Sunday, December 2, 2012

Liberalism and Other Methods of Absolution

People have regrets. At some point in life we have all looked back into our pasts and said something like, "Wow, I was such a idiot," in relation to something we have done. The standard way of dealing with this sense of regret in the West is through Christian absolution for sin. One is forgiven of sin through Christ dying on the cross for us. But there are other methods as well.

In liberalism another method of absolution exists. This is moral absolution through conceptual self-victimization. If one conceives of him or herself as a victim of capitalism/ patriarchy/ whites/ men/ the West/ U.S. imperialism/ the rich/ the bourgeoisie, then one is “absolved” over the guilt one feels in life, any sense of inferiority and the nagging feeling, however true, that one sucks at life and career success in general.

Here is the creation of a false demigod to replace the Christian God. “Thou shalt not have any other gods before me?” Victimization is a not-so-subtle attempt to absolve this regret. Regret, after all, is just the sins you regret doing or not doing.

Feminism goes even further; it says: "Your mistakes are absolved because you are a victim of men, capitalism and patriarchy! Oh now we have a really fine, convoluted excuse going. Islam says, "You can only have your mistakes lifted off you shoulders and enter the kingdom of heaven through jihad!" Good Muslims conceive of this as an internal struggle—after all, jihad means "fight," or struggle for the faith—while bad Muslims conceive of it as an actual violent war. Psychiatry says, "Your mistakes and regrets are the fault of your anal fetish/Electra/Oedipus complex, the 'fact' that you are a victim, that it's all been done to you, blah blah blah." This is very similar to the way liberalism likes to roll, and one suspects they come from the same mental health peddling source.

These are some of the various methods of absolution. They are all lies people tell themselves to fulfill an emotional need. The Christian method is probably the least destructive, but all exist because of the same need of people for absolution. They have these moments when they recall their past and remember how dumb they were, and it is unbearable, so they need a psychological salve to breathe new confidence into them and allow them to believe in their rightness and goodness once again. Each of these methods of justification has its price, Islam probably being the highest today, with liberalism a close second for what harm it does a nation.