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Neocameral Future, Preface and Introduction

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It has been my intention for some time to make a contribution to the dark enlightenment. My goal is not simply to comment on the writings of Mencius Moldbug and others, but to invent on, and hopefully expand the subject. This may encounter some resistance. There are writers in the field who want to treat it as a gospel, rather than as a living salon subject to change and improvement. Stagnation is how a right wing philosophical field dies a slow death. Leftward drift in another, and we must avoid both. The dark enlightenment is not a religion, and lacks the necessary psychologically fulfilling trappings of faith that would allow dogma to be maintained unchanged. There is no living body of worshipers. It must grow to survive.

Predictably my output has declined in both volume and quantity in the run-up to this. I apologize if I have not contributed much to the discourse recently.

This work is a rough draft and subject to change and improvement. Comments may be submitted below. If they are both relevant and helpful they will be addressed first in the comments section, and possibly in the work itself. I will make additions to the text after publishing.

I value your input. To err is human and philosophical works are best constructed with feedback. As much as I value constructive feedback, I value ideas even more.

The purpose of this work is to offer an alternative to the existing strategy of passivism, as well as the rejected strategy of right wing activism, (which neoreaction defines as everything ranging from protest to terrorism).

When monarchy was constructed it was built on the Männerbund; the unit of human males who form a tribal clan. In Great Britain the new democracy, which we may call the Ekklesiasterion (House of Commons), was built right on top of the Castle of monarchy. Then the cathedral of left wing mimetic power was built successively on top of that. In each act of political building no permission was asked of the previous power structure, and legacy institutions like The Crown and the House of Lords continue to exist in a neutered form.

It is our intention to build the Techno-Commercial Skyscraper right on top of the Cathedral without permission. Scaffolding is the act of doing this by building institutions, both public and private, that create a new organism within the chest cavity of cathedral mind control democracy. This creature gestates in and then comes forth, bursting out upon the collapse of USG.

While the monster gestates it is necessary to keep the host alive. Bracing is the act of strengthening this host so that it doesn't collapse before the scaffold has been built. This may appear to help the enemy. After all, a brace is a political solution that prolongs the lifespan of USG. Enough bracing might actually prevent its collapse. So are we helping them? Well yes. But the cost of our help is always to further the Skyscraper at their expense.

This is the way it has to be. Humans obey incentives and a "wait and let it collapse" strategy is not going to fly. People have families and need stability for the transition. America has a nuclear arsenal and cannot afford another civil war.

Much credit and thanks goes to the philosophers Nick Land
 and Mencius Moldbug, as well as the various blog authors of 
the neoreactionary community. You know who you are.

To those yet unborn.


There is a certain fatalism in neoreaction which is no doubt inherited from the libertarian and conservative origins of many of its writers. What an unfortunate trait! Especially considering that the group most equipped to diagnose and cure the disease is the most pessimistic.

Societal collapse is not a mystery. It is the effect of a nation acquiring new incentives that undermine the old reward structure. These new incentives program political responses to situations that are counterproductive, harmful, or even treasonous to the well-being and survival of the polity. I am writing this because I am not willing to see my civilization die without a fight, and believe I may possess the strategic mind necessary to mitigate the decline — assuming the advice contained herein is ever implemented.

Traditional works of right-wing philosophy are works of reaction against the left. Insofar as reaction becomes preoccupied with refutation it falls into a trap. One must build. New ideas are needed. There is a paucity of right-wing thinkers caused by over-preoccupation with being against the left rather than for something else. The left succeeds because is is FOR something.

The right is so busy defending it never creates. We will build. Let others defend my work. I must not get bogged down in endless defense against attack. Hayek did that and never got past his basic works of refutation.

Right-wing concepts, being built on uncomfortable truths rather than pleasant lies, always provoke intense hatred. It is the nature of our self-deceiving and fallen humanity to resent its own self-understanding. It is man's condition to battle self-knowledge. Pleasant lies are easier to sell than truth, they endure far less scrutiny and are conducive to gaining social acceptance. Thus, an awful pseudo-religious work of pseudo-scientific drivel like the Communist Manifesto is far more likely to gain popular acceptance than a more grounded, but less popular approach. Absolute perfection of facts and proof is demanded of the right, while not even the most basic evidence may be demanded of the left. Since human cognition is fundamentally hostile to everything that refutes cognitive bias, it is not my job to prove my ideas to you, but your job to overcome bias and prove my ideas to yourself.

There are four types of information; inoffensive truth, inoffensive lies, offensive lies and offensive truths. Everyone knows the first. Many accept the second. Only the last is worth saying. Ignorance of reality is suffering and total ignorance is death. Lies, even the pleasant ones, have a cost.

Human nature is the perfect trap. Please do not make the cognitive mistake of scrutinizing my work more than you would your own psychologically validating ideas. Whenever you find your knee itching to jerk you are required to do the opposite — to find out what is true, rather than what is false, and to put your feelings aside. You don't matter. Feelings don't matter. There is no great truth outside of yourself to validate your beliefs. There are no symbols in the universe. There is no morality outside the human brain. There is no transcendental purpose out there. Everything like this is the adult version of childish thinking. Young children believe that wishes can come true — that desires can be willed into existence with a scrunched up face. Adults believe that abstract notions can be believed — the very essence of the concept of belief being a kind of will to change reality, as if reality could be changed by will alone and not the hands of action.

Play is how the young of a species practice at being adults. Only humans play "make-believe" — a kind of collective fantasy construction where reality is imagined to be different than it actually is. Think of childhood make-believe as the child's version of the adults religious and political mass delusions. Contrary to what we instinctively believe, we do not outgrow our imaginations, but instead replace it with vast collective figments of political and religious significance.

