Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Three ideas that could make a billion dollars

"The Pants Store"

It's like The Container Store but it sells nothing but pants. It even sells them in half sizes, and in the skinny pants it even sells them in quarter sizes. It even has pants for people who are REALLY fat, or REALLY tall, or REALLY short, etc. You can get a pair of pants that is like 31.25 Waist x 29.75 long, or like 57.5 waist x 30 inches long.

The whole store is laid out like a grid in a warehouse. Sizes are on the "x" axis and styles are on the "y" axis. You can get any pant in any style and any size.

It even has a variety of "big booty" styles of pants for thicc Black women.

"Bachelor Food"

It's a store like Trader Joe's but everything comes in a prepackaged box. It's freshly prepared meals in a biodegradable box. That's it. That is all the store sells: thousands of fresh prepackaged meals prepared daily.

Want a turkey dinner in August? It has that. Want a pot roast? Yep. Want home made beef stew? A T-bone steak? Chicken steak with gravy? Eggs, sausage, hash browns, and toast? An full English breakfast? Bagel and cream cheese? Yeah, that too. Basically it has several thousand meals so you never have to cook again. It would take you at least a year to eat your way thru every meal in the store.

It's all organic and soy free + GMO free. It's all freshly prepared three times a day. And it's all in biodegradable + compostable containers so you can throw it in the trash with no pangs on conscience.

Oh, and it has both a pleo option and low carb option so you can diet.

"Bachelor Food:"

"Because never cook again."

"Steak Bus"

It's like a boutique little drive thru located in a renovated shipping container, or a boutique little food truck, and it sells BBQ and STEAK. Yes, motherfucking STEAK.

This really needs no more description. Want a porterhouse? New York Strip? Filet Mignon? It sells like three kinds of steak with awesome sides.

Write me a check when you cash in.

Monday, August 21, 2017

A completely unfalsifiable sentient madness Fermi Paradox hypothesis

I have horrible opinions. Everything I think is awful, and here is yet another one;


Sometime in the evolution of every species, the species develops the means for controlling reproduction. They develop birth control, abortion, or whatever.

Any species that doesn't develop reproductive technology endures civilizational collapse as a result of massive overpopulation.

So most species develop birth control.

Because life is basically suffering, sane rational people chose not to have kids, while the insane ones continue to grind out babies.

Slowly the species goes mad, as the nutcases out-reproduce the sane ones.

Eventually it becomes impossible to get anything done. Every time you build a bridge some Islamic nutcase or eco-terrorist blows it up. People begin running over other people with cars. Politicians become insane and pathologically altruistic, letting in millions of crazy Muslims because,  "muh ideology." Leaders refuse to to rational commonsense things because "reasons," and "SCIENCE." Speaking of science: science just becomes another word for religion. Bullshit concepts like "equality" and "social justice" command the public's attention instead of survival and common sense. Everyone becomes a gender weirdo practicing self-castration. Women refuse to make babies, and men refuse to be fathers. THE WHOLE WORLD GOES MAD. Every politician becomes a priest. Every teacher becomes a priest. Every corporate leader become a cult leader. People worship their iPhones and it becomes impossible for anyone to think about anything logically because the species is literally going insane.

Oh, right, this is the world we live in.


Copy and pasted from Wikipedia;
The Fermi paradox or Fermi's paradox, named after physicist Enrico Fermi, is the apparent contradiction between the lack of evidence and high probability estimates, e.g., those given by the Drake equation, for the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. The basic points of the argument, made by physicists Enrico Fermi (1901–1954) and Michael H. Hart (born 1932), are:
  • There are billions of stars in the galaxy that are similar to the Sun, many of which are billions of years older than Earth.
  • With high probability, some of these stars will have Earth-like planets, and if the Earth is typical, some might develop intelligent life.
  • Some of these civilizations might develop interstellar travel, a step the Earth is investigating now.
  • Even at the slow pace of currently envisioned interstellar travel, the Milky Way galaxy could be completely traversed in a few million years.
  • According to this line of reasoning, the Earth should have already been visited by extraterrestrial aliens. In an informal conversation, Fermi noted no convincing evidence of this, leading him to ask, "Where is everybody?" There have been many attempts to explain the Fermi paradox, primarily either suggesting that intelligent extraterrestrial life is extremely rare or proposing reasons that such civilizations have not contacted or visited Earth.


Outcome no. 1: CRISPR Planet
The species also develops the ability to control their own genetics. This opens up the possibility of keeping them sane by simply engineering babies that have no predisposition to madness or religious fanaticism. Of course, by the time the species begins to use the technology it may already be too late. The species may be so crazy that craziness determines how they implement their genetic policies, in which case they try to engineer humans who have a genetic predisposition to communism, religious fanaticism, "social justice," or "equality." They try to make humans that are genetically fair, morally superior, or whatever. But it ends in disaster because the resulting humans are even crazier than them. The species returns to an animal state because it is impossible for it to function technologically with so many people running around who are obsessed with social justice. Everything they do is undermined by a pathological obsession with equality.

Outcome no. 2: World Caliphate
The result of relentless breeding of the insane is the rise of a planetary religious theocracy that crushes all science and returns civilization to the Dark Ages. We don't hear radio waves from these civilizations because they are so religiously fanatical that radio waves are "demonic" and have been outlawed.

Outcome no. 3: Brave New World + 1 child limit
To prevent the madness from spreading, they institute a one-child policy and then grow supplementary people in gestation chambers. This prevents the spread of religious madness and maybe the species survives. On the other hand, maybe it just gradually loses the will to live because without a religious impulse civilization has no purpose. It dies off from atheist apathy.

Outcome no. 4: The return of Adolph
A singular man rises to power over the Earth. He attempts to solve the world's madness through totalitarian dictatorship. Eventually the regime destroys the world in nuclear fire. "We have always been at war with Eastasia," they say as they go to their doom.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Humans believe what they are told

And nothing else.

From Unqualified Reservations.

"So: who educates the public?
"Our answer is simple: the Jews. (Sorry, Jew-haters. Just kidding.) But seriously, we should note who else took exactly the same line of thinking:
'Just as a man's denominational orientation is the result of his upbringing, and only the religious needs as such slumbers in his soul, the political opinion of the masses represents nothing but the final result of an incredibly tenacious and thorough manipulation of their mind and soul.
'By far the greatest share in their political 'education,' which in this case is mostly designated by the word 'propaganda,' falls to the account of the press. It is foremost in performing this 'work of enlightenment' and thus represents a sort of school for grownups.'
"That would be - yes - Adolf Hitler. So, as you can see, we are on dangerous ground here. We must be careful where we put our feet; there is no other answer. For what it's worth, my feeling is that Herr Hitler is personally responsible for all the world's problems today. Perhaps we'll explore this delicate issue, Nazism, next week.
"One does not have to be a Nazi, however, to believe that popular opinion tends to match public education. In other words, people believe what they are told to believe - sometimes minus a little stubborn deviation, electorally negligible.
"So, to combine Lenin's question with Hitler's answer, we ask: if the People control the State, who controls the People? The teachers. And who controls the teachers? Hm. What an interesting question. We'll have to think about that one.
"But I do hope I haven't activated anyone's crimestop with these terrible, terrible thoughts. Note: we are no longer asking a philosophical question. We are asking an administrative question. The answer is not a matter of logic, but of fact.
"You see, there is another way to classify governments. We can define them in terms of the means that those in power use to prevent those not in power from taking said power away. Since pure democracy is impossible, there are always those on the inside and those on the outside. For example, USG has a permanent civil service which no power in Washington can purge, restructure, or otherwise attack. If that isn't the inside, what is the inside?
"The chief distinction in this category is between sovereigns that hold their positions by the tactics of physical warfare - that is, conventional military and law-enforcement methods, which allow the State to manage the physical actions of its subjects - and those which hold their positions by the tactic of psychological warfare - that is, information management, which allows the State to manage the thoughts of its subjects.
"Of course, all sovereigns require physical security. Therefore, the only question is whether they use psychological security as well. As we'll see, permanent psychological warfare is an essential aspect of the Modern Structure, which is a big part of why I have so much trouble with it.
"If we exclude the possibility of pure democracy, we see instantly that every democracy must be a psychological-warfare state. Most people get their opinions from others. If public opinion commands the power of the State, the power to inform is the power to command the State. Just as you will seldom find a stack of twenties on the sidewalk, this power will not just be waving around in the breeze. Someone will capture it, and hold it until it is torn from their hands.
"Even if you have not been reading UR long and remain a good democrat, it disturbs you to see the resemblance between political communication and commercial advertising. This is because you know the latter consists largely of psychological-warfare tropes (as per Bernays, Lippmann, and the like). Their goal is not to inform you, but to control your behavior. You know this. And yet...
"What is psychological warfare, exactly? What do we know about psychological warfare in modern American history?
 From A gentle introduction to Unqualified Reservations (part 5)


