Friday, September 22, 2017

Musing on the end of the world

I have a tendency to conflate "negative" with truthful. Maybe this is just because I don't want to be disappointed by anyone. I figure that if my standards are low enough then no one can disappoint me. But this has a cost. If standards are low you never see the good in people. If standards are low people will tend to live down to them. If standards are low people detect your low standards and become shittier as a result. And if standards are low you are negative which repulses a lot of positive people that could be of benefit in your life. Low standards have and rather extreme cost, and negativity isn't cheep.

It's one of those things that only affects the people who care deeply about the world. You think you have a moral obligation to society, to be realistic and truthful no matter where it leads. You believe that it is your job to fix the problem of your country. You think you are required to care. Or at least I think that I am required to care.

Is this a "white thing?" or does it affect a small percentage of every population? This, compulsion to care? It that even an acceptable question to ask? What I do know is that it is a "Scientology thing." You are hammered relentlessly with the idea that the entire fate of the world is on your shoulders. Quite literally, you are indoctrinated to believe that if you do not "clear the planet" (save the world) everything will implode and your spiritual destiny will be fucked. Scientologists literally believe that they will have to come back to the world in their next life. If things are not fixed now you will have to endure them again. If the world decays, you will have to personally endure the decay — as a baby in your next life. If you die today you will be a 5 year old child in 5 years. Literally.

What a hell of a way to motivate people!

This is a really hyper version of Christian missionary zeal. But instead of working for the next life you are working for this world, and your own future existence. Reincarnation also factors into the political calculations of other cultures. Westerners may find it odd to realize that East Indians, Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese think like this. In the East some people pray to their ancestors. The belief in a future in this world connects them to the future. The veneration of ancestors connects them to the past. Consequently, there is nothing like the extreme disregard for history that exists in atheist progressivism. Progs act like the world began in AD 1963. It's a really incredible hubris. Asian societies have a much better conception of deep time than the west. When you grow up you are supposed to realize that there was a world before you existed, that your parents have their own lives and are their own people, that ancient wisdom has its uses even if no one quite understands why, and that there is "nothing new under the sun." —Ecclesiastes 1:9

"What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun."

Even the Bible supports the notion of nietzschean eternal recurrence. Or shall I say that Nietzsche supports the Bible, since it preceded him.

The alt-right/neoreaction shares this feature with my birth cult; the feature of caring what happens to the world; the feature of believing that YOU are responsible for it. This mentality is so familiar to me it comes across as obviously true. Since most of society seems narcissisticly self-absorbed in feelings ("that offends me!"), materialism (treat others like consumable products), and solipsism (choose your own gender, "lived experience," etc.), IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO SAVE THE WORLD is the alternative to the well of meaninglessness.

This idea of totality is shared by Islam. It is a symptom of our time that "totality" appears the only thing that stands against the breach, obstructing mental decay. Where did the "great chain of being" go? What happened to "clean living," the "protestant work ethic," "American optimism," "frontier spirit," and classical liberalism?

Perhaps totality only works because it places the individual at the center of things. After all, if its your job to save the world then you take the place of Jesus within the ideological pattern. That's narcissistic right? And so the one thing that resists decay is built on decay? Or am I missing something? It seems a true reversion to a non-decayed form would be a veneration of something outside of oneself. NOT sex, products, technology, the "singularity," flesh, self-expression, love, or any other idols. No, you have to go full God-worship to step outside your own solipsism. Maybe the trads are right.

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