Friday, June 15, 2018

The terrible psychosis of asexual women

Running in the circles that I do, moving in succession through radical right, and radical left, and back again, I meet a lot of interesting characters on the right, and batshit insane characters on the left.

Every asexual woman I have met was a power obsessed monster. If you want proof of this ask them their views on rape, and you will discover they all have a "rape for me, but not for thee" view of sexual assault. You will find that they believe that a man who even looks at them the wrong way is "oppressing them, and using violence" while simultaneously believing that a transgender "women" can have sex with a straight male without disclosing the fact, or being guilty of rape. You will find that they think it is alright for a woman to murder her husband in cold blood because he beat her 6 months ago, "because she is being oppressed," but that a man murdering a "transwoman" because it lured him into sex without disclosing what it was, is totally unacceptable, even though if you fail to tell someone you have altered your body to look female and they believe you are female then you have engaged in homosexual rape by deception, and murder is a completely justifiable reaction to being raped, since it is self-defense.

Rape by deception is still rape, just like command rape is still rape. (Command rape is when a military officer uses threats or blackmail to force a subordinate to provide sexual favors).

Liberalism is always riddled by contradictions. Everything is a construct accept victimhood, which is considered the only thing that is real. Everything is rape except the rape of straight men by women, and by "traswomen." Everything is racism except their racism. Everything is power except their will to power. Racism is "power plus prejudice," but nevermind that the fact that the left is always in power, and always prejudiced against White men.

These "asexual" women all believe they have a right to rape men, and therein lies the true nature of their so-called asexuality. Inevitably these women are in the process of "changing their gender" in order to "become men" (something which is delusional and impossible of course).

And the desire to become a man is not the desire to become a man, because these creatures only understand their sick caricature of masculinity. "All men are rapists" they say, while they surgically alter their bodies to become rapists/men.

Because they think masculine sexuality = rape, and thus, by becoming men they seek to become rapists, to recover the sexuality they have lost through self-sterilization, through the will to power, through the inversion of sexuality against itself. Asexuality is not the absence of sexuality but the presence of a will to use sexuality to annihilate sexuality.

In women, the will to power is self-sterilizing. All the defense ministers of Europe are childless. Feminism lowers birth rates because the pursuit of power by any woman destroys her sexuality. Female sexuality is by nature a receiver of sexual conquest, and not a giver. Among those women who give sexual power, all are dykes playing the masculine role. Among those lesbians who receive it they are still playing a sort of feminine role. A woman who can play neither the role of straight receiver or gay receiver, nor the role of gay giver, is directing the will to power against her own sexuality, and destroying her sexuality in the process. She is "asexual" as a result.

Every "asexual" woman I have met has implied or told me that she thought it was morally acceptable to put men in prison on false rape charges. Some have even admitted to it publicly at a dinner table in front of other people and myself. All of them were solipsistic to the point of believing that because they felt it was rape, that it actually was, even though no crime was committed, and they could not tell that an objective reality even existed.

The sexual compulsion here is to use sexuality to destroy, to destroy others with sex, to destroy herself with sex. Sex is supposed to be a creative act, since its normal state it leads to procreation, and since procreation is how the species propagates itself. Asexuality is the denial of life, or love, or procreation, of self, or creative capacity, or joy, of any ability to find children worthwhile or fun. Asexuality is the desire for self-annihilation, for suicide, for auto-genocide, for castration, for the end of one's race, one's species, one's survival. Asexual women are the single most dangerous and destructive people you will ever meet, especially if you are male, since the will to castrate herself becomes the will to castrate you, since the madness of suicide can easily become the madness of genocide. Because in the desire to take herself out she will try to take everyone with her.

Asexuality is the ultimate expression of protestant values, since one is never good enough, the flesh is weak, self-denial is required, children are considered worthless, joy is a sin, the body is disguising, masturbation is not engaged in, giving birth is like vomiting, take up your cross and bear it, sacrifice yourself to a vile mob because Jews demand it, destroy yourself for others, "morality." Asexuality is the perfection of self-annihilation and self-sacrifice inherent in the Christian dogma. No doubt the asexual sees herself as morally superior for destroying herself, and destroying those around her. Asexuality is the political worship of death made manifest and internalized psychologically as sexlessness; it is what happens when you politics/religion destroys your sexuality.

Avoid asexual women like you life and freedom depends on it, because it does.

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