Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Gun control is extortion

If this add offends you then you are what is wrong with the world. It is your values, or rather, anti-values, that made this add dangerous. There is nothing wrong with the add. There is something wrong with you, if you are offended.

Gun control is extortion.


"We're insane/evil/incompetent so you have to forfeit your rights."

In the 50's everyone had guns and there were no school shootings. Leftists destroyed the high trust culture with the sexual revolution, mass immigration, equality, women's rights, etc. Everything worked just fine when the White man was in charge. They destroy a functioning civilization and then insist you give up your rights. Ban liberals, not guns.

Liberals are why God invented internment camps.

The principle of gun rights is the principle that just because everyone else around you is insane doesn't mean YOU should be punished. Why? Because fuck them, that's why. If they are too stupid, evil, or insane to embrace patriarchal rule by the White man then let their kids die. Schools are always on the forefront of anarcho tyranny anyway. The parents refuse to allow children to receive justice for their crimes and bullying, and thus, the parents create anarchy. When you reach the scale of having thousands of people in one place you have created a full blown society composed of children. In a one room schoolhouse with 25 children there may be 1 bully, (a rate of 4%), but in a school of 1,000 there could be 40. You can defend yourself against 1 attacker. If 40 people gang up on you then you need a gun. Hence, tormented children, quite rationally, get guns and defend themselves.

Everyone, conservatives included, seem to think that the right of self-defense does not apply to children. But humans obey incentives, children are human, and if you put a person in a pressure cooker of indoctrination and bullying you get explosive results. The parents create the anarchy by preventing the just enforcement of law against their violent spawn. The teachers create the tyranny through the indoctrination of liberal madness. The result is what you deserve.

There is nothing wrong with children that isn't the fault of adults.

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