Saturday, February 11, 2017

Nazi milk foot bath

Do not squander the precious milk.

Alternate caption "THE COLLECTOR"
"And all those Nazi boys thought she was swallowing"


Milk: our official drink.
Pepe and Moonman: our official mascots.
Bitcoin: official currency of the alt-right
New Balance, official shoe of the alt-right.
Dr. Marten's boots with red laces: our fashionable jackboots.
Wend'y, our official square burgers.

Second edit, March 18th 2017

-Basic art history style symbolic interpretation, for people who need explanation;

It's a joke.

The milk represents the purity of Aryan genes. The woman is holding a leather bound copy of Mein Kampf. Because it is leather bound it is made to resemble the Bible — her "Bible." She is bathing in milk — literally she is bathing in whiteness that she has collected in jars obsessively. The person who is pouring the milk in her tub is wearing a mask in an act of submission. There are lesbian overtones. The milk container is a cheep plastic container, which contradicts the preciousness of the fluid. There is a tangential reference here to precious bodily fluids, a la the movie Dr. Strangelove. See the attached video;

Only whites can digest milk since only White people have the gene for digesting milk. Hence White milk is a symbol of Whiteness. The clothing is 50's retro style. The woman has an old fashioned haircut. She is wearing an over-sized ring on her middle finger, probably in a symbolic "fuck you."

Alternately, the milk may be a reference to sperm, and the desire of a woman to bathe is sperm, maybe even bathe in the cum of der F├╝hrer. There are certainly sexual overtones.

It's an anti-Nazi joke in a long line of anti-Nazi jokes. Like all Brahmin jokes, it is a test to see how intelligent you are.

The thought of this website is closer to fascist thought than reactionary monarchism, on account of the fact that I do not reject the usefulness of either eugenics or elections. Nick B. Steves once called this site "republican reaction," aka, RRx instead of NRx (neoreaction). This is basically true. I am closer ideologically to the vaguely libertarian/fascism of Robert Heinlein or the anarcho capitalism of Murray Rothbard, than the monarchism of Julius Evola. I have a soft spot for fascism. Why make jokes at my own expense? Because that's what Brahmins do. I am descended from Quakers, socialists, and southern liberal Democrats. This whole post is me making a joke at my own expense.

The artist is Dany Peschl. He also photographed the image below. Can you find the symbology here?


  1. i did not get the meaning of this photo . can you please explain it ??
    and why there is milk ? what that book she in her hand ?
    what is the name of this photo ?

  2. this picture need more explanation


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