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I discovered neoreactionary thought back in 2014 and over the course of about two years my worldview slowly changed, becoming more consistent with those ideas. Posts from before about December of 2014 represent my ideas as they stood previously. As a result, this blog serves as a record of my political beliefs and philosophical thought over time.

The irony is that I started out an eighteen-year-old socialist. A family member successfully argued me into a libertarian worldview over the course of about a year. This was back in about 2001. I remained a libertarian for the next dozen years or so, when, in 2008 a friend told be to read "The Game" by Neil Strauss. The book disgusted me and I paid no attention to Men's Rights until I came across it later in 2012. This led me to blogs like Dalrock, The Last Psychiatrist, and the now defunct website anarchopapist. Men's rights never really interested me. The pickup artist community disgusted me — it was too obsessed with sex. The Men's rights community unnerved me — it was too hateful. All this led me to read The Dark Enlightenment by Nick Land first. (I read about half while sitting in a Ramen bar for several hours, and the rest later). Then I read some of Moldbug's work starting with An Open Letter to Open Minded Progressives. I'm still working my way through Moldbug's work. I have added websites like Social Matter, Free Northerner, and The Right Stuff to my repertoire.

Currently, I am working on a book that I hope will someday add an interesting perspective to the neoreactionary cannon.

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