Thursday, May 16, 2019

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Sunday, April 28, 2019

gamified dating apps

Swiping apps need to be replaced with dating game apps. This is because people are wasting too much of their time and defect/defect behavior is being tolerated.

Level 1: you go on the app and set up a profile with pictures. You earn points by rating which of two pictures is hotter, over and over again. The one on the left or the one on the right? This assigns you a secret score based on your hotness, ie., 8/10, 5/10, 7/10 or whatever. Once you have rated enough pictures you move on to level 2.

Level 2:

You are assigned to a hotness dating pool based on your looks and you can only see people who are hot/ugly as you are.

If you are a woman you earn points by sending sext messages. The AI recognizes weather or not the content of you message is sexual. If a woman sends you content that is not sexual you flag it and this trains the AI to better recognize sexual content.

If you are a man you earn points by sending romantic messages. Again, the AI is trained to identify non-romantic messages.

Conversations take the form of women sending sexual messages to men and men sending romantic content to women. Dick pics kick you down to level one. Failing to be sexual if you are a woman costs you points. Defection is penalized.

Level 3: You are only allowed to talk to someone for a week. Once you have messaged for a week all you messages disappear and a notification appears saying YOU HAVE LEVELED UP. Then it tells you, if you are female;


If you are a man it says,


The woman has to select a local coffee shop/restaurant from a list that pops up. The game tells her that if she shows up for the date she will earn extra points and be allowed to continue playing the game. If she ghosts the man she will lose points and be kicked down to level 1. If the man fails to show up same penalty.

The GPS on his/her phone determines if s/he actually shows up.

Again defect/defect behavior is penalized.

Level 4: as you go on dates with a number of people incentives are offered. Dates are reviewed (mandatory review to use the app) and the better you behave the more rewards you unlock. Rewards are offered before every event. If female, sleeping with a man who is no better looking that yourself gets you extra rewards, being well behaved more rewards. If male, being a gentleman gets you rewards. Rewards come in the form of better looking partners offered to one.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Again, the future of natural selection is self-destruction

The essential problem of modernity is that humans evolved to cope with external threats, (was genocides, plagues), and we have very little sympathy for those who are self-destructive.

But everything in the future will be genetic self-destruction enabled by technology, (drugs, sex robots, abortion, porn, birth control, spending too much time in cyber space, too many calories, too little connection to the natural world, chemicals, etc.)

And self-destruction enabled by the ideologies that follow like a shock wave after the flash, (anarchism, feminism, libertarianism, gender theory, xenofeminism, accelerationism).

Guns arrive. Ideologies of democracy and anarchism follow.
Birth control arrives. Ideologies of feminism follow.
Medical procedures arrive. Ideologies of gender theory follow.
Massive self-destruction arrives. Libertarianism follows to justify it.
Even more self-destruction. Accelerationism follows to justify it.

First the flash, then the shock wave.

Men like Nick Land who want to enable the problem or accelerate transition to AI are part of the problem.

Nobody is inclined to care because we evolved to be indifferent to self-destruction. There is a natural revulsion to disease, pathology, etc., which is absent from self-destruction within ourselves. This means that we are much more inclined to engage in a self-destructive act that much a turn sandwich, even though the effects may be the same. We look down on degenerates. But it is imperative we slow self-destruction down to prevent a genetic bottle neck from developing in order to ensure the survival of our species. There will be more plagues of self-destruction: sex robots, new ideologies, and so forth.

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Monday, February 25, 2019

Barter Body: adventures in degeneracy

So you want to whore around and fugger people who are way hotter than you, but your a lazy degenerate, and you like your Cheetos a little too much, and your poor as shit and can't afford to pay for it, so how do we solve this?

Well there's a app for that!

You build an app. The way this app works is that you fugger fat bitches and earn points, then you turn around and spend your points to fugger hot chicks. You have to fugger like 10 fat bitches for every hot chick you get, because economics.

Now there are a lot of men who will go hogging for free, so you might think this wouldn't work. But here's the thing, all you have to do it get a few guys who are like 9/10 or 10/10. Most hot guys won't lay with ugly or fat women, so this allows those chicks to earn points and get a piece of hot ass.

Once you have got a few hot men that fat women can't normally gain access to, a rush of hot guys will come in to get paid, since this app allows points to be converted into currency. The cost of hot males will decline, and fat girls will work to earn points in order to gain access to them. This sets off the initial cascade that fuels your network to grow, and as your network grows it gains value as the square of the number of members.

