Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Innovation is good, and the only threat to humanity is slowing down

The bourgeois is forever innovating, and forever generating new technology. Naturally, innovation can create social problems. But these problems only become disasters if the revolutionary pace of new technology is slowed. I have said things critical of capitalism, but these criticisms come from a place of having studied it thoroughly, and they are criticisms that come from a place of concern for its moral effects. It should be understood that I am still solidly libertarian where economics is concerned, that I am against almost all regulations, and that my criticisms come from the point of view that the solutions to the problems created by technologies are either (a), more technologies, or (b), social technologies. The problems of one innovation must be solved by another. Liberalism only hatse capitalism because it doesn't give them the praise they think they deserve for writing boring screeds, and making nasty modern art. Innovation is actually a far more valuable activity.

A little history.

Humans invented agriculture. This created several problems; it allowed people to be easily enslaved, it created feudalism, it created modern diseases by bringing people in contact with farm animals. It was also a crucial first step on the road out of the Malthusian trap.

Innovation solved these problems; democracy abolished slavery, Capitalism destroyed feudalism, the mechanization of agriculture eliminated starvation, the social technologies of food enrichment ended malnutrition, vaccines solved childhood diseases, and antibiotics made the population healthier.

These innovations created several problems of their own; the mechanization of agriculture raised the population dramatically. So did vaccines and antibiotics. Ecological problems were produced by having a large population

It was worth it because childhood mortality rates fell dramatically, people lived longer, and were happier as a result.

The innovation of birth control will prevent overpopulation. The world's population should not rise forever and should go down as fertility rates plummet. Overpopulation should turn out to be a bubble.

Innovations is genetics could solve ocean acidification, ocean plastification, the nutrient droop, and mass extinction. Genetics could also solve human stupidity. Reusable rockets could make space exploration a profitable enterprise. Better 3D printers could reduce the energy requirement of production and make the economy more egalitarian. Decentralized social technologies like crowd funding and peer-to-peer banking could break the banking cartels. An uncensorable internet could be developed. Cryptocurrencies could force governments to be fiscally responsible and respect people's economic rights. The internet could create truly accountable news media.

One may ask, if there are so many problems with technology, why more forward? Because stagnation is species death. Civilization is like a nuclear power spacecraft; the minute you stop moving forward your own shockwave hits you. People like rent-seeking because they like anything that gives them a job without actually making them have to do real work, and the more bullshit jobs there are because of government regulations, the more the productive people have to work to pay for the unproductive, and the less attractive production becomes relative to a government-mandated/subsidized job. Think about it, if you didn't have to pay something like 40% of your income to the state you could hire a live-in housekeeper. She would also cost less since she would not pay income taxes either. You could even have her tutor your children rather than sending them to a public school, and with a 1 teacher to maybe 5 children student-to-teacher ratio, they would get a far better education.

Or you could work like 1/2 as much and enjoy the same standard of living. You could spend half your days banging, and frolicking with your new wife, hunting and fishing, working out, nude sun bathing, or whatever.

You would even have disposable income for some of that crappy modern art progressives are so fond of producing.

Consider this; most people on Earth are here because of the vaccines invented by greedy White men operating under capitalism. That's right, you owe your existence to greed, White men, and capitalism. Your parents survived childhood because of vaccines, your grandparents, and maybe even your great grandparents. Even if you weren't vaccinated you were protected by herd immunity.

Rent-seeking seems like a good idea, right? Why work more under capitalism than less in a cushy government sinecure? Because your rent will cost more, your education will take forever, your student loans will bury you, and your new university job won't pay nearly as much as you expected or have the job security you want. You will actually work more under systems of socialism/rent-seeking/corruption. Frank Lloyd Wright practiced architecture without a degree. Today's architects need an M.Arch. Most of this education is bullshit. I know, I'm doing it. While you are fucking everyone else for a cushy sinecure, they will be fucking you, and only the 1% will win that fight.

People always look at how much they can get from the government, but rarely do they look at how much the government is already taking from them. Government restrictions of housing are probably taking 1/2 your rent or more in elevated housing costs. In San Francisco an apartment goes for $3,000 a month. Probably $2,000 of that is corruption costs. In Boulder CO a $900 a month apartment is at least $500 extra a month in corruption costs. While you were rubbing your hands about how much you get from the state, your were being fucked over a barrel by it.

And remember, the innovation your species needs to survive is being slowly obliterated by leftism, and government regulation. Socialism is an existential threat to human life.

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