Saturday, November 11, 2017

A mad proposal

Be a closet neoreactionary.
Dress in drag.
Get elected as a "transwoman."
Overthrow the government in a violent communist revolution.
Conveniently kill off all the commies that put you in power.
Regret your "transition," to becoming a "transwoman."
Take off the drag.
Father a dynasty.
Crown all the generals who supported you Lords of the Realm.
Call it "monarchy of social justice."
Social justice consists of affirmative action for Whites.
The End. White imperial dynasty created.


  1. Works for me. . . .

  2. Where did your guilty third party post go?

    I wanted to link to it but it's gone.

    The one title "every single time".

    1. I'll bring it back just for you.


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