Friday, April 6, 2018

Some thoughts on various subjects


White men are in fact the least oppressive group of people on the Earth, and the idea that we oppress others is not just a lie, but a precise inversion of reality. Wherever a typical White man goes he creates a bubble of freedom — a vacuum in the landscape of oppression. Everyone else — women, minorities, etc., tries to flow into that vacuum. That is why;

  • Women prefer male bosses (but not in other parts of the world like the Middle East)
  • "White flight" is supposed to be bad
  • Exit is condemned
  • Why immigration is mandatory, but only for us
  • Secession is considered racist
  • Bitcoin is hated
  • White men are indoctrinated to hate themselves
  • All-male spaces are attacked
  • "There is never enough women and minorities in ____ industry"
  • They try to take over White businesses and institutions rather than building their own
  • Diversity means chasing down the last White person

Of course, since these other groups cannot create the absence of oppression on their own as soon as they reach a critical mass in any system it collapses. Furthermore, the same mind that is too corrupt to tolerate freedom is too corrupt to recognize that women and minorities — and NOT White men, are the root of oppression. Their envy males them invert reality in their own minds.


"They put their values above truth, but so did everyone who gave them their values"
Society is pervasively corrupt because people put morals above truth. The trouble with putting morality first is that it assumes society's morals are not corrupt, but society is composed of people who have always placed morality above truth. Thus, the morals are based on an inaccurate understanding of reality. And since people are dedicated to morals rather than truth, the misunderstanding can widen over time. Truth in this definition only means "the accurate understanding of factual reality," and nothing more. Essentially the problem is recursive; every person is striving to demonstrate how virtuous they are by internalizing society's morals, but the morals themselves were produced by people who cared more about conforming to morality than achieving a factual understanding of the world. Thus, obvious lies like human equality can get programmed into the moral code. The moral code is celebrated above everything else, including the truth, which leads to pervasive corruption. Corruption then actually arises out of society's morals, and not because of their absence.
  • The pursuit of morality leads to corruption.
  • The pursuit of truth leads to morality.
Society is corrupt because is pursues the former at the expense of the factual understanding of reality.


Virulence vs Fecundity

The reproduction rate (fecundity) of a group follows a bell curve, while the virulence of an ideology follows a linear curve. Left-wing groups superficially have high virulence, but their spread is only mimetic, since their birth rates are so low. Thus, they "hack" the part of the human brain that confuses conversion with reproduction. On the other side of things are groups with both low birth rates and low ideological virulence, and in the middle are the groups with medium virulence and high fecundity. These are the groups that stand the test of time. For example: it is easy to envision the Mormons lasting a thousand years, but impossible to imagine that gender theory will still have power in a century. Memes are like parasites; some spread at the expense of their host, (the ones on the far right side of the graph), while others are more symbiotic, (the ones in the middle of the graph). Still others are ineffective, (the ones on the left side of the graph).

It is possible to move the bell curve to the right be combining a highly virulent ideology (designed to be something similar to Scientology) with a prohibition against birth control. A kind of "super-religion" could be produced which is both (a) highly virulent, and (b) highly fecund. The key is to target women's contraceptive access and limit women's education, while controlling women's socialization, and to combine this with a highly virulent ideology.


Democracies always have slavery

In the beginning of the republic you have libertarian government + privately administered slavery, and at the end you have socialist government + publicly administered slavery. One class is always being enslaved for the benefit of another, whether it is Blacks for the benefit of Whites under a private system, or Whites enslaved to everyone else under publicly administered socialism.


As a political system consolidates, class warfare moves upward

The more decentralized the political system, the lower the level of class warfare that exists within it, and the more centralized a political system becomes, the more class warfare moves up the ranks. In the beginning there is a class war against Black people by White people. As an oligarchy forms it becomes a class war of the billionaires (globalists) against the common people. Eventually it becomes a class war of the king against the billionaires. At all times there is a state of never ending war, and as society consolidates it moves upward. Fundamentally, there is no difference between a feudal monarchy and a communist dictatorship, except that the monarchy has had time to solidify traditions.


Reality cannot unify people to action; people can only 
form communities around unreal concepts.

People form belief systems on the basis of non-entities like ideology because everything that is real is in play, and therefore is part of the game. Ideologies, religions, etc., are methods of internalizing game rules. The unreal must always serve as the basis of real action because the real is a piece on the Chess board and therefore cannot serve as its rules. Facts cannot serve as a basis of unity because no part of a game can serve as its rules. The rules must be above the game. Therefore ideology.

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