Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Thoughts on a couple of subjects

My whole shtick is that people should replace moral hysteria with system thinking. Oh, yes, moral thinking has a place, but only AFTER you have actually figured out the process that is creating the social problem that bothers you. The whole world is inhibited by a compulsive tendency, (I think it is either genetic or Cathedral-based, or both), to think in moral terms FIRST when they have not figured out what is actually going on.

Everything is a system. Figure out what that system is first.

First thought:

There is no "outside" to capitalism and tradition. Revolution itself is encoded in the mimetic ideas of capitalism/leftism/anti-capitalism. Genes are a kind of tradition. Language is a kind of tradition. Christian transcendence, leftist "overcoming," "rising above," salvation, "the Marxist end of history," neoreactionary "exit," traditionalist "return to a golden age," are all within the mimetic complex. I think in terms of systems because it is the only thing that appears "outside" the mimetic complex. Basic rule of primates: if you aren't thinking in terms of systems you are thinking in religious terms.

Tradition has no bottom. The problem with the current society is that it has a perverse and self-destructive tradition.

How exactly to you rebel in a system where rebellion is part of the system? What is rebellion when you are indoctrinated to rebel? How do you have an authentic moment when authenticity is mandatory? When liberation is mandatory, how can you be free? How do you non-conform when you are required to non-conform?

Second thought:

Someone asked why are cities centers of degeneracy, and what can be done about it.

Why degeneracy? Short relationships.

Imagine that you live in a small village with a few hundred people in 1850. There are no cars, ships, airplanes, etc. You will know everyone there for your whole life. You will grow up, live, and die with these people. When you die everyone will honor you as a member of the community. You, (and everyone else) has a profound incentive to guard their reputation. Since everyone knows your business there is a reputation for everyone. Since you will spend your whole life around these people you want to be polite to them, be respected, etc. You lack of easy exit, and that means you will (a) have life-long relationships, and (b) need to maintain the best reputation in order to live there.

Now imagine you move to the big city in 2010.

You hail a cab. You are rude to the driver because you know you will never see him again. People are rude to you for the same reason. People are cold and unethical precisely because they have no reputation to guard. On top of this there are other races and immigrants. There is a proven correlation between diversity and lack of trust. Basically;

The shorter people's interactions with each other are, the worse their behavior.

The shorter people's relationships are, the less they invest in each other. <-- This is the most important thing.

The more diversity, the less trust.

People behave badly because they know they can get away with it. They know they can get away with it because they change jobs frequently, lose friendships often, move constantly, and interact with strangers on a regular basis. Cities facilitate all of this in abundance.

Also, every technology has a "freedom" and a "slavery." The freedom of transportation technologies is that you get to go anywhere. The slavery is that you can move away from your loved ones, and they can move away from you. It is totally unnatural for people to have very few life-long friends. For most of human history you knew most of the people around you for most of your life. This change, from being surrounded by life-long companions to being surrounded by strangers, radically alters incentives in social situations, causing people to invest less in their relationships and pursue more degenerate activities because there is no personal cost to their reputation. The solution is to figure out a way to reintroduce reputation systems so that no one can escape their reputation.


Shortness of relationships ∝ degeneracy.

∝ means "proportionate to."

Or "shortness of the average relationship is proportionate to level of social degeneracy."

Solution? Some sort of reputation system. Also getting people to stay in one place for an extended period of time. (Does the same thing). Maybe switching society to a system of contractual employment of 5 year increments. Maybe taxing people for moving away from their families. Maybe awarding tax credits for staying in one place. Maybe propaganda. Maybe just moving to a small town. Anything that gets people to stay in one place and form lasting relationships would help.

As an example, Scientology is tiny and the only real place to be a Scientologist is either Clearwater Florida, or LA California. Because everyone knows each other there is relatively a high trust community and low degeneracy. (There are only about 30,000 Scientologists) And they manage this is the sea of degeneracy that is LA. The point is that a really small religion can also have this effect. If a religion is small enough, or weird or racist enough to repulse progressives, a small group can be used to create a community of reputation to enforce morals.

Or you could have secret police.

Or an Orwellian version of Facebook.

Or join an obscure tiny religious sect.

Or create a caste system

Or force people to live in one place for 10 years at a time.

Or arranged marriages.

Or practice ancestor worship, which forces a person to live near the shrine of their ancestors.

Or have royal estates with people attached to their Lords.

Or you could join a reactionary society.

There are a hundred ways to create immobility. Our society is unique in having no immobilizing forces. Greater mobility = greater degeneracy, and reputations are canceled every time someone moves. The left is always praising mobility for its effects on raising income. $Money$ before people, amirite?

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