Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Will to Suck

Right wingers love losing. I have met people on the hard right in person and their sole defining characteristic is their inability to engage in any thought that produces the ability to win.

The right self-selects for political losers because it always loses. As a result, anyone who cares about wining realizes that if there is anyway at all to work through the left to accomplish their agenda it is better than trying to work through the right. This was exactly the realization that I had recently, and why I would rather work within the left than outside it. The right was never going to win at anything, but I could use the left to accomplish many of my goals.

Every reader of this blog on the right routinely misses the point of my articles. Every strategic idea on the right is idiotic. Honestly, who the fuck thinks doing the Hitler salute is a good way to gain support?

And who the fuck thinks inviting Jews and Asians to a racist meeting is good strategy?

Who the fuck thinks torches are good PR? Torches are menacing and associated with white on black violence. You get a torch when you want to burn something down.

Mourners with candles

What is the fucking difference? Torches are threatening and alienate people from your agenda. Candles are sympathetic and associated with mourning. You could have even mourned "white genocide." When the left laughs and says that, "white genocide is good," the effect would have been to red pill even more people. Instead of getting the public on your side you alienated them.


On top of that you used Tiki torches! So your protest looks like a fucking PARODY of a threatening KKK lynch mob. What are you stupid?

You suck so bad you have Jews like David Hines giving you fucking pointers on Twitter. "How not to suck," is a recurring thing with him.

You actually have Jews fighting for your cause because YOU ARE THAT PATHETIC. You suck so much you've got your very own version of Stanley Levison and your not even using his talent. Levison fought for Civil Rights. He serves black interests. You suck worse than blacks at organizing. Seriously, they were better at this than you. At least they knew how to get sympathy from the public.

Use your superior fucking Aryan brain and at learn how to think strategically McFly.

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  1. The "right" will continue to lose as long as it doesn't show it actually has a vision for the future that isn't nostalgia. As you yourself pointed.out, both the "right" and "left" make appeals to a golden past and have a narrative of returning to it.