Friday, May 18, 2018

Well that blew up in my face

So there is this group chat on twitter between a whole bunch of reactionary accounts, including PT Carlo, Halifax Shadow, Eaton Anthony Grey, and and Nick B. Steves, and apparently this is an incredibly polarizing tweet, because I got kicked off the chat after objecting to some shit talking behind my back.

Note to shit talkers:

If you talk shit about someone don't invite them to join your group chat months before you talk shit about them, and then leave the invite open so they can see you taking shit in real time. It's bad manners. Instead, be a good little effeminate bitch and gossip about them behind their back only after you have checked that they are not part of the chat room. Do the right thing and look over your shoulder before you gossip.

Mr. Grey picked a fight with this tweet, and that's like being the only one who turns his head when someone yells "hey dumb-ass!" in a crowded room. If someone calls out people for having sadistic motives it is generally a bad idea to be the one who challenges them. It makes you look like you have sadistic motives.

It's a really bad idea to then prove them right by expressing sadistic desires.

And this is why the left will always win, because the pursuit of reactionary truth stops when we must look at our own desires, because so many reactionaries only desire to shove people in the wood chippers, and countless people on the right wing wear that desire like a bad stink.

Yes, people are unequal. But why do you care? Maybe you just want to operate a wood chipper.


  1. It's the thing that the radical right and left have most in common. Both groups agree that there are
    other groups allowed life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that shouldn't be.

  2. What "shit talking behind my back"? I thought I was doing it right in front of your face. Claiming that people only want power to exact revenge, that people are only ruled by id, is grossly reductionist and just silly.


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