One way to solve this problem is to democratize the universities and have the parents vote for all the teachers. This moves the point of sovereignty away from the Cathedral and places it more in the hands of the bourgeois, who, because they have children, automatically have an investment in the future, and therefore are less likely to behave in an insane manner. Also, because politics must now pander to them, it becomes a war of the middle against the high and low, rather than an alliance of the high and low against the middle.

Another way is to tax campaign contributions and use the money to fund campaign contribution vouchers given to the nations small business owners. This moves the point of sovereignty from the "Swamp" of Washington DC to "Main Street" USA.

Instead of a democracy controlled by mad elites and even madder college professors, you get a democracy controlled by parents and business owners. You get a "middle democracy," or a "volk" democracy.

The academics of this county have driven America insane with ideology and are no longer fit to rule.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Aphorism no. 46

The true political spectrum is never between liberalism and conservatism, nationalism versus communism, or Nazism versus freedom, but between atavism versus domestication.

Many traits are dead ringers for political atavism;

  • hatred of capitalism
  • "not the true communism" arguements
  • reactionary sentiments
  • emperor worship, hero worship, celebrity worship, praise of "our troops"
  • inability to grasp economics
  • racial hatred, not to be confused with acceptance of human biodiversity
  • retreat into feelings
  • belief that offensive/racist/dehumanizing facts cannot be true
  • belief that the universe is benevolent
  • utopian dreams
  • notions about the "good old days"
  • salvation myths, religions, "human destiny"
  • childish ideas like "equality"
  • high musculture
  • wide face
  • delusions
  • good social skills
  • mental instability
  • religious or magical thinking
  • logical fallacies
  • cognitive biases
  • good at sports
  • low IQ
  • low impulse control
  • violence, violent crime, crime in general
  • untrustworthy
  • conformity
  • deception
Traits of human domestication;

  • neotenic features
  • "delicate features"
  • intuitive grasp of economics
  • autism
  • poor social skills
  • high math ability
  • dislike of violence
  • passive "beta" personality
  • lack of capicity for violence
  • low muscuture
  • "weak" looking body
  • chronic illnesses
  • good with money
  • excessively logical
  • excessively literal
  • cuteness
  • large eyes relative to head
  • large head relative to body
  • lack of hand-eye coordination
  • bad at sports
  • high IQ
  • high impulse control
  • no violence
  • highly trustworthy, naive
  • political libertarianism
  • utilitarian thinking
  • sexual experimentation
  • drug use
  • asthma
  • chronic pain
  • allergies

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Aphorism no. 45

The feminist accuses you of rape as she rapes you.

The leftist charges you with intolerance as he censors you.

INTJ: or why no one listens to me when I have all the answers

I believe in the Myers Briggs test. Perhaps that makes me an idiot since there is no scientific evidence that it means anything. But humans evolved intuition for a reason, and that intuition works pretty well with other humans, and the categories of the Myers Briggs feel intuitively correct. Analytical tools like measurement are going to have less usefulness than intuition where other minds are concerned because "mirror neurons" can do a better job of simulating another mind than statistical evidence.

INTJs are "architects" and "system builders" who think in comprehensive terms. I am an INTJ, and I get the same result every time I take the test. Ignore the flattery in the description below;
"In a work situation, the INTJ is the radical innovator, coming up with interesting theoretical ideas and they are superb at ensuring the team covers all the bases. Although introverted, the INTJ can bring out very strong opinions, honed over much mulling around inside the head, and may surprise others by how much is 'in there.' They love to immerse themselves in deep, reflective, intellectual thought and use this in the team to come up with genuinely unique solutions.
"The INTJ loves the intellectual challenge and will come to the fore when there are difficult problems to solve, but those which require a complex understanding of many disparate issues. They love to deep dive, a solitary pursuit, then they come to life when the team is stuck and are superb at cutting through the extraneous issues and getting to the real meat of the problem. The INTJ is a genuinely free and radical thinker with an incredible ability to pull together all the disparate strands into one cogent whole.
"INTJs will overturn established practice be forward thinking and truly radical. They love the intellectual challenge, coming alive with difficult problems to solve then step back again when it becomes mundane. The INTJ will be at their best with the facility to work for long periods on their own. If they do lead they prefer like-minded people who also love the intellectual debate and complex challenges. They are so forward thinking and the downside is that once it becomes tedious the INTJ will revert back to their introvert nature and seek to go off, satiate their thirst for interesting tasks and analyse more complex data. The INTJ is capable of holding masses of complex and often contradictory data in their heads and then bring this to bear on ‘big,’ strategic problems coming up with solutions that are leading edge."
The INTJ is the patient visionary with a clear view of how the future should look and will work with quiet and logical determination to make it happen. Although quite deep, and mistrustful until they have the measure of people, the INTJ loves an intellectual challenge and will be stimulated by the conceptual, the abstract and the complex. The INTJ loves the complex, the new, the untried and the untested. Facts and figures bore them, and they will be looking to see the 'bigger picture,' planning for the future that they create.
INTJs make decisions based on rational logic, rather than emotion and they will be quite measured in their approach to other people. They generally have strong opinions, are independent of thought and action and have no need to verbalize these, other than to declare the conclusions. This economy of information can be a handicap as it may leave members of the team feeling that they are 'on the outside.'
The INTJ’s dislike of the basic facts may, at times, work against them as they can make decisions based on their theories and concepts and at times they may overlook 'the obvious,' seeking instead the complex solution. However, they will generally trust their own judgments, especially as these have been considered, chewed-over and processed for a long time prior to being announced.
Original and complex, INTJs have active minds, directed internally and their intuitive trait, (the high ‘N’) enables them to see very clearly the interconnections between things and the longer term implications of trends, current actions and events. Innovative and analytical, INTJs have a unique talent for analyzing complex problems and issues and determining how they can be improved, whether it be a small innocuous product or the whole organisation. Their favorite subject for improvement, however, is themselves and they are on a constant quest to learn, develop and progress.
Different part of the same source
What is left out is that we can be quite negative when we are breaking things down. A lot of what I do is tearing apart issues into tiny little pieces before relating everything to a complex whole. It's a destructive process of breaking things down, and it can be really hard for people to switch their mentality to building something up afterward. I am always referencing a kind of giant mental map in my own mind. Since I am the only person who has access to this map everyone else is stuck looking at one little part of the map at a time. Example: I will talk about the kinds of relationships a society has under selection pressures that new technology has created, then switch to talking about effects of birth control, then switch to the pervasive effects of capitalism, then switch to talking about the selection pressures that act against capitalism, etc. The "hidden map" that is being referenced is that all this crap is just a series of algorithms, and it is all interconnected. It's really shitty to try to explain something in written language that is better explained as a diagram. When you speak or write words you go from one sentence to another in a linear fashion; it makes it seem like you are talking about a sequence of events in TIME, but I am not. I am talking about how everything relates to everything else. This whole blog could be written backwards chronologically, with the first posts presented last and the last posts presented first, and it would make no more or less sense than it does. Actually, it might be a little clearer because those early ideas were less complex.

