Tuesday, June 27, 2017

To deny exit is to confirm its legitimacy

The welfare state subsidizes the birth rates of the poor, and taxes the birth rates of the rich, thus defeating itself. Poverty can never be eliminated because it is bred faster than it can be solved. The eventual consequence is dysgenic collapse.

The only motive for denying someone exit is that you need their resources to sustain yourself. Thus, the denial of exit is parasitical. Thus, exit is justified. If humans are equal then a transfer of wealth is unnecessary. If they are not, then a transfer of wealth is unjustified. "Equal worth" is just a moral idea, and moral assertions are beyond provability. We may however prove that wealth transfer is dysgenic, and therefore eventually destroys the capacity to generate wealth, and is therefore immoral according to its own moral criteria. If the highest communist morality is never ending wealth transfer, then liberal morality becomes immoral by destroying the genetics necessary for wealth production to exist, thus eventually destroying wealth transfer.

As a result, the only morally consistent communism is Nazism, since it is the only parasitical strategy that maintains the health of the host by defeating the dysgenic consequences of its own socialism. In Nazism, wealth transfer can continue "forever," since the health/wealth/productive capacity/IQ of the population is maintained through eugenics. Nazism is the true liberalism.

This is no endorsement of Nazism—merely a statement of fact.

Let us postulate that the political system is really defined by two pure opposite archetypes of "parasitism" and "hostism." Parasitism is the true liberalism, and is functionally Nazism. A smart parasite wants its host to live forever.

"Hostism" is the true conservatism, and is functionally accelerationism. A smart host wants only to escape its parasite.

Under this interpretation the political left is an insane parasite, (since it destroys its host with dysgenics) and the right is a stupid host, (since it seeks accommodation with the left).

To even be a host in the first place is to be stupid enough to have been put in that position to begin with. Thus, the right is stupid.

Every evolution of a new species starts with an exit from the original. Accelerationism is a speciation event, whether through the Exit of some AI from us, or the Exit of genetically enhanced CRISPR billionaires from homo sapiens. We are what is being exited from; not the ones exiting. The only question is whether you oppose this Exit and support stupidity, or support this Exit and support intelligence.


  1. I don't think the elite are gambling on becoming genetically engineered demigods in the near future; however, I would imagine they view the dysgenic effects of liberalism as a necessary transitional phase to a more global rent-seeking arrangement. If the west managed to play host to millions from every major ethnic group they'll certainly have more pretext for global rule. The open question is how they plan on holding the empire together while its constituent parts are hemorrhaging average iq.

  2. Didn't you say once that accelerationism is progressive?

    1. Maybe. I don't remember. By the dictionary definition of "progress" it is very progressive. Progressives themselves are very regressive. Our language is so fucked.

    2. I'm talking about here:


      >The more I blog the more I realize that I am not so much a reactionary as a "hyper-progressive." That is, if a progressive is defined as "wanting horrific revolutionary change," and not as "seeking the comfortable safety of bland smug vanilla NPR leftistism." By this definition all accelerationists are really hyper-progressives/├╝ber-fascists/Skynet worshipers, and the term "progressive" is only actually true when applied to Landian transhumanists. After all, real progress these days is more cyborg than sensitivity training. The term progressive is a bastardization of English. All mainstream politics is oriented backwards towards the past; whether it is conservatives worshiping the Constitution, or liberals trying desperately to control speech in the face of the internet; no one wants the future that is coming. As society accelerates every faster towards a genderless apocalyptic AI-fueled zerg rush, the sheer horror of reality distorts the human psyche until all that is heard is the pointing and screeching "Nooooooooooooooooo!" of a wasted autistic chimpanzee. Everyone resists the machine.

      I figured you walked back on that.


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