Now eventually your "sexual ride sharing service" (ahem) grows powerful like Uber, and you begin a plastic surgery financing system where people can earn whore points they can redeem for enhancements. Gradually the number of hot people in your network increases, and the network becomes even more powerful, until everyone in the world has a quantified sexual market value, a bunch of whore points, a plastic surgeon, and date scheduled with the supermodel down the street.


Sunday, February 17, 2019


1. Democracy is a marketplace for the purchasing of laws. But democracy moves slow, and it moves so slow that technology can, for the most part, reroute around its rent-seeking. This stimulates new technologies by creating exploitable market inefficiencies. These new technologies keep the economy going and prevent democracy from destroying itself, and thus in a weird way, the process of rent-seeking, when slow enough, stimulates both technological development and social revolution. To the degree that technology cannot reroute democracy decays, the economy stagnates, and rent-seeking grows.

2. If the left is a religion then the right is the degenerate force that opposes that religion, and thus, the right is left-wing and the left is reactionary.  This idea earned a block from none other than Nick Szabo. We will never know what the state religion of the Cathedral could become because online technologies will destroy it, by routing around it, before that day comes. People forget that the highest moral values of the past came from the most degenerate processes, and that celebration of the king, belief in divine right, and "graceful" acceptance of suffering were degenerate ploys to get the peasants to accept abuse, much the same way the constant howl of the left, ever driving people into a frenzy about their supposed victimhood, is really just about driving people to the polls and economic rents, sinecures and corruption, and make-work jobs for gender studies professors and HR departments.

3. Every era's most holy values come from a sewer of craven political desire. The Catholic Church hates birth control because it wants more Catholics, the Left hates white people because it wants less Republicans. Examine any politically associated value and you will find it has low origins. Those institutions and business with the thickest ideologies have the most corrupt internal practices.

4. Now the mutualists say that there are three monopolies: patents, land, and money.

Bitcoin routes around the government monopoly on money. The internet routes around central control of information. Gene manipulation routes around female sex selection. Space travel routes around land constraints. Gene 3D printers will route around pharmaceutical companies. Future multi-material 3D printers will route around manufacturing chains.

5. Jordan Peterson says the dominance hierarchy can't be overthrown, but that is exactly what has happened with dating apps like Tinder. The apps facilitate the ability of beta males to reroute around the perpetual cock blocking of alpha males and present their virtues directly to females for the female's approval, and guess what, it seems most females actually prefer them.

Moreover, when women take the time to screen applicants they do a better job than the dominance hierarchy does. Women appear to favor responsible men who fulfill their paternal obligations, whereas the dominance hierarchy favors aggressive, large, and psychopathic males. A dominance hierarchy is merely an algorithm for sorting men by their success at controlling others and climbing social hierarchies, and as such is a poor system with the side effect of producing rapists, monsters, serial killers, and dictators, as well standard beneficial consequences of engineers, technologists, leaders, and pastors. Contra Jim, female sex selection is overwhelmingly pro-social when allowed off the leash.

5. The system, whatever you want to call it, is a very simple process with a large set of manifestations.

Humans are a software program built on communists tribal impulses written 10,000 years ago.

Capitalism is a machine that alienates humans from the tribe so it can sell them the fulfillment of those impulses through commodities and services.

Through the process of selling things to monkeys it acquires technics, (technological process of self-replication), by having the monkeys build higher and higher levels of technology.

Capitalism relies on tribal communism.

Tribal communism is the "unchanging baseline" of predictability that prevents a defect-defect equilibrium from emerging.

Tribal communism defines the set of market demands.

Supply defines what the machine provides to satisfy those demands.

First capital alienates you, then it sells to you, then it has you produce the products to alleviate your alienation.

Alienation is always social in nature.

There are multiple forms of alienation:

Law and order alienates you from your own capacity and desire to commit violent acts, rapes, and so on. This produces a market demand for violence. Then capitalism sells you porn, prostitutes, action movies, thots, cam whores, etc. Want to commit violence? The military sells you endless war.

In Yanomami society the men literally go on raids where they murder men in other villages, kidnap and gang rape their daughters.

You just beat off to gangbang porn.

The second form of alienation is Distance.

Capitalism gives you the technology to move far away from your family, clan, tribe. Westerners don't even have clans anymore.

Distance makes you lonely, which creates market demand for things that ease loneliness. Politics, religion, sportsball, and the nuclear family are all substitutes for the tribal clan.

The xenophobia of left/right politics is a substitute for the internecine genocide of tribal war.

Property is the third form of alienation.

