Thursday, March 16, 2017

Deport them all to Africa

An African man in 1600 gets captured by a Black slave trader. The Black slave trader sells the man to a White slave trader. The White slave trader takes the Black man to America and sells him at auction. Slavers give campaign contributions to senators. As a result, senators are unwilling to repeal slavery, and in fact they expand it to more states as the United States conquers the Western Frontier. Since this brings more Africans into America we will call it a "vicious cycle."

It takes a civil war to get rid of it. That is how hard it is to abolish a feedback loop in democracy. It is so hard that you need a war that kills 30 % of Southern males ages 18 to 40.

A man gets arrested. The private prison that incarcerates him is paid for by the government. Using the money they make off his incarceration, they give politicians campaign contributions. Politicians respond to these contributions by writing harsher laws that incarcerate more people. It feeds on itself. Call it a "virtuous cycle," since it reduces anarcho-tyranny.

As a result, America has the worlds highest incarceration rate. That is obviously a bad thing, but it is a hell of a lot better than more anarcho-tyranny, and liberals are importing the crime problem by the millions.

President Shitlord makes everything the left does, and only the things leftists habitually do, illegal. The penalty for all of these offenses that only liberals tend to do is deportation to Africa. Private deportation armies perform the service and Uncle Sam pays for it. These armies give campaign contributions to senators. Because of campaign contributions, the senators change more and more laws so the penalty is deportation. More and more degenerates are deported to Africa. It just so happens that there are slavers waiting at the airport to take new arrivals into custody. So the deportation industry profits on the back end too. More and more degenerates are deported. Now America no longer has the worlds highest incarceration rate. The cycle feeds on itself. Call it a "more virtuous cycle."

This is what democracy does. Democracy has a habit of accumulating feedback loops: welfare states, slavery, identity politics, profits from immigration, frivolous law suits, military profits, profits from college subsidies, and social security voters. In all these cases there is a feedback loop. Someone is getting paid. That someone is turning around and either paying back the senators or voting for them. Feedback loops basically run democracies. Everything the left does is a series of feedback loops. Why do they import hostile immigrants? Votes and profits from globalization will pay them back. Why can't social security be reformed? The elderly will stop paying back senators by voting against them. Why are colleges subsidized? Teachers unions pay congress back with campaign contributions. Why does identity politics exist? Activists pay back senators by campaigning for them. Paybacks don't have to be monetary. Votes and activism will also work. It's all the same in democracy: feedback loops.

Let's invent a feedback loop of our own.

The way to smash a leftist feedback loop without a civil war is to invent another feedback loop that cannibalizes off the previous one by making the previous feedback loop unprofitable. In other words, deport their immigrant investment. And while you are at it, deport white liberals as well — to Africa. No one can ever accuse you of being unequal that way. And why bring the Third World to America when you can deport the spoiled brats of the First World to Africa? Also, make refusing to uphold your laws itself a crime. Then deport the leftist judge who refuses to uphold you laws — to Africa. In fact, just deport them all. Where? Say it with me now.


Make everything the left does a crime.
Make taking money for leftist causes a crime.
Make George Soros a crime.
Make propagating leftist ideology hate speech.
Make censorship and no platforming a crime.
Make receiving profits from harassment lawsuits a crime.
Make hiring illegals a crime.
Make renting to illegals a crime.
Make refusing to uphold your laws a crime.
Make uncooperative generals a crime.
Make all crimes punishable by deportation.

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