Saturday, March 10, 2018

Hypergamy may be a statistical illusion

You have probably seen this chart bandied about as proof that women are hypergamous. I have even made this assertion myself, and I have used hypergamy as proof that women create patriarchy by rewarding it sexually. But now I am not so sure.

You see men have two standards: one for sex and another for marriage. My standards for sex with a woman are incredibly strict, and I never deviate from them. Allow me to list out what these incredibly super-duper strict sexual standards are;

She can't have HIV or any other incurable diseases.
She can't be a false rape accuser. Since that category includes many feminists, she can't be a feminist. A non-zero probability of being falsely accused of rape is still too high, even if most self-described feminists would not accuse a man of rape. Why take the chance when I can just screw some other chick?
She can't be a stalker.
She has to be HUMAN. No animals or aliens.
She has to be ALIVE. No dead girls.
She has to be a she.
She has to be awake.
At least 18+, or whatever the age of consent is.
She has to be consenting.

I said my standards for sex were strict. I did not say they were high. I would fuck just about anything. I have fucked just about anything, and I've fucked lots of fat girls, and I'm not even ashamed. I would probably violate the "human rule" for a sophisticated enough android girlfriend.

Here's the thing: the vast majority of men have standards as low as mine. But our standards are low for sex only. For marriage my standards are much, much higher, but also less strict, because it is virtually impossible to find a woman who is all of the following;

Has no mental problems.
Enjoys cooking, cleaning, and trad wife things.
Free of leftist indoctrination.
Horny but loyal.
And numerous other standards.

If you survey men on what women they find attractive you will find that they are total sluts, and this lack of standards will show up in the survey results. You will come to the conclusion that men have "reasonable" standards while women have hypergamous standards. But this is b*llshit because women get hit on a lot more than men.

A typical young women on a website like Twitter probably gets a dozen guys per year hitting on her or asking for sex. If a woman is like a man she will have two standards: one for sex and one for marriage. But her sex standard will be much, much closer to her marriage standard than a guys. After all, if hundreds of men want to fuck you why bother having low standards? Why not just apply the same "marriage filter" to all of them? Your standards will always be high. But this doesn't mean that you will be hypergamous.

For women, her standards will be superficial when she is just looking for sex, and deep when she is just looking for marriage. But her standards will be high all the time.

As for guys, his standards will be low when he is just looking for sex and high when he is just looking for marriage.

So, if a woman is superficial (concerned with a man's looks rather than personality) that is a "tell" that you are dealing with a slut, and if a man has low standards that is a "tell" that you are dealing with a guy who just wants to get laid.

Female slut = concern with looks to the exclusion of personality.
Male slut = low standards.

Women are not hypergamous, which is to say, men are not less hypergamous than women where marriage is concerned. WHERE MARRIAGE IS CONCERNED, men want high quality mates, just like women. But all surveys show men having lower standards because they are showing the standard for sex and not marriage, and guys have two standards.

By the way, shit testing is the wrong way to find a husband. Men are put off by shit testing. Since a man's standards are high for a wife and low for sex, a woman who shit test's too much runs the risk of being perceived as low quality from a man's perspective, and thus, being put in the "fuck only" category because she is not perceived as wife material. The worse a woman's behavior the fewer men will consider her marriageable. Personality actually does matter, but only for men looking for marriage.

The correct way to find a husband is to demand that a man make a time commitment to a woman. Force him to wait a few weeks for sex. Most guys who just wants to get laid will be deterred. Then do "wifely things," like make him dinner. A guy who wants a wife will appreciate these things while a guy who wants sex will be annoyed you are wasting his time.

Basically, if you want a husband your goal is to determine the following:

Which standard is he applying to me: the low standard or the high one?
Horny men who don't care about marriage will exhibit impatience, disregard for your feelings, asshole behavior, lack of appreciation for wifely things, etc.

Every statistical proof is a proof of men's low standards for "just sex." Hypergamy is a relative concept. It is women's behavior relative to men, but the stat for men is an illusion, and where marriage is concerned men have every reason to be as selective as women, if not more so.

When someone points to a proof of hypergamy they are pointing to a stat that shows women are more strict than men, but women apply their marriage filter to everything because they have more suitors to choose from. Yeah, of course you are "hypergamous" if you are sifting through a dozen sexual propositions. But this doesn't mean your standards are actually higher then men's, not for marriage anyway. In fact men may actually have higher standards for marriage than women, because while a woman is looking for one man to provide for her offspring, a man is weighing the possibility of losing the ability to spread his seed to multiple other women. Thus, to a woman, a man represents a possibility of spreading her genes, but to a man, a single wife reduces his ability to spread his genes. If a man is a "chad" then marriage is a bad deal: the chad will probably impregnate fewer women as a result of being married, and marriage is genetically costly. Such men will have impossibly high standards for any potential wife.

The better looking a man is the stricter his standard for marriage will be, until at a certain point he will shift from a strategy of having one wife, to either a strategy of having no wife, or a wife + mistress combination. This shift will occur at a lower point than you might think, and depends largely on the income of the man, cost of divorce, etc. Men are not strictly trying to maximize pregnancies, but rather, because of evolutionary legacy, most men are trying to maximize the amount of sex they have. Men get married because they are low enough in market value that sex within marriage > than sex outside of marriage. They got married because they believe they will get laid more being married than not.

One more thing.

Liberalism is undoubtedly a shit test invented by smart liberals so they can find and assortatively mate with one another.

Think about it.

The "true believers" repeat the doctrine loudly. The smartest liberals in the room never take concepts like gender, oppression, etc., very seriously. Loudly proclaiming you hatred of White men is a good way to exclude yourself from being marriageable to all the White men in the room. A man's standards for marriage are high, but his standards for sex are low. Thus, every behavior that the left promotes: feminism, transgenderism, lesbianism, etc., has the effect of making the women who engage in it unmarriageable. This is deliberate because the left doesn't want White people to reproduce and create more Republican voters, but it is also a shit test that excludes every women dumb enough to fall for it from the marriage market.

If you're looking for an intelligent wife you promote rabid leftism and social justice, step back, watch who goes crazy, and then pick a mate from the pool of women sophisticated enough to remain silent and absent from the test.

It's an inverted "point dear, make horse" exam. Instead of punishing everyone who expresses insufficient enthusiasm they are punishing everyone who is "basic." The basic bitch goes on and on about "Drumpf" "oppression," and "White men," and every White man knows "not that one." Remember that men will exclude a woman if there is even a non-zero probability of a false rape accusation, and every feminist basically wears that like a neon sign.

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