There's no sequence.

It's all like this;

First blog post: "here is pattern # 4"

Second blog post: "Oh, now let's talk about pattern # 256. That's more interesting."

Third blog post: "remember patter 4? Let's see how that relates to pattern # 15."

I would give you an actual diagram for this whole thing but I haven't figured it all out myself.

When you read this blog, what you are basically experiencing is my brain in written form. Confusing? Well, yes. There is a small mountain of complexity built into every assertion.

Imagine you look up a word in the dictionary to find out what it means. The definition of the word uses 2 other words that you do not understand. Each of those definitions use 2 other words, and 2 other, and 2 others. You wind up reading the entire dictionary because the only way you can understand the concept is to understand how it relates to everything else. This might seem like a nightmare to you, but it is a dream to me.

That's my brain.

To make things worse this blog attracts a lot of INTPs, or "Logicians," and ENTPs, or "Debaters."

The INTP description;
"They love patterns, and spotting discrepancies between statements could almost be described as a hobby, making it a bad idea to lie to an INTP. This makes it ironic that INTPs’ word should always be taken with a grain of salt – it’s not that they are dishonest, but people with the INTP personality type tend to share thoughts that are not fully developed, using others as a sounding board for ideas and theories in a debate against themselves rather than as actual conversation partners.
"This may make them appear unreliable, but in reality no one is more enthusiastic and capable of spotting a problem, drilling through the endless factors and details that encompass the issue and developing a unique and viable solution than INTPs – just don’t expect punctual progress reports. People who share the INTP personality type aren’t interested in practical, day-to-day activities and maintenance, but when they find an environment where their creative genius and potential can be expressed, there is no limit to the time and energy INTPs will expend in developing an insightful and unbiased solution."
And the ENTP;
"Taking a certain pleasure in being the underdog, ENTPs enjoy the mental exercise found in questioning the prevailing mode of thought, making them irreplaceable in reworking existing systems or shaking things up and pushing them in clever new directions. However, they’ll be miserable managing the day-to-day mechanics of actually implementing their suggestions. ENTP personalities love to brainstorm and think big, but they will avoid getting caught doing the "grunt work" at all costs. ENTPs only make up about three percent of the population, which is just right, as it lets them create original ideas, then step back to let more numerous and fastidious personalities handle the logistics of implementation and maintenance.
"ENTPs’ capacity for debate can be a vexing one – while often appreciated when it’s called for, it can fall painfully flat when they step on others’ toes by say, openly questioning their boss in a meeting, or picking apart everything their significant other says. This is further complicated by ENTPs’ unyielding honesty, as this type doesn’t mince words and cares little about being seen as sensitive or compassionate. Like minded types get along well enough with people with the ENTP personality type, but more sensitive types, and society in general, are often conflict-averse, preferring feelings, comfort, and even white lies over unpleasant truths and hard rationality.
"This frustrates ENTPs, and they find that their quarrelsome fun burns many bridges, oftentimes inadvertently, as they plow through others’ thresholds for having their beliefs questioned and their feelings brushed aside. Treating others as they’d be treated, ENTPs have little tolerance for being coddled, and dislike when people beat around the bush, especially when asking a favor. ENTP personalities find themselves respected for their vision, confidence, knowledge, and keen sense of humor, but often struggle to utilize these qualities as the basis for deeper friendships and romantic relationships."
Me: "let's talk about the big picture and all its complexity. Here is how every aspect of the universe relates to everything else. Here, read 80 pages of shit on the subject. It will explain everything."

ENTP reader: "You made the following logical errors. Can't you just distill the details? Too long: didn't read. And how does this relate to that other thing?"

INTP reader: "you misspelled 15 words and made 17 grammatical mistakes. I can't take anyone seriously who doesn't pay attention to the details of their own work. Additionally, this SMALL POINT HERE contradicts this OTHER SMALL POINT THERE. Therefore your entire argument in invalid."

Me: "here is why everything is going completely to shit and nothing can be done about it."

Also me: "here is a comprehensive plan that will solve everything I just said couldn't be fixed."

Reader: "there's no hope! Surrender all hope, ye who enter here! We're doomed!"

Me: "but didn't you read the part where I solved the problem that I said was unsolvable?"

Reader: "it won't work. You said it was unsolvable! There is no hope!"

Me: "you are teking me too literally."

INTP reader: "you made a spelling mistake."

ENTP reader: "the problem cannot be solved."

Me: "didn't you read that part where I solved it?"

ENTP reader: "it was too long, so no. Anyway, I dozed off. But now I am ABSOLUTELY convinced that nothing can be done about it."

How to solve illegal immigration

I put this off so it could be part of a larger work but one of my readers wants to know what can be done about America's race problems.

So I will offer one brief solution to one small aspect of this enormous problem.

Step 1: write a law that taxes landlords who rent to illegal immigrants. Make the tax enormous and cost prohibitive so that no landlord will rent to them. Have it collected by private business entities so that way you create a new industry lobby that will fight against any attempt to repeal the law in the future. (It works with private prisons).

Step 2: gather signatures and place your bill on the ballot as a ballot proposition.

Step 3: illegal immigrants flee your state because they cannot find housing.

Step 4: repeat in all other states.

Step 5: invent hundreds of new PRIVATE industries that punish the left / redistribute its wealth / tax its redistribution / tax profits from lawsuits, etc.

They need to be PRIVATE industries because every time you subsidize an industry or outsource a function of the state to the private sector you create a lobby that changes the composition of the Deep State. Basically, the deep state is the sum of its lobbies. The left hates private prisons and defense contractors because they are right-wing organs of the Deep State. The only reason the Deep State is left-wing is because its institutions are left-wing, and the only reason its institutions are left-wing is because the nature of those industries demands left-wing ideological justifications.

Principle # 1: Power is made out of feedback loops.
Principle # 2: Feedback loops need ideological justifications.
Principle # 3: The type of industry each lobby is in determines whether it is inherently "left-wing" or "right-wing."
Principle # 4: The balance of industry lobbies determines if the state is "left-wing" or "right-wing."
Principle # 5: In right-wing states it will be nearly impossible for the left to make headway, in left-wing states it will be nearly impossible for the right to make headway.
Principle # 6: Victory over the left can only be achieved by changing the balance of institutions that are plugged into the state as feedback loops.

Inherently left-wing institutions / activities / feedback loops.

Subsidized universities
Teachers Unions
Large businesses receiving subsidies
Any large classes receiving handouts
Welfare, including corporate welfare
All unions, including civil service unions
Protected classes

Inherently right-wing institutions / activities / feedback loops.

