Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Social Justice is Religious Capitalism

Liberal Capitalism

Under the liberal variant of capitalism, the morality of exchange infects everything. As people value objects for their use, they begin to value each other for their use. Unfettered by faith or tradition, humans under capitalism become consumable objects from the perspective of others. Patriarchy is hated not because it is evil and authoritarian, but because it places a restraint on the ability of a woman to consume men, their wealth, and their attention. Tolerance is celebrated because standards get in the way of consuming others, and because being held accountable to any standard is not fun, and not entertaining. People are regarded by each other as sources of entertainment, sources of validation, (no matter how unworthy of validation they really are), sources of sex, sources of attention, sources of income, sources of child support. Everyone wants to get it now. Women, being inherently more consumable than men under liberal capitalism, are more respected than men, and more readily cooperate with liberal capitalism's morals. Women are turned into consumable prostitutes, men into Jons. Everything that is presented as "left-wing" under such a system is actually in the service of the morals of capitalism. "Hate speech" is simply speech that is unpleasant, and thus, not consumable as entertainment. Everything that interferes with the validation of the ego; things like truth, argument, logic, masculinity, patriarchy, tradition, gender, sexual standards, "slut shamming," etc., are systematically destroyed by the very people who think they hate capitalism, and who paradoxically share it morals most deeply. Capitalism seeks the standardization of every human being, just as it seeks the standardization of every object. Everyone must be able to go into debt, be consumable, be productive, be a non-controversial employee, be a worker drone, be polite, be politically correct, and conform. Rather than being opposed to capitalism, diversity training is the very essence of capitalism, which seeks to fragment and standardize all races, communities, and structures outside of itself until the individual is noting by a worker and consumer in a machine. Tolerance is only done because standards are inconvenient for both the enforcer, who receives no compensation and much hostile resistance, and the one enforced against, who is made uncomfortable and not entertained or validated.

From my previous article, quoted in full.

"I keep saying that there is nothing outside capitalism, except maybe North Korea. Democracy is a marketplace for the purchasing of laws. It is a subset of capitalist behavior. Dictatorships and oligarchies are essentially giant corporations that own countries. Democracies are markets, and all other countries are firms. China is just one big firm.

"Cathedral PR says that tolerance is the highest virtue. In reality it is a moral value of capitalism. Tolerance is really indifference. Our tolerance is supposed to be love. In reality, by indulging you in your gender neurosis we are assisting in your destruction. Caring is too expensive and brings no profit/social status to the one who does it. Even worse, "intolerance" costs the one who does it status points as the person who is inhibited from acting out punishes the person who is inhibiting them. All of this follows from a pure logic of status profit maximization. The one acting out earns status though self-destruction. (The self-destruction of others is enjoyed as entertainment by other human monkeys). The entertained pay status points to the self-destroyer, who destroyers herself for status. (It's usually a White female who is destroying herself). The process is not inhibited because it would cost the surrounding people status points. Gender neurosis is a gift economy for trading on the self-destruction of others.

"There is a double aspect to this. The gender neurosis is also a "shit test" for the surrounding males. (The only one that sterilizes the female tester). It is also an updated version of classic female attention whoring.

"Veblen goods are goods that become more desired as they get more expensive. A Rolex is a Veblen good. The purpose of Veblen is to give status to the owner. These type of goods are consumed for their status rather than their usefulness. Social justice is a poor woman's substitute for Veblen goods. This also explains why the SJWs hate ostentatious displays of wealth, (like Trump).

"Lots of people crave higher status, especially university educated people. But the oversupply of education means that a degree is not what it used to be. Hard work does not lead to the wealth necessary for acquiring Veblen goods. Political correctness is the poor college graduate's substitute. The more one virtue signals, the more it superficially appears that virtue signaling has value. But the more other people virtue signal the cheaper one's own virtue signaling becomes relative to theirs. The only way to maintain high status is to out-perform the ritual relative to others with an even greater display of ritual perfection. Status is acquired through superior ritual recitation of the words of political correctness.

