Necameral Future


Preface and Introduction
Preface. Intentions of the book. Scaffold and brace. Dedication and thanks. Introduction. On fatalism. Overcoming ourselves. Preserving your sanity. Thou shalts.
Chapter 1a.................The Evolutionary Legacy Hypothesis
The human legacy code. (ELH). Legacy tendencies. Fundamental impulses of legacy code. The central issue of modern philosophy is rift. Issues with low fecundity. The Amish and other groups. Turning our backs on technology. How material conditions become culture. The Cathedral is already pozzed. Reformulating Moldbug's hypothesis. The five-phase process. Red Queen spiral. Incentives and memetic influences. Marx's errors. Incentives matter.
Chapter 1b.................Proving Genetic Rift
Regarding criticism of the concepts of legacy and rift. Legacy is deductively proven by Darwinian theory. Rift is proven by observation of extinction rates. Two proofs of rift in regards to the biosphere. Humans are assumed to be derivative.
Chapter 2...................How Incentives Drive Ideology
Cognitive biases and politically unacceptable ideas. The basic thesis in four points. Refusal to accept the thesis proves the thesis. The thesis proves itself and is over proven. Thomas Malthus quote. Island politics and downstream cultural effects. Religion/ideology as an outcome of material conditions. Comparing Malthusian societies and their cultures. Quotes on the issue. Examples in our culture. Expansion of the voting franchise. Noble lies compared. When democracy needs victims, and when it does not. Immigration as ethnic cleansing of whites. New voting blocks. Dissolving the people. Terrorizing the volk. Blaming White men. Technology's destructive effects. Progress, moral decay, and pollution are aspects of the same force. The economic factor is technology. An equal and opposite reaction. The rise of the Alt-right. Descriptive principles defined.
Chapter 3...................The Totalitarianism of Technology and the Low Fecundity Trap
The rift expands relentlessly as tech outpaces genetics. Iterative convergence of social tech. Reproductive effects. The libertarian fallacy. Herd imposition. Moral externalities. Circular reinforcement of incentives. Social tech 1: Scientology monogamy enforcement. Adaptive preference formation. Equal and opposite reactions. Higher phase level is higher impact. Fermi paradox and the Great Filter. Social tech 2: Wage matching subsidies. Replacing the welfare state with the family state. Return of the nuclear family. Changing the definition of empowerment. Humans obey incentives. Effect-culture. Doublethink. Systems and their cultures compared. Rebellion into obedience vs. rebellion into the past. Reverse engineering it all. One last note. Rungs on a ladder. Our plan is controlled decay.
Chapter 4a..................Exitocracy
Everything has a physical cause. Materialism is compulsively corrupted by religious ideas because of the human primate brain. Pure materialism is science. Stability is also stasis. "Neoreaction is essentially antidemocratic, but only hypothetically monarchist." Demotism is conserved. Secure power is an illusion. Monarchy is lazy design. Nukes are an issue. NRx will be made obsolete. Democrac(ies), not democracy. Compromise is the problem, not divided power. Multi-part elections. Exitocracy is formalized secession. A box for every monkey and every monkey in his box. Tribalism must be kept down, but also indulged in a proscribed way. Qualifications and capital requirements. Political invitations. Reserve powers of the people. Deport yourself. Last notes.
Chapter 4b..................Exitocracy at the Federal Level
Quotes. Synopsis. The stocks of a neocameral state. Share inflation and its purposes. Divide and conquer. The bond structure of a neocameral state. Bonds are used to align interests with the common good. Financial intelligence is the best intelligence. The well-being market. High / low alliance against globalists.
Chapter 4c.................Benefits of Exitocracy
Subjecting governments to natural selection, breaking the civilizational cycle, accommodating all political viewpoints, and giving people tribes to reduce their drive for communism. Ending demographic warfare, separating competing ideologies, ending compromise, enforcing a minimum level of freedom, and fracturing Cathedral power.

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