Friday, January 11, 2019

Fuck the poor

Imagine that there are two types of people, the first kind prefers having more children to having more money, and the second type will prefer to have more money and fewer children.

The people who want children over money will have more children than they can afford. If you give them more money they will simply spend it on having more children.

The people who want money over children will get lots of money and have few children. The few children they have will have few children of their own, and lots of money. If you give these type of people more money they will simply invest it and not have more children.

Inequality will rise.

The poor will say, "give us more money!" But if you give them more money they will simply have more children.

And if they have more children they can't afford they will simply stay poor.

Fuck the poor. Don't give them money.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Why government teachers are evil and stupid

JJ's Razor states that "The intentionality of an agent with behavior sufficiently indistinguishable from malice, is irrelevant."

Institutions are subject to filtering effects. The nature of any given institution brings in certain types of people, pushes out other types of people, and so forth.

Fluid intelligence is the ability to think while crystallized intelligence is the ability to remember.

The type of person that is suited to work in a government school has high crystallized intelligence and low fluid intelligence. In other words, they are good at memory but bad at thinking. This is because they need to remember information so they can spit it out in front of students, but they don't particularly need to scrutinize that information too deep because that would hurt the agenda of their employer.

This is because the curriculum of government schools is determined by the elites who run the government, and the elites craft a civilization's ideology to entrench their own power, and thus, a professor or teacher in government schools is always repeating the words elites have put into their mouths using ideology elites sponsored.

Power obeys material forces. Power generates ideology to justify and excuse its obedience. Government teachers constitute the mouth piece that repeat that ideology. This type of institution favors the kind of person who can either remember well and not think too much, or who lacks the integrity to care. Such a person will be stupid or evil, or both, and if they are neither they will be forced out of academia. The public institution will filter the evil and stupid in (stupid as in high crystallized/low fluid intelligence), and filter those with high fluid intelligence out. The high fluid intelligence will disproportionately wind up in entrepreneur endeavors, while the low fluid/high crystallized become mouth pieces for power. If there is no innovation because of socialism or feudalism, there will be no satisfying employment for the high fluid intelligent.

The only teacher who can have full integrity is the self-employed one. Serving a master will always mean repeating the masters words. Only private schools are capable of modest integrity, and only completely free agents full integrity. The more elaborate an ideology the more elaborate the corruption of a given institution. Masters pay for ideology, oligarchies have multiple masters, and thus systems that are dominated by many masters have more elaborate ideologies than kingdoms and dictatorships.

All of these problems are solved by raising the fluid intelligence of the population sufficiently high that they can no longer be manipulated.