Friday, October 13, 2017

Guide to progressive crypto-Christianity

Table of equivalents

Satan = Hitler
Daemons = White men
Original sin = Whiteness and privilege
Act of original sin = historical injustices of Whites
Daemonic force in the world = Whites
Apostles = college teachers
Salvation = saving brown people from themselves
Blasphemy = hate speech
Christ = Martin Luther King Jr.
Cast out of Eden = capitalism
Eden = holy native American lifestyle
Ancestral of Adam and Eve = crimes of White ancestors
Penance = forsaking Whiteness
Allies of Christ = White allies of people of color
Righteousness = social justice
Helping the poor = economic justice
Witch hunts = academic censorship
Morality = tolerance
Good works = crusading against racism
Violence for the faith = punching Nazis
Angels =  holy brown people
Saints = holy Jews
Self-flagellation = Whites humiliating themselves publicly
Sunday school = diversity training
Type of daemon = cis
Type of daemon = hetro
Type of demonic influence = patriarchy
Proud displays of righteousness = virtue signaling
Holy community of believers = people of color
Holy crusade = education
Christian duty to preach = educating the masses
Get saved = get educated
"You should be ashamed of your sins" = "you should educate yourself!"
"Witch!, heretic!" = "racist!"
Ultimate sin = genocide
Ultimate sacrifice for Whites = White auto-genocide
Ultimate victory over evil for people of color = genocide of Whites
Martyrdom = dying fighting Nazis
Dying on the cross for your sins = self-destruction of Whites, by Whites
Jesus' sacrifice = the self-sacrificing progressive
God's love conquers Satan = progressives love conquers hate
Self-sacrifice = White people having mixed race babies

The Father → is out
The Son → is out
The holy spirit → there is no such thing
God = envious hatred of Whites, success, and power

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