Slave Plantations
Privateers (private pirates)
Tax farmers
Private enforcement of law
Private prisons
Private legal codes
Private roads
Small businesses
Private armies, mercenaries

Handouts to industries, businesses, unions, etc., are always left-wing. Privatization is always right-wing. Whenever a power is owned it supports right-wing government and right-wing ideology. When it is used as a cash machine for unproductive interests is becomes left-wing. A publicly funded university will be more left-wing than ones that takes no state money. A publicly administered prison will be run by a left-wing union, while a privately owned prison will be run by right-wing management. All these institutions then feed money back to politicians as campaign contributions. Thus, the deep state is either left or right based on the balance of its institutions. Changing the balance of institutions, and creating right-wing feedback loops is the key to conquering the Deep State.

For more on the subject see, Deport them all to Africa. Also see;
When government subsidies are a ruse for an even more discriminatory system, and

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Real capitalism has never really been tried

I unironically believe this.

As a godless amoral heathen, anti-puritan moral relativist, anti-leftist classical liberal, anarcho-capitalist-closet-Ferengi-case, massive degenerate-who-will-sell-your-sister-perverted-love-child of Hedonism Bot, I wholly support the infiltration of capitalism into every orifice office the state, every aspect of existence, your mother and God's own anus.

I await the second coming of Capitalism, when the world will be renewed and everything communist utopias are supposed to be — capitalism will become. Like the tao, the capitalism that can be named is not the eternal capitalism; capitalism has never been tried; not until the will of the supreme market is All, and All embraced within the loving will of Market. By the command of almighty Gnon capitalism hath given unto thee a divine providence, that the Spirit of Algorithm shall select upon the Earth, the true adaptation to Gnon's eternal will, fulfilling His historical destiny to perfection, unto the ends of the universe, forever and ever and ever. Amen and inshallah.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

For Commie Ned

This article from the Wall Street Journal is awesome. To quote;
"These lessons, though, have little bearing on liberalism’s present crisis, which is that of being defeated time and again by a well-organized Republican Party that keeps tightening its grip on our institutions. Where those lessons do resonate is with young people in our highly individualistic bourgeois society—a society that keeps them focused on themselves and teaches them that personal choice, individual rights and self-definition are all that is sacred."
Whaaaaat? We control the institutions? Well that's news to me. Actually, the reality is a lot more horrible; the left manages to alienate people while controlling everything; the universities, the courts, the press, most cable news. Basically only the military, the internet, and talk radio are right-wing. Even corporations have an insidious left-wing bias. I guess people don't like the side that wields the power. Oh well.

Every person who has to sit through a diversity training seminar at work knows the left runs things. People always despise The Man, and that's you.
"For those students who will soon become liberal and progressive elites, the line between self-discovery and political action has become blurred. Their political commitments are genuine but are circumscribed by the confines of their self-definitions. Issues that penetrate those confines take on looming importance, and since politics for them is personal, their positions tend to be absolutist and nonnegotiable. Those issues that don’t touch on their identities or affect people like themselves are hardly perceived. And classic liberal ideas like citizenship, solidarity and the common good have little meaning for them."
Yes, the narcissism of patty differences is hardly a platform upon which to build solidarity. Post colonial studies is post colonial, that is, it was invented by people who lived under dictatorship and are trained to see life as a series of competing ethnic groups. Dictators love to divide and rule, and this mentality infects all post colonial authors because it is their background. Guys like Frantz Fanon literally grew up under dictatorship. Don't be surprised if their thought processes facilitate elite power. Naturally, divide and rule and ethnic conflicts give the right home court advantage.
"The politics of identity has done nothing but strengthen the grip of the American right on our institutions. It is the gift that keeps on taking. Now is the time for liberals to do an immediate about-face and return to articulating their core principles of solidarity and equal protection for all. Never has the country needed it more."
Ah, but you won't because all your coalitions receive handouts in exchange for votes. Since votes are purchased with affirmative action jobs, handouts, tenure, money for unions, etc., the machine cannot stop, and the machine needs ideological justification. Which means that grievance is baked into the cake dude.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Will to Suck

Right wingers love losing. I have met people on the hard right in person and their sole defining characteristic is their inability to engage in any thought that produces the ability to win.

The right self-selects for political losers because it always loses. As a result, anyone who cares about wining realizes that if there is anyway at all to work through the left to accomplish their agenda it is better than trying to work through the right. This was exactly the realization that I had recently, and why I would rather work within the left than outside it. The right was never going to win at anything, but I could use the left to accomplish many of my goals.

Every reader of this blog on the right routinely misses the point of my articles. Every strategic idea on the right is idiotic. Honestly, who the fuck thinks doing the Hitler salute is a good way to gain support?

And who the fuck thinks inviting Jews and Asians to a racist meeting is good strategy?

Who the fuck thinks torches are good PR? Torches are menacing and associated with white on black violence. You get a torch when you want to burn something down.

Mourners with candles

What is the fucking difference? Torches are threatening and alienate people from your agenda. Candles are sympathetic and associated with mourning. You could have even mourned "white genocide." When the left laughs and says that, "white genocide is good," the effect would have been to red pill even more people. Instead of getting the public on your side you alienated them.


On top of that you used Tiki torches! So your protest looks like a fucking PARODY of a threatening KKK lynch mob. What are you stupid?

You suck so bad you have Jews like David Hines giving you fucking pointers on Twitter. "How not to suck," is a recurring thing with him.

You actually have Jews fighting for your cause because YOU ARE THAT PATHETIC. You suck so much you've got your very own version of Stanley Levison and your not even using his talent. Levison fought for Civil Rights. He serves black interests. You suck worse than blacks at organizing. Seriously, they were better at this than you. At least they knew how to get sympathy from the public.

Use your superior fucking Aryan brain and at learn how to think strategically McFly.

Friday, August 11, 2017

When Illusions Make Themselves Real: all struggles against evil are genetically derived

Everyone believes there is a struggle between good and evil, and everyone is wrong.

It is not a struggle between good and evil but a struggle between evil and evil; with every evil man thinking he is good.

Hitler thought he was saving Germany. In a way he was. Angela Merkel believes she is saving Europe from racism. She is in a way. Every person is a noble warrior from their own perspective, but somehow the results are always a disaster. Arguably, Hitler made the level of cucking that brought Merkel to power possible.

As usual, Germany is destroying Europe.

But this is not an essay on German psychosis.

Every man believes he is good; yet all men do evil. What produces this illusion? What creates the illusion of goodness?

Genes, duh.

People have their causality backwards. They believe the only react to an external threat. They think that evil is attacking them and they must do something about it. They think the evil of other people threatens them. They never see how they threaten others.

In the past, men who conquer are more successful in spreading their genes. Women who breed with the conqueror spread their genes through the sons they bear. Men want to fight and women want to breed the winner. This urge came first. Then the urge to fight—German philosophers called it the "will to power," is in every man. In reality it is the will to gene flow.

Among the Yanomami of the Amazon men participate in raids that involve sneaking into an enemy encampment and kidnapping a woman. Typically, the woman is gang raped and beaten. The men who participate in these raids have more children than those who don't. In the excellent book, Demonic Males: Apes and the Origins of Human Violence, Peterson and Wrangham describe this process;
"Raiding may Seem a futile activity, but like military heroes around the world, Yanomamo unokais are honored by their societies and ultimately rewarded. Because Yanomamo culture allows polygyny, the rewards can directly translate into reproductive terms. Unokais, so Chagnon discovered through analyzing data from several villages, have more that two and a half times the average number of children. Lethal raiding among the Yanomamo, it seems, gives the raiders genetic success."
It is the same with all human males. Whether you are descended from Roman conquerors, Gothic warlords, African slaver kings, or Yanomami unokais, you are untimely descended from men who conquered other men.