You are not allowed to own land, and so are disconnected from your own food and survival. Capitalism then sells you food and apartments as a substitute for gathering and a hut.

Partial list of substitutes;
squatting           apartments/houses
gathering          shopping
rape                   porn
killing               military enlistments
togetherness     politics
tribal clan         nuclear family
care                   medical care
barter                trade
respect              money
The inevitable consequence of capitalism is that the behaviors we MUST engage in become our religion, since humans always make a religion out of their material circumstances.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

The future of natural selection is self-destruction

In the past natural selection was all about external threats; predators, invading armies, bacteria, viruses, criminals, highway robbers, famines, snakes, lions, hyenas, etc.

The future is all about forms of self-destruction that destroy your genes, e.g.,

homosexuality (causes sterility)
hormone replacement therapy (causes sterility)
feminism (causes sterility)
liberal Jews (cause sterility for whites, and even for other liberal Jews)
sex robots (causes sterility)
atheism (reduces birth rates)
porn (reduces birth rates)
xenoestrogens (lowers sperm counts)
chemical pollutants (lowers sperm counts, causes autism)
chasing career and money over having families (causes sterility)
chasing sex over having families (causes sterility in men)
chasing romance over having families (causes sterility in women)
women's education (lowers birth rates)
social justice warriors (causes sterility for themselves, but making family formation impossible)
genetic self-experimentation (causes disasters)

All of these are enabled by technology.

And there are also collective versions of this problem;

global warming
ocean acidification
plastic pollution
mass extinctions
the slow accumulation of nuclear radiation sites from nuclear disasters
the accumulation of chemical brownsites

Going forward every form of natural selection is going to be an invitation of humans to destroy themselves individually or collectively with technology.

A basic heuristic for determining good versus evil, friend versus foe is this: everything that attacks your genes is evil, and your enemy, whether pollution, degeneracy, bad ideology, or collective problems like global warming.

The survival heuristic should be taught in every high school in the world.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Fuck the poor

Imagine that there are two types of people, the first kind prefers having more children to having more money, and the second type will prefer to have more money and fewer children.

The people who want children over money will have more children than they can afford. If you give them more money they will simply spend it on having more children.

The people who want money over children will get lots of money and have few children. The few children they have will have few children of their own, and lots of money. If you give these type of people more money they will simply invest it and not have more children.

Inequality will rise.

The poor will say, "give us more money!" But if you give them more money they will simply have more children.

And if they have more children they can't afford they will simply stay poor.

Fuck the poor. Don't give them money.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Why government teachers are evil and stupid

JJ's Razor states that "The intentionality of an agent with behavior sufficiently indistinguishable from malice, is irrelevant."

Institutions are subject to filtering effects. The nature of any given institution brings in certain types of people, pushes out other types of people, and so forth.

Fluid intelligence is the ability to think while crystallized intelligence is the ability to remember.

The type of person that is suited to work in a government school has high crystallized intelligence and low fluid intelligence. In other words, they are good at memory but bad at thinking. This is because they need to remember information so they can spit it out in front of students, but they don't particularly need to scrutinize that information too deep because that would hurt the agenda of their employer.

This is because the curriculum of government schools is determined by the elites who run the government, and the elites craft a civilization's ideology to entrench their own power, and thus, a professor or teacher in government schools is always repeating the words elites have put into their mouths using ideology elites sponsored.

Power obeys material forces. Power generates ideology to justify and excuse its obedience. Government teachers constitute the mouth piece that repeat that ideology. This type of institution favors the kind of person who can either remember well and not think too much, or who lacks the integrity to care. Such a person will be stupid or evil, or both, and if they are neither they will be forced out of academia. The public institution will filter the evil and stupid in (stupid as in high crystallized/low fluid intelligence), and filter those with high fluid intelligence out. The high fluid intelligence will disproportionately wind up in entrepreneur endeavors, while the low fluid/high crystallized become mouth pieces for power. If there is no innovation because of socialism or feudalism, there will be no satisfying employment for the high fluid intelligent.

The only teacher who can have full integrity is the self-employed one. Serving a master will always mean repeating the masters words. Only private schools are capable of modest integrity, and only completely free agents full integrity. The more elaborate an ideology the more elaborate the corruption of a given institution. Masters pay for ideology, oligarchies have multiple masters, and thus systems that are dominated by many masters have more elaborate ideologies than kingdoms and dictatorships.

All of these problems are solved by raising the fluid intelligence of the population sufficiently high that they can no longer be manipulated.