Friday, September 1, 2017

Everything that works is a system

Americans use to starve and go blind from malnutrition. A hail storm would come, wipe out your crops, and your children would go blind. This is what happened to the real life character of Mary in Little House on the Prairie. Then a man named Dwight D. Eisenhower came along and created the aptly named Dwight D. Eisenhower National System of Interstate and Defense Highways.


Monarchies have constant civil wars. Oligarchies, (like the US now is) have endless political struggles between mad elites that threaten to produce open civil war. As a principle, the more concentrated power is in the hands of a few, the larger the payoff for controlling it, and the more insane and destructive politics becomes. Once upon a time, a group of men called The Founding Fathers created a system called The Constitution that laid out the design for a republic. It worked really well for a long time.

A system.

Now democracy has been destroyed by an oligarchy of elite financial power that buys the result of every election by funding some candidates and not others. Our politics has noticeably gotten a lot more insane as these elites have concentrated power into fewer and fewer hands. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a system for defeating this? Imagine that campaign contributions are taxed. The taxes are then used to pay for campaign contribution vouchers. These vouchers are given to the small business owners of America — to the bourgeois. The bourgeois like political stability because it is good for capitalism and profits. They also tend to have sensible attitudes of thrift, investment, and long-term thinking. Now we have a system for ensuring that the majority of money for all campaigns comes from the most stable and centrist group in society.

A system.

The markets that put bread on your supermarket shelves are a system. They run a transportation network on top of an interstate highway system, using a monetary system, a credit system to finance it, transportation logistics systems to plan the movement of goods, running on top of computer systems, constructed using manufacturing systems, using chips designed by artificially intelligent chip design systems.

Is this starting to get redundant?

What keeps Ebola at bay? The National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System (NNDSS). What prevents architecture from falling down? The countless local building inspection systems, and international building codes. What ensures food quality? The ISO 22000 family of International Standards for food and medical safety and the USDA system.

It goes on and on.

There's a huge resistance to systems of government in neoreaction in favor of kings.

Everything that works is a system. Everything else is just monkey screeching madness. The solution to madness is not more human monkey screeching. On the left there is this profoundly childish and delusional idea that if we just change everyone's mind people will stop being evil a wacist.

*As a side note.*

Only a system of genetics could change human nature, and that extraordinarily dangerous. There is the possibility that what we might call Recursive Iteration Towards Extinction (RITE) might occur. Imagine that you change human nature to make people care more about equality. Then the next generation, because it cares more about equality, also changes human nature to make people more egalitarian. This process continues until you have humans that are so obsessed with equality that they cannot walk down the street because the fear of stepping on a bug, (discriminating against the underlumpenproletariat) is so dreaded that the human race becomes unable to function: so it goes extinct. Modifying human nature can get you into a trap where extinction sneaks up on you by exaggerating some human pathology, need, desire, whatever, over multiple generations. That is RITE: a recursive trap caused by modifying human nature. The solution is either to (a), never modify human nature, or (b), avoid standardization of human beings so that "naturals" still exist as a backup in case something goes wrong.

Systems must be constructed CAREFULLY. They must not burn themselves out over time. They must not produce the conditions of their own collapse. For example; democracy may destroy itself when its own immigration policies lower IQ sufficiently to render democracy impossible. The whole point here is that systems are not evil per se, but they must be constructed with foresight to their long-term secondary and tertiary consequences.

*End side note.*

Once a system is in place it almost never gets destroyed. It becomes too useful to everyone and thoughts of destroying it encounter extreme resistance. An old system is almost never dismantled unless a new, far better system already exists, has a proven track record of working, and can be dropped into place.

In summary;
  • Everything that works is a system
  • You have to be careful what systems you build
  • Once constructed, they are impossible to get rid of

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