Saturday, June 30, 2018

Dictators over kings

Western Civilization was supposed to be a series of interlocking social technologies that allowed freedom to exist in the space created by their mutual reinforcement. It was supposed to be freedom without hell. The Church enforced morality while the state enforced freedom. Parents taught manners, colleges taught civic responsibility, and the news media did, for a time, its job. But every one of these institutions is now corrupt and we have the hell of freedom without morality.

Only a dictator can save us. A monarchy is not totalitarian enough to reverse cultural decay. The power of authority must reach all the way into the soul of man, forcing him (and her) to modify the mind and abandon degenerate ways.

So-called “ethical non-monogamy,” transgenderism, the mocking of religion by intellectuals, the worship of tolerance — even when it tolerates the unacceptable, is all a sign of pervasive corruption. Even libertarians represent a defective mental process, putting “the ego” above the community. Even the military is corrupt — engaging in wars of profit. Even the judges are corrupt, issuing partisan rulings.

A great purge of defective minds is in order.

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