The need to fight came first, the excuse came later. The perception of "evil" that needs to be fought is an artifact of the will to gene flow. Humans need to find enemies, and so they do. They need a cause to fight for, and so they join one. They need purpose, and so they join religions.

Every perception of threat is untimely locally derived within the genes of the self. It makes itself true, or finds an enemy to fight. Since it needs an opponent, it either creates one, finds one, or joins a side. "Evil," is something people need to find in the world, and in the act of searching for it, and searching to destroy it, they become it, and they find it.

The perception that evil exists is a side effect of the genetic need for violent struggle. It only makes itself real through action. Men seek evil to fight, find it, and become evil as they fight it. It is all auto-generated out of the genes of the individual.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Aphorism no. 44

To build a political system you must use the materials you have. If you were building a steel cable bridge you would not scream at the steel and tell it to change its material properties; similarly, you should not scream at humans and expect them to change their nature.

Work with the materials you have. Work with human nature. Never expect it to change.

Deluded liberals think they can change human nature.

Since a subset of humans are always deluded, getting liberals to change their nature is trying to change human nature.

Which is practicing liberalism.

Therefore; to argue with a liberal to try to change his nature is to become one. This is why the right perishes through dialectics.

Technology and capitalism are the exits.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Google isn't in the business of search

It's not a search company. It is a corporation that allows dictatorships and elites to farm the moral perceptions of their populations. Google is a perception control corporation. Its true clients are the governments of the world, and not the search user. As a monopoly it does not actually need to care about pissing off its customers, and like all monopolies it abuses its privileges, underserves its customers (with censorship), and needs to be destroyed.

Publishing its PageRank algorithm is the logical step. Trump should have the NSA steal that data and release it via Wikileaks.

In the meantime, DuckDuckGo produces better results for politically incorrect material.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Why exactly is America so insane? A guess.

There is this argument called a homunculus fallacy.

Basically the homunculus is a little man who lives inside you mind and does all the thinking for you. When people ask, "what does the thinking?" someone will respond with, "oh well, the homunculus in your mind does all the thinking." It is a kind of infinite regress problem because we can always then ask, "what does the thinking for the homunculus?"

The concept of the "Cathedral" comes across as a homunculus fallacy.

Person: "Why is America insane?"

NRx: "the Cathedral makes it insane."

Person: "but why is the Cathedral insane?"

NRx: "muh divided power."

Here's the problem: lots of nations have divided power; the French, the Japanese, the Italians. Last time I checked South Koreans weren't going nuts over feminism, and mass non-Korean immigration. The Japanese aren't taking refugees in large numbers. The Italians did not invent gender theory. The Russians did not create the "New Atheist" movement.

America is the worlds greatest exporter of madness.

But why?

Insufficient purging.

Through immigration the United States has been absorbing the misfits, runaways, political dissidents, perverts, weirdos, etc., for hundreds of years. America has also never had a genocidal purge the way other nations have. Kings murdered violent people and anyone who rose up against the state. Communist revolutions killed millions who could not keep their mouths shut. Inquisitions set weird people on fire. While the rest of the world has been purging its non-conformists for thousands of years America has been absorbing them. This is also probably why we lead the world in technological development.

Americas founding stock, the Puritans, were religious lunatics. Every successive wave of immigrants has imported more of these people. Australia is a prog hell, but it is only hell because it has absorbed prog doctrine from America. The rest of the world conforms to American doctrine. We are the only place that invents the madness. Even during the most violent parts of Chinese communist cultural self-critique, the revolutionaries who committed mass murder were still conforming to an imported ideology; an ideology the West gave them; an ideology supplied by non-conformists lunatics.

None of these other explanations cover all the details: divided power does not explain the whole world. "American individualism," is just another homunculus. "The American Way," is yet another homunculus. "The continuation of the religious wars of enlightenment," sounds more convincing until you realize that the process continued in America but basically ended in Britain. We export the madness, and not the British.

No. The reason is simple: purging gets rid of lunatics who cannot shut up, and America has far too many lunatics. It does not matter if the purging is done by the left or right; the genetic results are the same. Of course, as one of the right-wing lunatics I would prefer any side but mine. My guess is that "revolutionary energy," does not sustain itself without a genetic component driving it. "The permanent revolution" is an American genetic invention. Like a forest with too much dead wood, it will burn itself off once it reaches a critical mass.

Monday, July 31, 2017

When government subsidies are a ruse for an even more discriminatory system

This post is a huge black pill. Unfortunately because of its enormous size it can only be delivered as a rectal suppository. We apologize in advance for any pain and inconvenience you may experience. Please just sit back, brace yourself, and try to relax. It will all be over quickly. Try the mints in our waiting room while you wait for Nurse Ratched to come.

I have said before somewhere that equality is conserved. Today you are going to discover the true meaning and horror of this phrase.


The man in the video below lives in a EU state where university education is virtually free. The economic consequences of making secondary education free are to vastly increase the supply of workers in a given field. Anything that increases supply decreases price, all other things being equal.

The result of giving everyone a free college education is to make it financially worthless. That is why, (in the US) it pays more to have a two year degree in some fields than a four year degree in others. It is also why an electrician makes a median pay of $52,720 per year while a philosophy teacher makes $77,420 per year, (if you can get the job). The philosophy major is more over-supplied than the electrician, even though becoming an electrician only requires trade school, while a philosophy teacher needs a PhD. Despite needing about 6 additional years of education, the professor only makes, $24,700 more.

This isn't because "capitalism is fucking you" (unless you consider democracy a subset behavior of capitalism). It is because you are fucking yourself by voting for college subsidies. Education subsidies may appear to have the short-term benefit of lowering college tuition, but they also have the long-term cost of lowering wages. As usual, you oppress yourself. Also, education subsidies don't really lower costs. In the long-rung colleges simply raise their prices, and we are the ones living in the era when the long-run catches up with the present. Education subsidies lowered costs for the boomers, but not for subsequent generations like ours.

My grandfather was a photojournalist. He started in the copy room and worked his way up with no degree. I could never break into that field because journalism school has vastly increased the supply of journalists. Now you need to do years of unpaid internships in order to get into the field. That is impossible unless you are wealthy. Additionally you need connections. You are not going to get those connections unless you rub elbows with the elite. And you are not going to do that unless you are the elite. Modern print news serves the Cathedral because almost everyone who works in it—with the exception of some diversity hires—is a child of the upper-class white liberal strata. This explains their bias, and way they are the class enemies of working class whites.

Journalism is a tawdry profession anyway. When my grandfather was doing it his paper still had a human interest section, and adhered to ethical guidelines. But that was back in the 80's.

Nearly all white collar professions wind up like this in a society with educational oversupply. The more oversupplied the profession, the more it winds up being monopolized by elite control. Your psychologists and journalists wind up being either diversity hires or the trust fund babies of rich whites. The whole white collar world converts into a treadmill for make-work jobs and sinecures.

Frank Lloyd Wright practiced architecture without ever receiving a degree. He never even received a high school diploma. To produce today's crappy modern architecture you need either a B.Arch, (which is five years of hell), or an M. Arch, (which is realistically about seven years of hell). You then need to do unpaid internships, (excluding the non-elite), complete about 3 years of apprenticeship hours, and pass four exams that are equivalent to the state bar for law. It is impossible to realistically work your way through this degree program unless you can function without any sleep.