Money alone is one such example of a hyperstition: a thing which is made real by the act of believing in it. The mistake is the willingness to engage violently for make-believe.

The adult landscape is collective illusion fought for, traded on, invested in.

Belief is currency. If one agrees with then then one is friend, if not enemy. Unlike children, adults routinely kill for make-believe ideas.

Not all referants have objects. The first law of nature is that the universe does not have to agree with you. Adult collective imagination is apparently so valuable to reproductive fitness via social coordination that it prevails in the species despite obvious costs to observation ability and the survival facilitated therein.

You must first have knowledge before you can have power. Thus, you must first destroy the wishful thinking within you before you can command. You are the barrier to your own understanding: your hopes, your pleasant delusions, your fears, your need for validation. In short, in every way you manage to make information personal, you sabotage your reason. It is not about you, and you are not entitled to feel anything in reaction to what you learn. Being offended is not an answer. Change your thoughts for me. Allow me to rewire your brain. I will not humor your make-believe. I am completely unyielding. I never stop. I never compromise. I never quit. Make it easy on yourself and don't resist. The reward is worth it.

Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed. Wishful thinking destroys your power of action.

The best way to preserve your sanity when learning what we are going to explore is simply to immerse yourself in the subject in a detached way, without any preconceived ideas, and without fighting it. The less miseducated, the less preconceived ideas you have, and the less you fight it, the more likely you are come out with your emotional equilibrium intact.

This work — is based on what works, what doesn't, and why. It does not work forward from axioms to conclusions in Kantian style or Socratic method, but backwards from observations to deduce natural principles. It answers the question: why? What is going on here? It disregards moral reasoning as superfluous. It regards everything and everyone as pattern. It is absolutely materialistic in explanation. It is not so much morally relativistic as morally indifferent. It treats moral formation itself as a mechanical process caused by material forces.

The dichotomy of right and left occludes our studies. The truth is more like up versus down. It is orthogonal to us.

Macroeconomics only superficially conflicts with microeconomics. Newtonian physics only superficially conflicts with quantum physics. The conflict is only superficial because each studies a different scale. What is true at one scale may be false at another.

Similarly, the Cathedral theory of Moldbug studies the micro scale of cultural-political manifestation in the west. My hypothesis, which we will get to later, studies the macro scale of all human political order. Our Five-Phase Process examines a much larger scale of human relationships, and thus, any conflicts are the superficial result of conflating two scales.

This work will present a series of interwoven hypotheses to explain all major facets of human nature and their particular manifestations in culture and institutions. It is intended to be the most comprehensive and brief document for summarizing and predicting the human condition. It will then move on to proscribing an alternate political form built on these premises.

It is also designed to discover the causes of decline in western civilization and propose workable solutions to each of various different problems. Additionally, it is written to answer the question: 'how do we get from here to there?' Meaning, how do we accomplish the neocameral future that Moldbug described? He was short on detail for transitory measures while being long on describing both cause and solution. This work is designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice, and to get there in our life times.

Abandon hope all ye who enter here. You will stare into the abyss — the abyss will stare back into you. When you are done hopefully you begin moving towards a greater inner peace. All is pattern. You will learn this pattern. To do this, you must surrender every ounce of insistence to immanentize the eschaton. If there is even the smallest ounce of liberalism within your soul it will be broken and destroyed, utterly. You will learn to think like Gnon, Cthulhu, and Moloch — the tripartite forces of viciously brutal natural selection, leftist ring-of-power politics, and the blind idiot forces of capitalism. You will see humanity from the God's eye view as the ant colony it really is. Finally, you will be delivered from this brutal apathy by being trained in the dark Sith arts of civilizational engineering. When you are done with this you will see humanity in a different way, replacing frustration and rage over its injustices with detached serenity and a knowledge of your own newly acquired power. You will know what to do, what the costs and side effects will be, and may even choose to do nothing when confronted with the daunting nature of the project. I am going to teach you lessons through patterns and examples. We will shift backwards and forwards between the overarching pattern of the complete picture, and its specific manifestations. Eventually you will be able to engineer new results using that pattern. It is the pattern of thought you are to learn. Put your morals on a shelf. Cancel your emotions. If you don't, you will be an incompetent designer—like Marx. Think like a robot when you design or you will destroy the world.

Every political designer obsessed with what ought to be is incompetent by definition. There is no ought. There is only what is, what is possible, how to do it, and the exact side effects. There are only these three things. The normative is factually untrue — it does not exist in the physical universe. One must get beyond thinking in these terms and look only at what is possible and its side effects. Never use the word "must." There is no "must" anything. From this point forward "must" does not exist in your mind or vocabulary. Never make the mistake of getting sucked into the ought trap. Also, never do what others chronically do — never forget that ideology is downstream from power, that is, that power creates ideology. Never fall into the trap of speaking about morals and ideology without explaining how power created them. Nor should you ever talk about power without explaining how material forces shaped it. This last part will become clear later. View politics as an engineering problem.

So these two prohibitions, against must and ideology in a vacuum, are your first two commandments. Others may also be listed.

More of this will all become clear later as time goes on. Read stream of conscience-like.

The universe is ruled by laws alien to human understanding. A certain ultra-rational mentality is necessary to command the fortunes of men. You must learn to think like an alien. To then switch between this vaguely autistic exercise to a charismatic leadership is perfection of both understanding and rule. One knows autistically but leads socially and charismatically.

This is about power. This is about controlling the forces that control you — about determining the destiny of the human race. This is about control. It matters that you posses professional detachment. Your mind is everything. It needs to be as rational as possible. For your benefit.

Let us begin by looking at the history of material forces.

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