Friday, August 11, 2017

When Illusions Make Themselves Real: all struggles against evil are genetically derived

Everyone believes there is a struggle between good and evil, and everyone is wrong.

It is not a struggle between good and evil but a struggle between evil and evil; with every evil man thinking he is good.

Hitler thought he was saving Germany. In a way he was. Angela Merkel believes she is saving Europe from racism. She is in a way. Every person is a noble warrior from their own perspective, but somehow the results are always a disaster. Arguably, Hitler made the level of cucking that brought Merkel to power possible.

As usual, Germany is destroying Europe.

But this is not an essay on German psychosis.

Every man believes he is good; yet all men do evil. What produces this illusion? What creates the illusion of goodness?

Genes, duh.

People have their causality backwards. They believe the only react to an external threat. They think that evil is attacking them and they must do something about it. They think the evil of other people threatens them. They never see how they threaten others.

In the past, men who conquer are more successful in spreading their genes. Women who breed with the conqueror spread their genes through the sons they bear. Men want to fight and women want to breed the winner. This urge came first. Then the urge to fight—German philosophers called it the "will to power," is in every man. In reality it is the will to gene flow.

Among the Yanomami of the Amazon men participate in raids that involve sneaking into an enemy encampment and kidnapping a woman. Typically, the woman is gang raped and beaten. The men who participate in these raids have more children than those who don't. In the excellent book, Demonic Males: Apes and the Origins of Human Violence, Peterson and Wrangham describe this process;
"Raiding may Seem a futile activity, but like military heroes around the world, Yanomamo unokais are honored by their societies and ultimately rewarded. Because Yanomamo culture allows polygyny, the rewards can directly translate into reproductive terms. Unokais, so Chagnon discovered through analyzing data from several villages, have more that two and a half times the average number of children. Lethal raiding among the Yanomamo, it seems, gives the raiders genetic success."
It is the same with all human males. Whether you are descended from Roman conquerors, Gothic warlords, African slaver kings, or Yanomami unokais, you are untimely descended from men who conquered other men.

The need to fight came first, the excuse came later. The perception of "evil" that needs to be fought is an artifact of the will to gene flow. Humans need to find enemies, and so they do. They need a cause to fight for, and so they join one. They need purpose, and so they join religions.

Every perception of threat is untimely locally derived within the genes of the self. It makes itself true, or finds an enemy to fight. Since it needs an opponent, it either creates one, finds one, or joins a side. "Evil," is something people need to find in the world, and in the act of searching for it, and searching to destroy it, they become it, and they find it.

The perception that evil exists is a side effect of the genetic need for violent struggle. It only makes itself real through action. Men seek evil to fight, find it, and become evil as they fight it. It is all auto-generated out of the genes of the individual.


  1. >Arguably, Hitler made the level of cucking that brought Merkel to power possible.
    What is Weimar? Bolshevik Revolution and their German arm? Banking Cartel? WWI and the League of Nations?
    Everything that's happening today was already happening in the past. Hitler lost and that's his only wrongdoing - his "rebellion" stalled Globalism and the NWO by about 60 years, of course, when it returned, it was more vicious than ever, but so are we, because we're armed with the knowledge that was made possible by the likes of Hitler who tried uprisings everywhere.

    >Evil vs Evil
    It would be better if you made a case for amorality or some Nietzschean 'beyond good and evil' trope.
    But instead you hinted a Freud with your reductionist sex talk.

    1. You totally missed the point, and Freud wasn't even mentioned.

      "But this is not an essay on German psychosis." I said.


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