Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The basic principle of all republics: no permanent winners

A republic is most efficiently conceived of as a game based on two principles: 1. no permanent winners, and 2., the consent of the governed.

The consent of the governed is the game itself: elections. Other methods of consent have been conceived.

If any permanent winner emerges a republic lapses into dictatorship.

The game is played over and over again.
The game is "elections" in the case of a democratic republic.
There are elaborate rules designed to prevent the emergence of a single winner;

  • Free speech, which prevents the manipulation of elections through censorship.
  • Habeas corpus, which prevents one side from jailing the other.
  • Separation of Church and State, which is supposed to prevent an end run around the game in the form of state religion that controls what voters think, (like The Cathedral).
  • The right to bear arms, which raises the cost of killing the other side by turning an extermination into a quagmire. See The Taliban for an example of why gun rights work.
  • Judicial Independence, or having an independent referee. Obviously one side can't trust the other to try its cases.
  • Term limits: "ha ha! You thought you would permanently stay? Well now you have to leave!"
  • Inferred rights. When in doubt make some new rights up by "inferring" they exist in the Constitution. This expands limitations of power and stabilizes the game.
Threats to game stability;
  • Race quotas: if one side is govern a permanent advantage it represents the emergence of a permanent winner. A race that receives legal preference will eventually become royalty. Solution: make race quotas unconstitutional.
  • Immigration: changing the racial character of the electorate is both pernicious and represents the emergence of a permanent winner. Solution: new immigrants can only be approved by the direct vote of existing citizens, who ratify them in blocks of names. Make immigration from non-White countries unconstitutional. Abolish birth right citizenship. Deport them all and build the wall. Deport White liberals to Africa.
  • State ideology. A group who gains a permanent right to indoctrinate the young through the control of education is a permanent winner. Solution: democratize the universities and schools. Make the appointment of teachers subject to the approval of parents. Create a tuition diversion program.
  • Corporate power: if a corporation or group of corporations gain enough power they can manipulate elections. Solution: make corporate boards elected by their users and customers. Nationalize corporations owned by hostile billionaires. Put lobbyists in internment camps.
  • Monetary power in elections: with enough money the game outcome can be bought. Solution: give campaign contribution vouchers to the public.

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