Thursday, January 13, 2011

Four kinds of information, and the human addiction to lies

Just ranting here.

This should be obvious, but there are roughly four types of information;

Pleasant truths
Offensive lies
Pleasant lies
Offensive truths

Of the first type, nobody cares. People who tell pleasant truths are resented for being excessively obvious. Of the second type, these are mostly projections. Generally when someone tells you an offensive lie they are talking about themselves — either that, or they are just trying to wound you. Of the third type, these lies are everywhere. Pleasant lies appear to be the type of information the vast majority of people like most of the time. They flatter the ego and allow escapism. Of the fourth type, this is the most valuable type of information in existence, and the only stuff really worth saying out loud. Everyone already knows the inoffensive truth, so that is useless. Only the things everyone ought to know — but don't, because they are deluding themselves, matter as a concern for public policy.

Society commands number 3 and forbids number 4.

This situation is rather weird. People go their whole lives without being told necessary truths. Imagine that there is some man who smells bad. I met one of these today. No one is allowed to say to this man, "you are unemployed and homeless because everyone hates your stink," and, "you need to bathe regularly." Yet this is the absolutely crucial piece of information that might allow this fellow to live a semi-normal life.

I have met plenty of people whose lives were deficient in some way because of only one small detail: a man whose breath smells like death and has no girlfriend, a woman who alienates everyone she knows with constant hysteria, another unemployed man who makes people uncomfortable by standing too close to them. Not everyone has self-awareness, and we are too indifferent to care. The whole world is in desperate need of some honest feedback.

As for me? I am in desperate need of a pill that will make me stop caring about the truth. I learned to keep my mouth shut years ago, but the silence is killing me. More and more, life equals cognitive dissonance. In a way, becoming a Reactionary was a Godsend: the last thread connecting my opinions to the outside world was severed, converting me into an apolitical person, (on the outside). I am now the least political person in my social group — but only externally. I am "nice," and I hold "progressive values." I could be the shitlib next door and you would never know it. I speak Social Justice fluently. I pass as a normie now. This is wonderful for me. I no longer get bullied for expressing my opinions. Everyone loves the AMK. I am one of the HERD. Baaaaaaa.

Mew like a sheep and wait for the apocalypse.

It took me years to internalize the fact that most humans are cowards and that cowards are unworthy of the truth. I spent over a decade telling people politely, delicately, but always truthfully, what they needed to know to improve their lives. God knows what compelled me do do this. I was hated by everyone publicly, and loved my many privately. But those people who loved and respected me never hesitated to throw me under the bus of ridicule the absolute instant someone else walked into the room. Friends to me in private, enemies before everyone else — and they are all like this — all of you. You are all like this. Even the reactionaries I have met in real life are like this, even amongst themselves to a small degree.

What these people all fail to realize is that the truth teller is doing you a favor. Where is the gratitude? Nowhere to be found. The universe is factually hostile to life. Offensive truths are a barrier to survival and prosperity. The unwillingness of people to embrace them is the source of civilizational decline and collapse. The never ending procrastination of people in dealing with harsh truths is why their societies die, why they immiserate their lives, the lives of their children, why they lose friends. There is a man walking around with a girlfriend now because I told him to freshen his breath. There is a woman who no longer alienates people. There is a reformed slut with a new husband — all because of me, and yet, they all hate the shit out of me. Their lives are markedly better — because of me, and they all, every single one, resent me, want nothing to do with me, and are ashamed to know me. I remind them of their past.

Hence forth all truth in real life will be available only on request.

But it isn't enough for these imbeciles to attack you in real life for doing them a favor — the favor of telling them the truth that makes their lives better. Millennial Woes was doxxed for telling it like it is on the internet. Here is a platform where anyone is free to exit. If you don't like the content you can simply not visit a page. Don't like this blog? No one is making you come here. This is the ultimate system of exit and the door is right up there in "x" of your browser window. The whole internet is built on the fact that anyone can simply leave any website they don't like.

The fact that people will stalk, harass, and dox a man for telling the truth on a channel that no one is required to visit speaks volumes of the human race. To paraphrase Nick Land: humans really are too stupid to live, or perhaps humans are too tyrannical to be worthy of existence. They despise the uncomfortable truths, despise the individual suffering they pay as a penalty for their lies, despise collective suffering, and then object to political systems based on exit. Patchwork offends every normie that learns about it. "You can't leave! That's racist!" And, "no we won't listen to good advice!" You must die with them. We must all die together. No exit, and no voice for the sane. And that is supposed to be "fair," and "equal." Human nature amounts to the commandment that, "you must all be as stupid as the rest of us," and, "we must all die together."

They hate suffering for their own stupidity.
They won't let you cure them of their ignorance.
They hate suffering for the stupidity of others.
You can't leave them to die.
You aren't allowed to rule them.

And yet somehow there is supposed to be a political system in existence that is both free and equal.

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