Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Commenting on Dark Reformation

I posted this on Dark Reformations blog in part 6. I'm reposting it here.

I apologize in advance if anything I am about to say is offensive.

I hate to say anything critical to a writer who takes the time out of his day to learn the dark enlightenment and write such a long and detailed summary of Moldbugs ideas. You have correctly summarized his writings. But I feel that in the effort to condense so much detail into a short space it come across as crass, disjointed, and a little manic. You don't really smoothly transition between paragraphs at all. But it is a valiant effort.

Are you an INTJ? Your ability to synthesize vast quantities of information sounds like it.

Of course personal comments are irrelevant so here is my critique of your ideas.

You diagnose Progressivism as the root cause of all problems. Moldbug himself may have formulated (or implied) this himself and then contradicted himself by saying that culture is downstream from power. If culture is downstream from power then progressivism cannot be the cause of decay—it can only be a symptom or an outcome. The cause must be democracy.

Of course you know this.

It is a common mistake in NRx for newcomers to focus on refuting progressivism. This is because democracy has trained all of us to think our opinions matter because we are all potentially voters (and as you have said it is a mind control system). It is hard to break yourself of that habit.

The central realization is that ideology is the outcome of power, and not, as the left-wing worldview has it, power the outcome of ideology. I think you know this since you reference de Jouvenel.

Nonetheless you focus (in terms of sheer volumes of words) on ideology—the effect, rather than the cause.

Basically what I am saying is that although you know power produces ideology your focus on ideology gives the impression that you have not fully digested this fact and realized what is means. Moldbug was escaping progressivism and had to talk himself out of it. So he spends most of his time refuting the left and is then remarkably short on building his own ideas. You have replicated this mistake. You have focused on refuting the left and given only (from what I can tell) two cursory ideas for dealing with the problem; 'New Arabia' and 'Competent Secure authority.'

So basically it is this; what neoreaction needs is building new ideas and not criticizing left-wing ideas. We need to be on the offensive and not the defensive. We need to generate new thoughts and not just react against the left-wing thesis.

So many great right-wing thinkers (F.A Hayek, Ludwig von Mises, Lew Rockwell, Murry Rothbard, etc.) are short on creation and long on criticism. I see you falling into this pattern. We value your input. But we value NEW stuff even more. We need original concepts and we welcome you to give us your thoughts in as detailed a manner as possible.

This is also what I am trying to do and I welcome you to join me and give me your feedback.

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