tolkien's trilogy, the Star Trek cannon, or the Known Space Series. But I focus on systems in the abstract rather than stories.

In case you are wondering what exitocracy is, I used to run a subreddit by the same name here. Exitocracy is a hypothetical system of licensed anarcho capitalism. If you want to reach me my twitter page is here.

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