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Neocameral Future: Chapter 4c, Benefits of Exitocracy

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Chapter 4c, 
Benefits of Exitocracy

For some stupid reason I thought that the case for exitocracy would make itself. Apparently I was wrong. It has to be enumerated with precision and clarity, and the causes of these benefits defined point by point.

There are many reasons for the social solutions that exitocracy brings, each will be listed below. But the main reason is simple: any time you create an outlet for the controlled expression of human nature you may then gain control over its expression. Obviously. Control by the power system brings order, and is best when done with the lightest touch possible. Any more control than necessary engenders resentment, and thus, causes resistance to feed on itself as the state exercises more oppression to compensate for pushback against its oppression. It is always best to leave people alone whenever you can afford to, and to solicit feedback when you cannot.

So let us jump right into describing these social benefits. Our System of Systems solves an amazing number of problems. Many of these solutions are also found in Patchwork — assuming patchwork could actually be made to work.

It Subjects Governments to Faster Natural Selection

And that is a good thing. Whatever government is to become it should become it faster. Since good forms of government can only ever be discovered, it is best if one allows for experimentation. Furthermore, by allowing expermentation to occur you are removing a substantial form of entryism in society. You are also allowing the left to test its ideas against reality, and to be humiliated all the faster.

It Breaks the Civilizational Cycle

There is a popular internet meme amoung the NRx community. You may have heard it. "Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. Weak men create hard times." This is an accurate representation of reality. It is also discussed in the article, (one of my favorites), entitled Crunchiness, by Nico Colchester. It is wonderfully perspicuous. Give it a try. In Nico's words, 
"Crunchiness brings wealth. Wealth leads to sogginess. Sogginess brings poverty. Poverty creates crunchiness. From this immutable cycle we know that to hang on to wealth, you must keep things crunchy."
He is simply describing the inter-generational economic version of a principle that applies to all of civilization. But why is this? Why does wealth inevitably lead to failure? Why do men go soft?

The species simply is not designed to to maintain discipline in the the absence of Gnon. This is because the physical universe provides pain and suffering in abundance in the ancestral environment. After all, this was a world with large predators, simple diseases that could kill, and no modern medical technology. It had hostile barbarians and genocidal empires. It had slaves. For the first 2 million years homo sapiens needed never to worry about lack of suffering. The industrial revolution is a recent occurrence. Genetics could not have possibly caught up to it in this brief time period. Humans are a legacy code. They are designed to operate at a much higher level of stress. In the absence of that stress they become delusional. In the presence of that stress they remain optimistic and driven towards their goals. The modern world is so deficient in pain that barriers must actually be supplied for humans to remain in peak psychological, spiritual, and physical condition. A deluded, immoral, obese man-child occurs otherwise. And madness is to the blue states what obesity is to red states. It is their mental obesity.

So some humans become fat without stress while others become insane.

The greatest benefit of exitocracy is that some systems are always failing. This is a feature and not a bug. By allowing (some) systems to die, (some) humans are made to suffer. Even better is that they suffer as a consequence of their own idealistic foolishness. This gives their children a special contempt for grand ideas of perfection, and educates them with a steely realism, and that supplies each generation with competent politicians at other levels of government.

Oh sure, you could try something like instituting the draft and putting several million young people through boot camp. That would give you a solid generation of competent leaders, especially if the draftees were drawn from the upper middle class and wealthy, and especially if they were drawn from liberal areas of the country, but what about after? It only takes one generation of disciplinary relaxation to destroy a nation. Does anyone have any doubt that the current regime is too decadent to implement something like this? It already allowed ISIS to come to power by failing to secure the Iraqi population post invasion. The draft was too unpopular even then.

No, the boat to restore national self-discipline has already sailed. By the time a country realizes that it needs to fight the relaxation of realism it has already moved past the point of self-correction. Simply put, Americans are delusional. When the human animal is placed in luxury is loses its sense of what is real. It is used to having realism supplied externally by the brutality of the physical universe. Exitocracy solves that by providing a little brutality to every generation, and by providing more failure when the people become more detached. It balances itself automatically. Like all living things, it allows individual cells to perish so the body prevails.

It Accommodates all Political Viewpoints

If the distal cause of violence is uncertainty than the ultimate cause of tyranny in democracy is compromise. Compromise is really a soft imposition of the will against another. The ultimate human right is exit, and compromise denies that by forcing the loser in the fight to live under the winners rules.