Governments are built on feedback loops of "this" for "that." Whatever the government gives its supporters is "this." Whatever it receives from its supporters is "that."

"This" can include such things as;

protections from competition
elevated social status for parasites
government jobs
make-work jobs
licences that keep out the competition
powerful positions like generalships, and ambassadorships
economic rents

The "that" includes such things as;

ideological support by corporations and advertisers
street violence against the opposition
protests against enemies
political indoctrination by media companies and college professors
financial support by civil service unions and other groups
campaign contributions
lobbying of neutrals
assassination of enemies

Even freedom is a feedback loop. The government gives people economic liberty and receives higher taxable GDP as a result. Welfare states are feedback loops of votes for handouts. Democracies have more of these loops than authoritarian states. The leaders in a democracy are less secure in their positions and the battle is more pitched as a result. Unlike authoritarian states that direct propaganda against the people from above, democracies have a latent propaganda civil war, and rather than controlling the organs of state propaganda, (universities, media, movies), the organs control them.

Increasing the supply of workers suppresses their wages. That's why men like Bill Gates whine about a "shortage" of qualified knowledge workers. (A shortage is just how you say over-paid, and "over-paid" is just how you say "not under-paid.") A shortage is a moral assertion about a fact that is morally neutral.


Nearly all feedback loops have justifying ideologies. Below is a partial list.

Feedback loops look like this;

      "This"          "for that."          justified by _____ ideology

  • Immigration for votes: Justifying ideology: "no human is illegal."
  • Welfare payments for liberal votes. Justifying ideology: blaming whites.
  • Affirmative action jobs for votes: Justifying ideology: blaming whites.
  • Subsidies to increase the employment of professors: Justifying ideology: "educational enrichment."
  • Indoctrination for liberal votes: Justifying ideology: "creating educated individuals."
  • War profits for campaign contributions: Justifying ideology: "democratization."
  • Jobs for civil servants in exchange for votes and contributions: Justifying ideology: "worker protections."
  • Handouts to women for votes: Justifying ideology: "equality, women's rights."
  • College subsidies for votes: Justifying ideology: "right to an education."
  • Wage suppression by subsidizing education in exchange for campaign contributions: Justifying ideology: "right to an education."


You should expect the state to indoctrinate you into its ideologies. Indoctrination is part of the feedback loop of many state power systems. The state is not interested in helping you per se. It is interested in the outcome of that help, whether through increased votes, reliable voting blocs, campaign contributions, etc. These ideologies have nothing to do with you, your well-being, prosperity, fairness, "equality," etc. Everything is the outcome of the state's power generation process. It will lie to you in order to gain your compliance with its agenda. Indeed, the whole society will lie to you to gain your compliance. What do college professors always say? Mmm? That education is enriching? That funding is good? Of course it is good; it is good for them.

Everyone only sees their part of the feedback loop. They see that the handout appears to be good for them. That is where their thought on the issue terminates. Rarely do they see the big picture. People, being cognitive misers, do not look at how the entire set of systems works. Their rage, moral sanctimony, and desires to justify their own actions prevent them from seeing everything. Indeed, even the leaders of the system do not all see the entire picture. The state's ideologies serve only itself. State behavior is determined by the internal logic of institutional self-preservation and power, and is totally indifferent to you. If it seems like it makes no sense it is because it doesn't. The only sense it makes is "preserve and expand power." Feedback loops grow because all bureaucrats want to expand funding for their agencies, prominence, power, fame, etc. To be the head of a large powerful agency is better than the head of a small one.

Typically, the people involved in the system genuinely believe in the ideology of the state. The world is not filled with evil men. It is filled with deluded men who act in evil ways while simultaneously believing themselves to be good. It is not a battle between good and evil, but a battle between one evil deluded person and another evil deluded person.

In Summary

If you give everyone a degree it becomes financially worthless.
Society then reverts to "connections," rather than "qualifications."
Thus, education oversupply paradoxically works against fairness and meritocracy.
The poor vote for it because they are stupid.
The rich lobby for it because they are smart.
Equality is conserved, (minimized).
As usual, you oppress yourself by voting for it.

It forms a feedback loop of money for votes.
Governments are just a series of feedback loops.
Democracies have more of them that authoritarian states.
Feedback loops are simultaneously the source of all state evil and all rights.
Liberty is a feedback loop of prosperity for higher taxes, (taxable GDP is increased).
Welfare states are a feedback loop of jobs, money, and benefits, in exchange for votes.

Nearly all feedback loops have justifying ideologies.
Society cooperates in the lie.
The state serves only itself.
Institutional logic guides behavior, and not any notion of the common good.
Feedback loops grow because humans always want more power.

People are true believers.
Delusion battles delusion, not good battling evil.


Below is a video of a man who has been screwed by one of these feedback loops. Specifically, he was used and destroyed by the college feedback loop. It's depressing to watch. He clearly lacks the elite connections, looks, and attitude to succeed in that system.

Even good looking people can get screwed by it though.

"Make college more affordable." They say. Lol.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

The revolutionary social consequences of bag babies

Because of my warped and perverse sense of humor I have invented a new term: "bag baby."

A bag baby is a baby grown in a bag, like below. No doubt this insult will find its way to grade school playgrounds once the future arrives.

Let's talk about the massive social consequences of this technology.

Abortion will be heavily stigmatized.
Once children can be grown in gestation bags a woman's ability to get an abortion may be threatened. What excuse is there to terminate a pregnancy when you can grow one artificially? Many women may simply opt to have all their eggs harvested and frozen for later life. The elderly will routinely reproduce. Career women may have children in their fifties. Since children are a choice, there is no longer any excuse to murder babies.
However, it will enable riding the cock carousel.
Many hedonists may put off having children because they think they can reproduce in old age. When they reach old age they may find that they don't have the energy to have children. Thus, a technology that enables hedonism may drive hedonists to extinction in the long-term.
It may exacerbate the extinction of whites.
By enabling irresponsible behavior it may exacerbate extinction. However, that effect may be felt by all races eventually. I have said before that technology destroys morality.
Women will be made to pay child support for children they did not consent to having, like men.
A man marries a woman
He wants a bag baby. She doesn't.
He goes to the clinic and gets one anyway.
She divorces him.
He sues for child support and gets it.
The manosphere will reproduce itself.
Someone like Paul Elam will raise an army of misogynistic boys, and indoctrinate them all in the cult of men's rights. Eventually, the males may separate into a different species or nation. Gay men may become their own species too.
White men will reproduce themselves independently of the Left's hatred.
And the left will fume in anger.
Corporations and governments may farm their own citizens, shareholders, owners, and managers.
And no amount of tyranny will threaten their ability to breed citizens.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

The atheist unholy war

Over at Xenosystems Brett Stevens wrote in the comments section;
"There are very few people above Thrall caste left. Most are simple incapable of logical inference deeper than one level."
 After googling thrall caste and finding out that it is a type of slave that lived in Scandinavia during the Viking Age it got my mind thinking.

I went to an atheist seminar to see this guy talk, and my mind began cogitating even more.

Looking around the room I was struck by the fact that almost everyone there, (except me) was apparently incapable of logical inference beyond a single step. It's called secondary and tertiary effects.

You probably already know this, but;

Secondary effects means, "effects of effects."
Tertiary effects means, "effects of effects of effects, or third level effects."

