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When government subsidies are a ruse for an even more discriminatory system

This post is a huge black pill. Unfortunately because of its enormous size it can only be delivered as a rectal suppository. We apologize in advance for any pain and inconvenience you may experience. Please just sit back, brace yourself, and try to relax. It will all be over quickly. Try the mints in our waiting room while you wait for Nurse Ratched to come.

I have said before somewhere that equality is conserved. Today you are going to discover the true meaning and horror of this phrase.


The man in the video below lives in a EU state where university education is virtually free. The economic consequences of making secondary education free are to vastly increase the supply of workers in a given field. Anything that increases supply decreases price, all other things being equal.

The result of giving everyone a free college education is to make it financially worthless. That is why, (in the US) it pays more to have a two year degree in some fields than a four year degree in others. It is also why an electrician makes a median pay of $52,720 per year while a philosophy teacher makes $77,420 per year, (if you can get the job). The philosophy major is more over-supplied than the electrician, even though becoming an electrician only requires trade school, while a philosophy teacher needs a PhD. Despite needing about 6 additional years of education, the professor only makes, $24,700 more.

This isn't because "capitalism is fucking you" (unless you consider democracy a subset behavior of capitalism). It is because you are fucking yourself by voting for college subsidies. Education subsidies may appear to have the short-term benefit of lowering college tuition, but they also have the long-term cost of lowering wages. As usual, you oppress yourself. Also, education subsidies don't really lower costs. In the long-rung colleges simply raise their prices, and we are the ones living in the era when the long-run catches up with the present. Education subsidies lowered costs for the boomers, but not for subsequent generations like ours.

My grandfather was a photojournalist. He started in the copy room and worked his way up with no degree. I could never break into that field because journalism school has vastly increased the supply of journalists. Now you need to do years of unpaid internships in order to get into the field. That is impossible unless you are wealthy. Additionally you need connections. You are not going to get those connections unless you rub elbows with the elite. And you are not going to do that unless you are the elite. Modern print news serves the Cathedral because almost everyone who works in it—with the exception of some diversity hires—is a child of the upper-class white liberal strata. This explains their bias, and way they are the class enemies of working class whites.

Journalism is a tawdry profession anyway. When my grandfather was doing it his paper still had a human interest section, and adhered to ethical guidelines. But that was back in the 80's.

Nearly all white collar professions wind up like this in a society with educational oversupply. The more oversupplied the profession, the more it winds up being monopolized by elite control. Your psychologists and journalists wind up being either diversity hires or the trust fund babies of rich whites. The whole white collar world converts into a treadmill for make-work jobs and sinecures.

Frank Lloyd Wright practiced architecture without ever receiving a degree. He never even received a high school diploma. To produce today's crappy modern architecture you need either a B.Arch, (which is five years of hell), or an M. Arch, (which is realistically about seven years of hell). You then need to do unpaid internships, (excluding the non-elite), complete about 3 years of apprenticeship hours, and pass four exams that are equivalent to the state bar for law. It is impossible to realistically work your way through this degree program unless you can function without any sleep.


Governments are built on feedback loops of "this" for "that." Whatever the government gives its supporters is "this." Whatever it receives from its supporters is "that."

"This" can include such things as;

protections from competition
elevated social status for parasites
government jobs
make-work jobs
licences that keep out the competition
powerful positions like generalships, and ambassadorships
economic rents

The "that" includes such things as;

ideological support by corporations and advertisers
street violence against the opposition
protests against enemies
political indoctrination by media companies and college professors
financial support by civil service unions and other groups
campaign contributions
lobbying of neutrals
assassination of enemies

Even freedom is a feedback loop. The government gives people economic liberty and receives higher taxable GDP as a result. Welfare states are feedback loops of votes for handouts. Democracies have more of these loops than authoritarian states. The leaders in a democracy are less secure in their positions and the battle is more pitched as a result. Unlike authoritarian states that direct propaganda against the people from above, democracies have a latent propaganda civil war, and rather than controlling the organs of state propaganda, (universities, media, movies), the organs control them.

