Thursday, February 4, 2016

Broken World Syndrome

The latest leftist fad is to tell children that they are oppressed by gender standards. This accommodates the desires of the promoters to enlarge their own ranks, while confusing the gender standards of children, and adds the newly confused members to the "queer-gendered" community, validating their lifestyle, and giving them some new sexual prey.

The propaganda depends on a stated presumption that gender is constructed rather than biologically derived. Beyond that, there is also another, unstated, more fundamental presumption: that any standard society gives them is oppressive. A child then is assumed to be some sort of genius who can auto-originate wholly new values from scratch. That one has it within oneself to choose at some tender young age what one's gender is -- child as gender philosopher. The kid is expected to newly create his own self without any prior conditioning. Fostering gender roles is oppressive. They have the right to choose.

But of course, no one gave them a choice about choice itself. Nor are they given a choice about whether to accept the liberal indoctrination mass delusion known as equality. Somehow, any gender standard is unequal and oppressive, but indoctrinating people to believe equality is not also oppressive? Go forth young man and rebel, but only in the prescribed way!

This is the paradox of liberating young minds. If all presumptions are oppressive, then the presumption of liberation must itself be oppressive, and the presumption of choice, and equality, and so on...

Equality is a mass delusion with no basis in reality and no hope of ever being achieved. Which is more oppressive, the reality of inequality, (which can never be changed), or brainwashing children to resent that reality? In my book reality is never wrong and people who resent it are insane.

The basic puritan mentality that infects our entire culture is a hatred of the real. I love the real and look with pity on anyone who can't stand it. The problem isn't "out there." The world is not where it's at. The problem is "in here." It is you, and your unwillingness to accept the physical world and its people as is. Your hate has been given to you, it is not your own. The West hates reality, and has taught you to hate it too. Hate nothing liberalism hates. Abandon all delusions. Give up notions of equality, salvation, rising above, ending oppression, social justice, etc. and have serenity. Don't hate people or reality. Don't hate inequality. That is their value's and not your own. Only if you abandon the values of your society you can have peace inside. They are at war with their own imaginary injustices. You don't have to be.

Nothing rises above itself. That's a contradiction in terms. Nothing can be saved. Equality is not possible. Oppression will always exist because a liberal will always think it exists. When slavery is no more, micro aggressions will be next. They will always have something to complain about. It's the only way they can feel important.

People need a broken world so they can delude themselves into thinking they matter enough to fix it.

Western progressiveness believes the world needs saving. Actually, the progressive needs saving from his need to save things. Salvation is megalomania because you presume that you can save it. You can't. You're not that important, and that's okay. Let go. Get the fuck over it. Your anger is not your own. You have been indoctrinated by a group of do-gooders in perpetual anguish over reality to also have perpetual anguish.

The world has been saved by every Hitler, Stalin, Jesus, and Mohamed that has lived. The saviors fucked it up. It doesn't need any more saving, and certainly not from the likes of you.

Our salvation culture teaches original sin on the right, and racial guilt on the left. It teaches salvation. I could think of nothing worse to do to a human being than tell them to save the world. You are telling them by implication that reality is broken and intolerable, and that they have sanction to HATE EVERYTHING, EVEN THEMSELVES, EVEN THEIR OWN WHITE RACE.

Perhaps this is why in our culture the opposite of progressivism (racial self-hate) is racism (hating other races). What a toxic idea. But it could be no other way for a society whose fundamental presumption is salvation from original sin/racial inequality. When your whole cultures fundamental presumption is a broken world and a megalomaniac need to save it, you are utterly fucked, and will be trained in misery.

But you can achieve peace by analyzing your culture's fundamental presumptions, seeing how you have internalized them, and then consciously rejecting them. The anguish of your society need not be yours. You can have internal peace.

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