Sunday, January 28, 2018

How to be a successful alt-right trad thot/entertainer

Be a woman and play to misogynistic stereotypes of low IQ minorities.

For example;

Or just be a woman. Really just being a woman will work.

Or be gay and say homophobic/racist/sexist shit.

The pattern is simple: take whatever you are and play to the crowd that hates that thing.

Are you gay?

Then make flamboyantly anti-gay videos, or just say nasty stuff about women.

Are you a mulatto female? Then pretend to be dumb and show off your tits. As a bonus you get millions of racist white guys to thirst after your interracial body. And you get their money. You humor their superiority complex while basically cucking them. It's a win-win.

Or try being a libertarian Asian female, like the girl below, because they basically don't exist anywhere else besides the internet.

You can also try the Jewish libertarian female variant, like below.

Or the LESBIAN female libertarian version.

Even better you can being a BLACK CONSERVATIVE WOMEN. (They even got on Fox News!)

You can be a GAY JEW who argues for RACE REALISM. Just pander to everyone who hates what you are. It will always work, I guarantee. Humoring the truth about race and IQ will in no way ever lead to gas chambers being reopened. I promise.

Way better is to be a traswoman who is CONSERVATIVE.

Or you can be a self-hating bisexual atheist like me who writes for a reactionary Christian audience. Just remember, SELF-HATE SELLS. So pander, because no one likes an arrogant degenerate, or prideful feminist woman, or whatever.

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