Sunday, March 25, 2018

The strategic equilibrium of tolerance

A K-selected person prefers to have few offspring which they invest heavily in, while an r-selected person has many offspring and makes only the minimum commitment for their survival, and maybe not even that. People in turn have political orientations that correspond to their biology; K-selected people prefer the long-term over the short-term, while r-selected people the reverse. There are really only two activities that humans engage in: crime, and investment.

Everything that has a short-term benefit has a long-term cost; spending on entitlements, baby boomers, resource depletion, global warming, immigration, etc. Everything that has a long-term benefit has a short-term cost; investment, building a business, government reform, etc. There is CRIME, and then there is INVESTMENT, and they are opposites.

R-selected people will naturally prefer crime while K-selected people will naturally prefer investment. This brings us to a stable equilibrium, because democracy is a system that works in favor of r-selected people, while elites prefer K-selected models of governance, (monarchy). Thus, elites will prefer the destruction of democracy while your average liberal bioleninist degenerate will also prefer the destruction of democracy, but for different reasons.

The liberal will want to destroy democracy by wasting its resources through debt spending, degeneracy, etc., while the K-selected elites will also prefer it because they are thinking of the long-term, and in the extreme long-term destroying democracy is good. As a result, we can be expected to see these two groups in a cooperative alliance. The name of this alliance is tolerance.

The high/low alliance is the thing we call tolerance. Tolerance amounts to a "let me help you destroy yourself so I can be in power" thing. The insane are actively encouraged to change their gender, practice homosexuality, whatever, because getting rid of them is good business for elites, and concentration camps are verboten. This isn't very charitable or Christian, but it is normal. Tolerance appears to be some kind of wicked indifference to the suffering of others, and indeed it is, but it is also strategic, and the thing tolerated is an existential threat to survival.

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