Friday, July 28, 2017

Aphorism no. 43: women conform

Modern women are trash because they are trained to be trash.

Whenever thinking about women remember one simple truth: women conform.

The manosphere makes an incredible number of assertions about women that are severe, vile, and unjust. They package these as eternal truths, as if women were always this way. One wonders how the species even survived up until this point, how children were raised, families looked after, and civilizations created. Men build the world and women populate it. That is just a statement of plain fact. That is the original division of labor.

If modern women are horrible it is because they have been trained to be so. The solution is different training.

Compare these two personalities.

Feminism is the only shit test that makes the user a sterile cat lady. Women conform even to the point of destroying their own civilizations, if that is what they are trained to do.

I shouldn't call them cat ladies. Some cat ladies are very nice people.

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