Saturday, July 29, 2017

The atheist unholy war

Over at Xenosystems Brett Stevens wrote in the comments section;
"There are very few people above Thrall caste left. Most are simple incapable of logical inference deeper than one level."
 After googling thrall caste and finding out that it is a type of slave that lived in Scandinavia during the Viking Age it got my mind thinking.

I went to an atheist seminar to see this guy talk, and my mind began cogitating even more.

Looking around the room I was struck by the fact that almost everyone there, (except me) was apparently incapable of logical inference beyond a single step. It's called secondary and tertiary effects.

You probably already know this, but;

Secondary effects means, "effects of effects."
Tertiary effects means, "effects of effects of effects, or third level effects."

None of these people were capable of that, which is why they couldn't see the foolishness of trying to spread atheism like gospel. The whole seminar was about how to deconvert people from religion. Only one person—a woman psychologist, expressed any reservations about this. She said that it was "manipulative" and "could cause emotional harm" to deconvert people. I couldn't agree more. I just went there because I had nothing better to do on a Saturday night, and because studying normies is a hobby of mine.

There are actually groups now dedicated to destroying religion. See this, this, and this. The Denver group is the most dedicated of them.

These people are the same as the inane Protestant do-gooders they oppose—just in the opposite direction. They think that if the world is cured of religion that it will be free of war and stuff like that. They just want to get people to "use reason," "think critically."

Ok. Well her's some critical thought for ya;

Preaching atheism is about as irresponsible as dumping a broad spectrum antibiotic into the water supply. Oh sure, it cures most people of their faith. But a few radical fanatical bacteria remain, and we know that fanatical religious people breed a lot. The long-term effect of "curing" the world of religion is not to abolish faith but to breed a super-bacteria like radical Islam that comes into to replace it. Secular people go extinct because of below break-even birth rates. Fanatics breed a lot. "Curing" the mildly religious only makes room for the fanatics by suppressing the birth rates of the cured to the point of eventual extinction. Once a Christian is secular his family line is eventually headed for extinction. He will have fewer that the 2.1 children needed to break-even. His children will also have fewer than the 2.1 children necessary to break-even. To teach atheism is to cause a families extinction. I say that as an atheist myself.

It should probably be criminalized. The moderate religions are the good bacteria that crowds out the bad bacteria; the probiotic to the super-bug. Missionary atheism is an antibiotic in the water supply.

The fanatics are not going to deconvert. Thus, the effect of deconversion is simply to replace the nice religious people with the fanatics.

The net effect of missionary atheism will be a nuclear three-way holy war between fundamentalist Mormons, radical Muslims, and Scientologists. Congratulations on spreading "reason," assholes.

While I was sitting there I began to realize that normie liberal humans have no souls. Maybe Satan is liberal and they sold their souls to him. (I'm joking. I don't literally believe in souls or Satan). But seriously, there is nothing "there there." Deep inside something is missing. Never trust a man with perfect teeth, perfect appearance, and perfect virtue signaling. Don't trust a person with no anxiety attacks, no fears, no depression, no doubts. Don't trust a person whose personality is half an inch deep made of perfect superficial righteousness. These are fucking lizard people. I swear to God. There is something fucking missing from these people.

They are just too perfect to be fully human. They have no souls. They are "meat-bag" people. Literally, when you talk to them you are talking to 180 pounds of meat.

Brett Stevens is right. Not all humans have the same quality. There must be levels to this. Humans come in castes, subspecies, or spiritual levels.

Spelling corrected 08/02/2017 
*deconversation to deconversion*

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