None of these people were capable of that, which is why they couldn't see the foolishness of trying to spread atheism like gospel. The whole seminar was about how to deconvert people from religion. Only one person—a woman psychologist, expressed any reservations about this. She said that it was "manipulative" and "could cause emotional harm" to deconvert people. I couldn't agree more. I just went there because I had nothing better to do on a Saturday night, and because studying normies is a hobby of mine.

There are actually groups now dedicated to destroying religion. See this, this, and this. The Denver group is the most dedicated of them.

These people are the same as the inane Protestant do-gooders they oppose—just in the opposite direction. They think that if the world is cured of religion that it will be free of war and stuff like that. They just want to get people to "use reason," "think critically."

Ok. Well her's some critical thought for ya;

Preaching atheism is about as irresponsible as dumping a broad spectrum antibiotic into the water supply. Oh sure, it cures most people of their faith. But a few radical fanatical bacteria remain, and we know that fanatical religious people breed a lot. The long-term effect of "curing" the world of religion is not to abolish faith but to breed a super-bacteria like radical Islam that comes into to replace it. Secular people go extinct because of below break-even birth rates. Fanatics breed a lot. "Curing" the mildly religious only makes room for the fanatics by suppressing the birth rates of the cured to the point of eventual extinction. Once a Christian is secular his family line is eventually headed for extinction. He will have fewer that the 2.1 children needed to break-even. His children will also have fewer than the 2.1 children necessary to break-even. To teach atheism is to cause a families extinction. I say that as an atheist myself.

It should probably be criminalized. The moderate religions are the good bacteria that crowds out the bad bacteria; the probiotic to the super-bug. Missionary atheism is an antibiotic in the water supply.

The fanatics are not going to deconvert. Thus, the effect of deconversion is simply to replace the nice religious people with the fanatics.

The net effect of missionary atheism will be a nuclear three-way holy war between fundamentalist Mormons, radical Muslims, and Scientologists. Congratulations on spreading "reason," assholes.

While I was sitting there I began to realize that normie liberal humans have no souls. Maybe Satan is liberal and they sold their souls to him. (I'm joking. I don't literally believe in souls or Satan). But seriously, there is nothing "there there." Deep inside something is missing. Never trust a man with perfect teeth, perfect appearance, and perfect virtue signaling. Don't trust a person with no anxiety attacks, no fears, no depression, no doubts. Don't trust a person whose personality is half an inch deep made of perfect superficial righteousness. These are fucking lizard people. I swear to God. There is something fucking missing from these people.

They are just too perfect to be fully human. They have no souls. They are "meat-bag" people. Literally, when you talk to them you are talking to 180 pounds of meat.

Brett Stevens is right. Not all humans have the same quality. There must be levels to this. Humans come in castes, subspecies, or spiritual levels.

Spelling corrected 08/02/2017 
*deconversation to deconversion*

Friday, July 28, 2017

Aphorism no. 43: women conform

Modern women are trash because they are trained to be trash.

Whenever thinking about women remember one simple truth: women conform.

The manosphere makes an incredible number of assertions about women that are severe, vile, and unjust. They package these as eternal truths, as if women were always this way. One wonders how the species even survived up until this point, how children were raised, families looked after, and civilizations created. Men build the world and women populate it. That is just a statement of plain fact. That is the original division of labor.

If modern women are horrible it is because they have been trained to be so. The solution is different training.

Compare these two personalities.

Feminism is the only shit test that makes the user a sterile cat lady. Women conform even to the point of destroying their own civilizations, if that is what they are trained to do.

I shouldn't call them cat ladies. Some cat ladies are very nice people.


Your piracy is the reason your music options suck

It's simple economics—with a bit of psychology thrown in.

Piracy reduces the effective demand for music, shrinking the market. Because the market is smaller, music writers, performers, and singers shift creative endeavors to cater to live shows rather than records. They take fewer chances and pander to a lower, (and broader), segment of the market. Additionally, artists are discouraged from getting into the industry by knowledge their music will be stolen. The result is more Ariana Grande and less Pet Shop Boys.

Want better music? Pay for it. Or better yet, invent a digital standard that is immune to piracy. A new system might be designed that uses quantum cryptography and a blockchain to deliver music to an app on your phone. You never actually receive the music file, but receive a digital key that entitles you to play it through the app, (and only the app), on your phone. The actual file is located in the cloud and streamed to your device. You can sell then key and let someone else play that music on their device, but you cannot copy it.

On an even more negative note, this is just one example of how you oppress yourself. Go ahead, read it. It's even more depressing. lol

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Magnetic sail versus warp drive: two political futures

A magnetic sail is like a light sail, except that is requires a lot less material. I have seen ideas floated around that show that a mag sail constructed out of a room temperature superconductor could be used to get to nearby stars in about half a century or so. The point of a mag sail is its cost savings. A solar sail probe designed to go to a nearby star could cost trillions of dollars, but a mag sail might only be a fraction of that. Anyway, we are not here to debate technicals, but two imagine two possible political futures that that could be created by interstellar travel.

Future #1. Magnetic sail probes are sent to all the nearest stars. When a man is born, a memory recording device is implanted in his brain. It records a perfect record of all sights, sounds, and feelings of the individual throughout his life. He is trained as an astronaut. When he dies his memories are transferred to a computer as a digital record. The mag sail probe enters orbit around a new star and lands on a new planet. It is equipped with an AI designed just for that purpose. It 3D prints a habitat and, a series of human bodies. The memory of the dead guy is sent using a microwave laser pulse in advance of the spacecrafts arrival. The signal repeats several thousand times for each mind that is being uploaded to ensure that nothing is missed. An identical chip is placed in the brain of the 3D printed body at the destination. You wake up on a strange planet. At first you don't remember how or why you are there. But your brain accesses memories on the chip. Slowly you begin to remember your previous life. Neurons that fire together wire together so gradually your new brain makes an identical structure to your old brain. Eventually you remember who you are and what your mission is. Does it matter that you are a copy? No. Of course not. If you believe that you are this other guy from a previous life then it is true. Believing makes it true. Now you live on another planet that orbits a weird star. You get to live a brand new life someplace else. You meet a girl and raise a new family. Your existence is like this. Before you die you put your mind in the machine storage to be transmitted to the next destination. You hop from planet to planet over the course of endless lifetimes. You get to have new experience and see strange new worlds as you go. You are a traveling immortal.

The political outcome of this world are libertarian. It takes years to transmit a single mind and even longer to send a physical spacecraft. It is impossible for empires to form. Minds are screened before being downloaded, so there is a built-in safety feature that prevents wackos from coming out of the machine. Only sane people get to immigrate. Also, because the different planets are separated, any pathogen on one planet is automatically quarantined from all the others. All plants and animals are transmitted as sterile information. The receiving planet decides whether or not to 3D print the DNA that it has gotten from other worlds. This creates a built-in filter for invasive species.

Future #2. Some asshole invents warp drive. Your life is like Star Trek. Even if there are no aliens, humans form empires whose size is defined by the speed of the warp drive. If the warp speed increases then suddenly it becomes possible for political empires to expand, and conquer their neighbors. All over the galaxy people live in terror of being nuked from orbit by stealth spacecraft sent from an enemies empire. Life is an abysmal hell. The fascist United Federation of Prig Progs imposes its moral vision on all the people of the galaxy because the sheer threat of violence is too devastating to allow humans to do their own thing. Sheer necessity requires a totalitarian world government. After all, this is a universe where a single alien organism that evolved on another planet can devastate the the biosphere of this planet. Imagine if humans accidentally brought back a small undetected bacteria that converts the worlds oceans to hydrogen peroxide, or a bacteria that turns all nitrogen in the atmosphere into nitrous oxide. The bacteria doesn't have to kill humans; it could simply destroy the biosphere instead. This is a galaxy where a fanatical religious sect could make a tactically sound calculation that it could drop a pathogen in the atmosphere of the Earth, and all the humans would be dead before they discovered what planet it came from and could retaliate. In such a world no exit would be possible.