Increasing the supply of workers suppresses their wages. That's why men like Bill Gates whine about a "shortage" of qualified knowledge workers. (A shortage is just how you say over-paid, and "over-paid" is just how you say "not under-paid.") A shortage is a moral assertion about a fact that is morally neutral.


Nearly all feedback loops have justifying ideologies. Below is a partial list.

Feedback loops look like this;

      "This"          "for that."          justified by _____ ideology

  • Immigration for votes: Justifying ideology: "no human is illegal."
  • Welfare payments for liberal votes. Justifying ideology: blaming whites.
  • Affirmative action jobs for votes: Justifying ideology: blaming whites.
  • Subsidies to increase the employment of professors: Justifying ideology: "educational enrichment."
  • Indoctrination for liberal votes: Justifying ideology: "creating educated individuals."
  • War profits for campaign contributions: Justifying ideology: "democratization."
  • Jobs for civil servants in exchange for votes and contributions: Justifying ideology: "worker protections."
  • Handouts to women for votes: Justifying ideology: "equality, women's rights."
  • College subsidies for votes: Justifying ideology: "right to an education."
  • Wage suppression by subsidizing education in exchange for campaign contributions: Justifying ideology: "right to an education."


You should expect the state to indoctrinate you into its ideologies. Indoctrination is part of the feedback loop of many state power systems. The state is not interested in helping you per se. It is interested in the outcome of that help, whether through increased votes, reliable voting blocs, campaign contributions, etc. These ideologies have nothing to do with you, your well-being, prosperity, fairness, "equality," etc. Everything is the outcome of the state's power generation process. It will lie to you in order to gain your compliance with its agenda. Indeed, the whole society will lie to you to gain your compliance. What do college professors always say? Mmm? That education is enriching? That funding is good? Of course it is good; it is good for them.

Everyone only sees their part of the feedback loop. They see that the handout appears to be good for them. That is where their thought on the issue terminates. Rarely do they see the big picture. People, being cognitive misers, do not look at how the entire set of systems works. Their rage, moral sanctimony, and desires to justify their own actions prevent them from seeing everything. Indeed, even the leaders of the system do not all see the entire picture. The state's ideologies serve only itself. State behavior is determined by the internal logic of institutional self-preservation and power, and is totally indifferent to you. If it seems like it makes no sense it is because it doesn't. The only sense it makes is "preserve and expand power." Feedback loops grow because all bureaucrats want to expand funding for their agencies, prominence, power, fame, etc. To be the head of a large powerful agency is better than the head of a small one.

Typically, the people involved in the system genuinely believe in the ideology of the state. The world is not filled with evil men. It is filled with deluded men who act in evil ways while simultaneously believing themselves to be good. It is not a battle between good and evil, but a battle between one evil deluded person and another evil deluded person.

In Summary

If you give everyone a degree it becomes financially worthless.
Society then reverts to "connections," rather than "qualifications."
Thus, education oversupply paradoxically works against fairness and meritocracy.
The poor vote for it because they are stupid.
The rich lobby for it because they are smart.
Equality is conserved, (minimized).
As usual, you oppress yourself by voting for it.

It forms a feedback loop of money for votes.
Governments are just a series of feedback loops.
Democracies have more of them that authoritarian states.
Feedback loops are simultaneously the source of all state evil and all rights.
Liberty is a feedback loop of prosperity for higher taxes, (taxable GDP is increased).
Welfare states are a feedback loop of jobs, money, and benefits, in exchange for votes.

Nearly all feedback loops have justifying ideologies.
Society cooperates in the lie.
The state serves only itself.
Institutional logic guides behavior, and not any notion of the common good.
Feedback loops grow because humans always want more power.

People are true believers.
Delusion battles delusion, not good battling evil.


Below is a video of a man who has been screwed by one of these feedback loops. Specifically, he was used and destroyed by the college feedback loop. It's depressing to watch. He clearly lacks the elite connections, looks, and attitude to succeed in that system.

Even good looking people can get screwed by it though.

"Make college more affordable." They say. Lol.

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