"Social justice is religious capitalism. Universities are now in the business of selling political perfection or the ritual because they can no longer sell higher status though direct knowledge transfer. People go to college to be trained to recite the ritual better than others.

Far from being opposed to capitalism, feminism is a distinctly capitalist thing. It is essentially a labor union for sex workers, which all women become under capitalism, as capitalism colonizes all ideological territory with the morality of use-value, a moral code where all humans are reduced to being only an object for other people's consumption. Under this system of pervasive using of others, women become "nasty women," who take pride in their nastiness. The female sex takes on a uniquely unpleasant air, so that most women become rather intolerable to the men around them. In a system of pervasive sexual usury and manipulation, men practice "game," while women practice feminism. Under such a system, the recent flurry of both false and true accusations of sexual harassment should be seen for what it is; an attempt by sex workers (career women) to gain an extortionate financial advantage over their Jons, (male employers). Feminism thinks of itself as a distinctly Marxist, or anti-capitalist idea, but that is the logic of all labor unions, and unions are a distinctly capitalistic behavior that seek to maximize the financial gain of their workers.

Gender becomes a consumable commodity, hence "transgendered" people. Even race becomes a commodity, see Rachel Dolezal or Shaun King. The commodity follows the trends of fashion, so that in one era Michael Jackson is lightening his skin to become White, and in another Whites are masquerading as Blacks.

As the logic of pervasive usury of others for entertainment, validation, sex, etc., marches forward, so does the extent of the ideological territory colonized by liberal capitalism. A market for virtue signaling emerges so that people can earn validation for virtue without doing any good deeds to deserve it. This is the ultimate expression of use-value; the act of being as lazy as possible while earning the respect of millions. Naturally, the market for virtue signaling favors the one with the least value and the most sociopathic traits. Hence we inevitably praise the most abominable people.

Religion does not escape the moral logic of use value. Megachurches spring up to provide us with our Sunday validation. The market relentlessly favors the most pandering expressions of Christianity, so that the gospel is replaced with speeches and rants about the pastor's own personal views, carefully curated to produce the optimum agreement from the congregation. If I have a church, and you have a church, and I give strict boring sermons which the public does not find entertaining, while you give highly entertaining events complete with a free rock concert and laser show, then your congregation grows while mine shrinks, and gradually real religion is driven out of the market by bad religion. The market relentlessly selects in favor of the churches that pander the most, while pushing any real expressions of faith out. Like money, bad religion drives out good religion.

The logic of use value extends to the classroom, where boring classical educations are replaced with the far more use-value-full, and entertaining form of political indoctrination. Since Congress is a marketplace for the purchasing of laws by lobbyists, it is far more valuable to indoctrinate people to be a single bloc of allied purchasers of economic rents, (the left), than to give them a real education, and this also reduces the supply of real education to the students, rationing it so that the graduate is less of a competitive threat to his professors, and needs to eventually upgrade to a masters degree. Political education is watered-down education, which has the effect of causing the student to need more of it, and to pay more money to the university. Political education is to real education as inflation is to sound money, and social justice is the substitute Veblen good provided in place of a real upgrade of status.

Last but not least, this is only one variety of capitalism. There are other forms of capitalism that provide different values. See the essay on Reactionary Capitalism.


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  2. I'm not seeing how a "Reactionary Capitalism" would be possible. History has shown that "Capitalism" has been a force for the end of monarchy, feminism (see the Industrial Revolution and later changes \making it so significantly more women had work out of the home, among other things like enabling socially acceptable prostitution aka modern dating), mass migration (use of Mestizos as labor).

    Even Alt-Right Hero Putin is nowhere near the man he's idolized as. As Thatcher put it, there are no alternatives.

    1. Well, you didn't read the essay, so of course you don't see how it's possible.

    2. Read it. Still don't.

      Unless you show evidence otherwise then I will maintain that the Capitalism seen in the Industrial Revolution carries with it the seed for Social Justice Warrior Antics.


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