Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Races Don't Blend: when hybrid vigor makes breeding outside your race is a smart move

One of the most obnoxious claims around the reactosphere is the idea that all whites are genetically superior to all other races, all the time, throughout all history, forever. This claim is never stated this way, and if questioned people will say "of course there are people of other races that are equally capable as whites," but the point never really sinks in, and the Nac Soc presumption is there in the background (mis)informing our judgment.

Nazi race science is nonsense. While there is truth in the claim that average differences exist between racial and ethnic groups, especially in terms of IQ, that is not a judgment applicable to the individual case. To understand why, let us look at an example.

Imagine there is a white male with an IQ of 120. He suffers from flat feet and sleep apnea. His father has a mood disorder. His maternal grandmother had Alzheimer's and maternal grandfather died of heart disease. All of these conditions are hereditary. Otherwise he is middle class and would make a responsible parent.

He meets an Arab woman whose paternal grandmother had sickle cell anemia and whose maternal grandmother had breast cancer. She is also middle class and has an IQ of 130.

The male is an engineer and the female is a nurse.

The male has limited options. He simply is not that attractive to white women because few of them are interested in starting families, they're too hypergamous, many are career women, feminists, bitches, haughty, etc.

Should he have children with the Arab girl or die childless?

He should marry the Arab girl.


Heterosis, or hybrid vigor, occurs when the act of outbreeding enhances the genetics of offspring by suppressing recessive alleles that are responsible for genetic disease. Marrying outside his race will not only benefit him—it will benefit her. She carries one recessive allele on her x chromosome for sickle cell, and he carries recessive genes for a mood disorder, flat feet, and sleep apnea. By simply marrying outside of their respective races, dominant genes replace their respective recessive genes and they produce children that are healthier that either of them could have produced by marrying within their respective races. Hybrid vigor is how you get 7 foot tall basketball players like Yao Ming. It is actually a fantastically successful strategy for downwardly mobile whites, and if he is not going to find a woman any other way, reproduction is still preferable to extinction. Lots of people have genetic conditions that can be eliminated by outbreeding, and the boost they receive from genetic improvement allows them to avoid sinking into the lower classes.

If the Arab girl married within her race there is a likelihood of sickle cell anemia affecting her children. If the white guy marred within his race heart disease or Alzheimer's might show up in his children. (recessive genes usually skip a generation).

Preference for blonde hair and blue eyes is an aesthetic choice, and not a scientific one.

Since dominant genes express themselves in the first generation their children will be of blended skin tone, bodily features, and facial features. One child may be relatively pale while another is darker skinned, but they will tend towards a mixture of the two parents appearances. This effect only lasts one generation. In the second generation some recessive genes reassert themselves and the resulting grandchildren will look white or Arab, or a combination of both, but not a mixture of both. In other worlds, races don't "blend" in any meaningful sense within just one generation. Racial characteristics reemerge in the grandchildren. Each grandchild will look like one of the two grandparents, but not like a hybridization of both.

So there will be white grandchildren.

Secondly, many of the defective recessive alleles have been replaced with dominant alleles from the other race. In other words, not only will there be "white" grandchildren, but they will be healthier than they would have been otherwise. An identical effect will occur with the "Arab" grandchildren, with the Arab children have both an Arab appearance and healthier genes as a result.

Troian BellisarioRashida Jones, and Jennifer Beals all have black ancestors. Races don't "blend" in any meaningful sense of the word. It all comes out in the wash.

Look here, all of these women are "black" by Stormfront's definition of the word.

Having any children is better than having none so long as your spouse is high IQ, relatively healthy, and hot. Furthermore, if ones options are limited it is better to have some children rather than none.


The one on the left is a grandchild of interracial marriage. That is why she looks whiter than the two on the right, who are both 1/2 white.

The only thing that creates a blending of races is sustained interbreeding across racial lines for multiple generations. The white race is not recessive relative to other races. It is not destroyed by "one drop" of admixture. Calm the fuck down.

For further reading on this topic see this article by Razib Kahn.
Also, if you still believe that races "blend" read up on Mendel’s Laws.


  1. You're clearly uneducated. There's something called Outbreeding Depression that happens on Gen. 1 of mixing. Also, who doesn't know the Italian+Philipino mixed girl who couldn't even get a transplant from her parents? She was literally more different from her parents than a random girl in Italy would be from her father and the same for her mother on asia.
    Now, "Nazi" science. You really should be ejected of this movement, Anti-Puritan, because you keep saying shit of every aspect, be ot economical, social, biological, etc
    Now, if you have been following genetics since Haak et al. in 2015, or some time before that, you would know precisely what are the Caucasian races, why Arabs are different (they have a huge chunck of African admixture), how the Indo-European (Aryans) changed the world, and exactly why we Europeans should preserve the unique, rare, ancient and above all, OUR genetics.
    If we're not protecting OUR things, be them what they are, from genetics to whatever, then you're likely advocating for our submission, replacement and dilution.

  2. Breeding should be selecting the best of the best that you can get your hands on as a mate to sire children no matter the ethnicity.


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