Friday, August 18, 2017

Aphorism no. 46

The true political spectrum is never between liberalism and conservatism, nationalism versus communism, or Nazism versus freedom, but between atavism versus domestication.

Many traits are dead ringers for political atavism;

  • hatred of capitalism
  • "not the true communism" arguements
  • reactionary sentiments
  • emperor worship, hero worship, celebrity worship, praise of "our troops"
  • inability to grasp economics
  • racial hatred, not to be confused with acceptance of human biodiversity
  • retreat into feelings
  • belief that offensive/racist/dehumanizing facts cannot be true
  • belief that the universe is benevolent
  • utopian dreams
  • notions about the "good old days"
  • salvation myths, religions, "human destiny"
  • childish ideas like "equality"
  • high musculture
  • wide face
  • delusions
  • good social skills
  • mental instability
  • religious or magical thinking
  • logical fallacies
  • cognitive biases
  • good at sports
  • low IQ
  • low impulse control
  • violence, violent crime, crime in general
  • untrustworthy
  • conformity
  • deception
Traits of human domestication;

  • neotenic features
  • "delicate features"
  • intuitive grasp of economics
  • autism
  • poor social skills
  • high math ability
  • dislike of violence
  • passive "beta" personality
  • lack of capicity for violence
  • low muscuture
  • "weak" looking body
  • chronic illnesses
  • good with money
  • excessively logical
  • excessively literal
  • cuteness
  • large eyes relative to head
  • large head relative to body
  • lack of hand-eye coordination
  • bad at sports
  • high IQ
  • high impulse control
  • no violence
  • highly trustworthy, naive
  • political libertarianism
  • utilitarian thinking
  • sexual experimentation
  • drug use
  • asthma
  • chronic pain
  • allergies


  1. And then one must ask if you have anything backing your list and arguments or if you're just bullshiting rationalisations like the non-scientific Left.

    1. Nope. Just bullshitting rationalizations. But YOUR WILL BE DOMESTICATED ANYWAY.

  2. It works as a listing of sides of opposition as well or better than Left VS Right.

  3. Suppose deindustrialization occurs. wouldn't domesticated people be at an evolutionary disadvantage as nature selects against it?

    1. Under that scenario then it would be a huge disadvantage. "Hardy" type humans might also be necessary for space colonization. This stuff is just all speculation.

  4. >Suppose deindustrialization occurs

    The only human filled continent where Capital hasn't sunk its teeth into is Africa.


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