Tuesday, March 28, 2017

How genetic enhancement will go down

(1) Gene therapies will be developed that make children vastly smarter, better, more capable, etc.
(2) The democracies of the world will ban it because "muh equality."
(3) Rich people who want children will get on a plane and go to wherever there is enhancement (China, Singapore, etc.), because "fuck government."
(4) The rich will have genius children and will get vastly wealthier as a result.
(5) The middle class, not wanting to get left behind, will also get on planes.
(6) Inequality will get vastly worse. Thus, the pursuit of equality will lead to more inequality.
(7) The people most passionate about equality will become a permanent slave underclass to the enhanced. They will look up and scream, "save us!" The enhanced will look down and whisper, "no."


  1. Depends on what you mean by "middle class." Most of us can't even afford the plane-ticket, let alone the gene-therapy at the destination. (I wonder how Nigerians can afford to come here and hang out on street-corners on the west side of Manhattan when I certainly can't afford to go to Lagos.)

  2. Mudskin and other unattractive features would get designed against. We would finally have the Master Race.


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