It Gives People Tribes

Tribes stabilize a population by diverting the clan impetus away from factional politics and racial identity grievances. They meet a deep subconscious need within the human genetic legacy code that capitalism, in its present form, refuses to gratify. People are radically alienated from community, clan, and even family. Everything is disintegrating under capitalism. Most people are rootless cosmopolitans who live thousands of miles away from the nuclear families that raised them. Much digital ink has been spilled about the hajnal line and Eurpoean exogamy. The Catholic church broke up the European family clan hundreds of years ago. This system begins the process of rebuilding new clans to correct that injustice.

It Destroys the Desire for Communism (Mostly)

At its root the communist impulse is a thirst for the ancestral habitat of pure egalitarianism and brotherhood. But this is a craving for an idealized version of the clan. Real band level societies were never shockingly violent. Exitocracy begins the process of restoring a kind of tribe, and that, more than anything, neuters the urge to overthrow capitalism. Fulfillment of human desires in a proscribed manner gives the people wu wei in relation to their government. It produces harmony within them, to prevent disharmony with the state, since people project their own internal anguish on to the government, and demand answers from it that it cannot provide.

It also accommodates the desire for communism by creating a handful of actual communist states. This frees the whole nation from the manifestation of communism at the national level, as the population watches one communism after another fail at the local level.

It Ends Democracies Demographic War Against its Own Population

There is always an incentive to wage a battle against the existing voters by either bringing in new ones or extending the franchise. This is the ultimate cause of America's immigration tradition: not the lofty proposition of a nation of immigrants. Like all ideologies, "nation of immigrants" is an excuse created ex post facto to justify the quest for power. Exitocracy ends that by breaking up the nation into 3,100 parts with their own immigration controls.

It Separates Competing Ideologies in Space and Ends Compromise

Needless to say that no one is forced to live under an ideology that detests them. Exitocracy is the only system of government that gives both homosexuals and homophobes their own separate city states. Never be forced to bake a gay wedding cake again. Never put up with another derogatory remark about your sexuality. So many problems are resolved by merely separating people who hate each other.

There is a reason that some people resent this. There is will to power in the human spirit. Power is always power over someone or some animal. When people say they want equal power I say "NO" emphatically. Why would they want power over others? To abuse them of course. Humans are at their very cores primates who desire some dominance. In politics, all moral arguments are disguised arguments for violence. They say, "we must decide what to do." Why? Who is this so-called "WE?" There is no "WE." There is only me and you, and I am not you. "We" implies that I will at some point agree with your desire to impose your will on me. That is unrealistic. The heat death of the universe will occur first. Nearly all supposedly practical arguments against exitocracy are really surreptitiously motivated by a hatred of losing dominance. We see then that exitocracy is the most civilized of all systems of government. But do not be mistaken; the failure to cater to the urge to dominate in no way constitutes a failure to succeed as a political program. Remember those tribes we talked about? That is the outlet for that urge, and that is local. People can also join the military, take up martial arts, watch boxing and play football. There are other outlets for expressing dominance.

It relegates compromise to issues of national defense only.

It Enforces a Minimum Level of Freedom

This is the obvious one. Supreme Courts may trample your rights. They may rule against you. All it takes is one wrong Justice and the court could repeal abortion rights, gun rights, etc. Exitocracy enforces a minimum amount of freedom. So much so that there is a real danger of Supreme Court rulings being ignored. Historical precedent shows that it was the highest court in the land, and not local governments, that tended to impose values on unwilling groups the most. The competing systems are so much more likely to uphold your rights than the Court that one might consider abolishing it altogether and making Supreme Court precedent constitute whatever 85% of system courts agree on through a digital smart contracts system.

The English common law system, with all its guarantee of rights, is the product of law under a competitive minarchism. It was competing jurisdictions that produced democracy to begin with and established basic rights.

It Fractures Cathedral Power

This is simple enough but can be undervalued. Instead of one proposition nation you gain 3,100. The coordination costs of trying to control them all become insurmountable. This is a good thing since conflict is driven not be a diversity of opinion but by its sameness. Societies that are radically different from one another have nothing to struggle over. They recognize the impossibility of reconciliation. It is only where the enemy is sufficiently like oneself that they may be absorbed into your population and a desire for control and absorption can exist. America's cultural civil war is caused by the extreme similarity between the two parties, and not by their differences. Similarity breeds narrow mindedness. Radical difference on all fronts breeds tolerance by constantly exposing the individual to a strange difference with others outside ones own culture. Paradoxically, the desire to make the world a multi-cultural strip mall destroys its diversity.

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