Chapter order and numbering is to be
determined later at publication date.

Chapters on the Algorithmic Nature of Reality

Only Patchwork Can Create Representative Political Freedom
An attempt to prove mathematically that
only a menu of political systems can produce
representative politics.

Chapters on Alternative Systems

Reactionary Capitalism, part 1

Reactionary Capitalism, part 2

Reactionary Capitalism, part 3

PART 4 (not yet written)
Reactionary Capitalism, part 4

The Miscellaneous Chapters
Drowning in Ideology

Communism is Just Sharing

The Statist Origins of Property Rights


  1. Am I mistaken, or does everything rests upon a hypothetically ideologically stable sovereign entity (which would enforce the market)?
    If it does, what mechanism(s) would prevent its drift?

    1. That's right. It would require three things to work: (1) a high degree of economic literacy and competence among the ruling officials, (2), total ideological security, and (3), prevention of outside corruption/influence. There are several methods that could be used to accomplish this, each less effective than the first. They are;

      A. A central government run by a super intelligent Artificial General Intelligence (ideal method)
      B. A distributed autonomous corporation/government with a coded constitution composed of self-executing market programs/incentives for constitutional obedience (less ideal)
      C. A Borg-style collective consciousness composed of a single person/personality cloned thousands of times who runs every aspect of the state. (even less ideal)
      D. A closed one-party nationalist-libertarian state that is organized with internal elections like the Chinese government/Politburo under a version of the nomenklatura system. (Least ideal system)

    2. Market formalism isn't for the incompetent. There would need to be an IQ test to even get into the civil service. Minimum score = 130. Then promotion would happen from within. Retired experts would sit on promotion boards to determine who gets rank. Before even going into the civil service one would have to prove his ideological loyalty in a university run by the state. After getting in the door it would be a one-party government all the way to the top, with ideological purity, IQ, and competence being the deciding promotion factors. The top of the executive would not be a president but a collegial system like the Swiss Federal Council. It would be like a combination of peer review and election. First all the purest libertarians would be sifted out according to a set criteria. Then they would be elected by a jury of civil servant peers — or something like that.


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