Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Bugman Series, post no. 1: Maze Runner/Lord of Flies Clown World

There are a thousand wrong ways to fix modernity. The Bugman Series is an explanation of every conceivable way to do it, published publicly, so that a sort of encyclopedia of bad ideas can be delineated. Hopefully a few good ideas will fall out in the process, or at least a few ideas who's disastrous consequences we have not foretold.


So you have a bunch of problems you are trying to solve when you construct a society. First, humans get delusional when they experience prolonged periods of prosperity. Witness every normie you know for an example of this. Second, capitalism, or at least democracy, seems hostile to human reproduction. Birth rates in developed societies have collapsed. Third, birth control warps human personality by causing insane people to proliferate unchecked. (I won't explain here. See this for explanation).

Easy solution: just make all humans between the ages of 16 and 25 live under tribal communism. The deal is that if you have at least 3 children you can leave the communist tribe and come back to capitalist society. You banish the young, (young people are all retarded socialists anyway) for a period of 7 years. They cannot come back before 7 years is up, but they can deliver their babies to grandparents at anytime by taking the baby to a collection point. The government puts a hospital tag on the baby's wrist and calls the grandparents who's phone number is stored in a database in advance. You have to stay in communist clown world but your kids do not. Once you have 3 kids, or fulfill your 7 year commitment, whichever comes last, you can leave. If you never meet the quota you can never leave. Fuck you.

The entire center of the United States is turned into a giant national park spanning from Kentucky to the border of California. The government flies you into TRIBELAND by helicopter and drops you off in the middle of nowhere with a compound bow, flint, and other survival gear. You go through extensive survival training all through your youth to prepare you for this. In Tribeland murder is perfectly legal, along with every other crime. It's anarchy dude. Every city between the east and west coast has to be demolished to make way for the great continent-spanning national park that is Tribeland. Sorry, we have to dynamite Denver.

This solves countless problems. First, there are no feminists in Tribeland. Women rapidly realize the value of strong protective men. There is no birth control, no fast food, and no degenerating entertainment. Humans evolved under tribal communism so of course they can survive and reproduce under it just as long as they have the proper survivalist training. All social diseases of the modern world are cured. Survival requires you to be physically fit. Hardship makes you realistic. Lack of birth control combined with a desire to eventually leave makes you reproduce. Since people get to experience communism first hand it cures them of a desire for communism. Anyone who does not like modernity does not have to live in it anyway. Bums can simply be banished to the wilderness. It basically solves every social problem that a society has. When people return to civilization they have an immense appreciation for everything capitalism has to offer. They are realistic, they have children, they know nature sucks, they know how to survive, they understand the value of law enforcement, they hate crime, and they are hardened for reality. They are all k-selected because the frivolous people died off, and they have wise prudential habits of saving, investing, and behaving intelligently.

Furthermore, no one can claim society is forced on them. A true exit always exists, and anarchism is a real option. Last but not least, leaches tend to be culled with real literal murder so that those who return to civilization have a low level of parasitism.

If space in Tribeland begins to run out the government just goes in an kills all the elderly. Forming alternative governments is also illegal.


Problem: you are breeding humans under tribal communism. That means that you are breeding them to be violent, since study after study shows that violent men out-reproduce peaceful men in these societies. Thus, you are undoing the work of human domestication originally produced under conditions of monarchy and making the human race regress genetically. Eventually the human race will become so violent that capitalism will collapse in on itself, or you will wind up with a civilization that resembles Venezuela, but maybe with a higher intelligence level. Maybe. It could take centuries though. With every generation of men being selected under tribal condition to get more violent, your crime rate will skyrocket to unsustainable levels.

Given enough time this envisioned clown world would probably destroy itself, unless you already have gene therapies that can reduce violent tendencies.


  1. >Letting the enemies of actual civilization have the Midwest

    Hell no. If anything, you should deport the would-be Tribal Commies to the East Coast and let them learn how it was that the farmers outcompeted the hunter-gatherers around the world.

  2. The alternative hypothesis has a good video on this on the decline of violence in Europe:


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