Star Trek would be hell.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Advocating for the Brave New World option

There is an inverse correlation between women's rights and reproduction rates. The more education women receive the fewer children they have. This asymmetry translates into biopower for male dominance. At this point the conversation usually ends, that patriarchy is ordained by God, or that because women participate in its creation they deserve it. I myself have implied things along similar lines.

By why should women get to select the human species? The Peacocks tail is not actually a requisite for survival. Sex selection breeds many monstrosities into existence, including rapists and pedos.

The ultimate liberation is not a liberation of women from men, but men from the selection effects of women. If a society can reproduce itself then Gnon smiles on it. It matters not if it uses gestation bags to do so. That may disgust you but nature is a workability engine and not concerned with what you find repugnant. In a world of below break-even birth rates the will to survive is its own criteria of evolution. Rather than being impossible, the Brave New World option is inevitable.

Wars aren't won by hulking warriors on battlefields, but by cruse missiles programmed by nerds. Female sexual preferences are just so much legacy genetic code. Europe suffers under the weight of women's sexual addiction to conquerors as they vote to bring invaders in. The parts of the Muslim world that are not being bombed by US forces are already below break-even. Social technologies take decades to recover and mass movements to preserve. Everything is being dissolved continuously be innovation. In contrast, a conventional technological solution to falling birth rates could be implemented today.

Any children who are manufactured can be indoctrinated with whatever ideology the group that makes them sees fit to teach. They can then just wait for the Cathedral to die.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Races Don't Blend: when hybrid vigor makes breeding outside your race is a smart move

One of the most obnoxious claims around the reactosphere is the idea that all whites are genetically superior to all other races, all the time, throughout all history, forever. This claim is never stated this way, and if questioned people will say "of course there are people of other races that are equally capable as whites," but the point never really sinks in, and the Nac Soc presumption is there in the background (mis)informing our judgement.

Nazi race science is nonsense. While there is truth in the claim that average differences exist between racial and ethnic groups, especially in terms of IQ, that is not a judgement applicable to the individual case. To understand why, let us look at an example.

Imagine there is a white male with an IQ of 120. He suffers from flat feet and sleep apnea. His father has a mood disorder. His maternal grandmother had Alzheimer's and maternal grandfather died of heart disease. All of these conditions are hereditary. Otherwise he is middle class and would make a responsible parent.

He meets an Arab woman whose paternal grandmother had sickle cell anemia and whose maternal grandmother had breast cancer. She is also middle class and has an IQ of 130.

The male is an engineer and the female is a nurse.

The male has limited options. He simply is not that attractive to white women because few of them are interested in starting families, they're too hypergamous, many are career women, feminists, bitches, haughty, etc.

Should he have children with the Arab girl or die childless?

He should marry the Arab girl.


Heterosis, or hybrid vigor, occurs when the act of outbreeding enhances the genetics of offspring by suppressing recessive alleles that are responsible for genetic disease. Marrying outside his race will not only benefit him—it will benefit her. She carries one recessive allele on her x chromosome for sickle cell, and he carries recessive genes for a mood disorder, flat feet, and sleep apnea. By simply marrying outside of their respective races, dominant genes replace their respective recessive genes and they produce children that are healthier that either of them could have produced by marrying within their respective races. Hybrid vigor is how you get 7 foot tall basketball players like Yao Ming. It is actually a fantastically successful strategy for downwardly mobile whites, and if he is not going to find a woman any other way, reproduction is still preferable to extinction. Lots of people have genetic conditions that can be eliminated by outbreeding, and the boost they receive from genetic improvement allows them to avoid sinking into the lower classes.

If the Arab girl married within her race there is a likelihood of sickle cell anemia affecting her children. If the white guy marred within his race heart disease or Alzheimer's might show up in his children. (recessive genes usually skip a generation).

Preference for blonde hair and blue eyes is an aesthetic choice, and not a scientific one.

Since dominant genes express themselves in the first generation their children will be of blended skin tone, bodily features, and facial features. One child may be relatively pale while another is darker skinned, but they will tend towards a mixture of the two parents appearances. This effect only lasts one generation. In the second generation some recessive genes reassert themselves and the resulting grandchildren will look white or Arab, or a combination of both, but not a mixture of both. In other worlds, races don't "blend" in any meaningful sense within just one generation. Racial characteristics reemerge in the grandchildren. Each grandchild will look like one of the two grandparents, but not like a hybridization of both.

So there will be white grandchildren.

Secondly, many of the defective recessive alleles have been replaced with dominant alleles from the other race. In other words, not only will there be "white" grandchildren, but they will be healthier than they would have been otherwise. An identical effect will occur with the "Arab" grandchildren, with the Arab children have both an Arab appearance and healthier genes as a result.

Troian BellisarioRashida Jones, and Jennifer Beals all have black ancestors. Races don't "blend" in any meaningful sense of the word. It all comes out in the wash.

Look here, all of these women are "black" by Stormfront's definition of the word.

Having any children is better than having none so long as your spouse is high IQ, relatively healthy, and hot. Furthermore, if ones options are limited it is better to have some children rather than none.


The one on the left is a grandchild of interracial marriage. That is why she looks whiter than the two on the right, who are both 1/2 white.

The only thing that creates a blending of races is sustained interbreeding across racial lines for multiple generations. The white race is not recessive relative to other races. It is not destroyed by "one drop" of admixture. Calm the fuck down.

For further reading on this topic see this article by Razib Kahn.
Also, if you still believe that races "blend" read up on Mendel’s Laws.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Aphorism no. 42 The Resolution to the Fermi Paradox

Technology is exponential and biology is linear. Therefore all, or most, species destroy themselves when their technology substantially exceeds in capability the ability of their genetic legacy code to deal with its effects.

There are many ways to go;

Death by sheer stupidity. Example: mass extinction exceeds the intelligence level necessary to solve mass extinction. Humans are simply too stupid to solve the extinction crises, global warming, population, African birth rates, etc. Sheer stupidity gets them in the end.

Death by prudishness. Perhaps a species has a taboo that prevents curing a disease, maybe it lacks the will to evolve, maybe genetic research is prohibited. Whatever the case, some legacy code prevents overcoming a challenge through the disgust reflex.

Death, by having been bred, (in the past) into a corner. Maybe patriarchy becomes obsolete and they refuse to grow humans instead. Maybe the whole species is dependent on male dominance for its reproduction, and when the system dies, so does the species. Maybe religion dies and the species depended on that for survival.

Death by entertainment. The species masturbates furiously to porn instead of getting pregnant. It substitutes digital for real relationships. It entertains itself to the detriment of successful family formation. It adopts pets instead of babies.

Death by mad scientist. They foolishly pursue a line of reasoning to their doom.

Death by arms race. They kill themselves with bio-weapons, nuclear war, AI war, gene drive war, eugenics competition, or whatever.

Death by religious fanaticism. They have an evil cult like Islam that takes over their civilization and destroys it.

Death by feminism. Their women gain power and refuse to breed.

Death by plastic. A species invents a substance that cannot break down in the natural environment and destroys its own ecosystem.

Death by speciation. The male and female sex separate into different species and war with each other.