Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Two cognitive processes: a refutation to Halifax Shadow

Actually Halifax, no.

Imagine there are two psychological processes. One produces incredibly anxiety in the individual. So much so that the person feels the need to go around screaming about sin, or white privilege, or racism, or whatever. The process is therefore self-replicating. Because of the incredible anxiety it produces it gets a person to speak and shout what they believe. This "transmits" the anxiety to others.

Now imagine there is a mental process that destroys the above mental process. Call it "Neoreaction." This frees a person from the need to say anything by abolishing the is/out dichotomy that drives so many people insane, and saying, "fuck it, whatever happens is the will of Gnon." Now this process is self-terminating. A person may feel the need to shout what they learn on the internet when the first learn it. But once all the progressive virus is cleared from their system they stop caring, stop writing, delete their blog and disappear from the internet. Having been freed they no longer care.

Obviously a self-terminating process is not going to go anywhere, and thus, only metal processes that actually ruin sanity replicate themselves.

Or at least that is the theory. I might be possible to invent a self-replicating mental process that isn't built on madness. But it seems unlikely. You need someone to open their mouth for the idea to spread, and that requires some sort of psychological tension to be produced and harnessed. A great irony of NRx is that while teaching it to everyone on Earth could do a great deal to restore sanity, there is no will to teach it to everyone, since it cures madness rather than induces it.

It turns out the will of Gnon is for the Cathedral to exist.

All of this: Marxism, progressivism, and yes, Christianity, are self-replicating mental patterns. If people call them viruses that does not mean they have a life of their own, only that they perpetuate themselves.

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